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R.P Chapter 8: Ryuma’s Sword! (Edited)

Hank had an awkward smile as he knocked on the wooden door.

“Boss, it’s me, Hank.”

“Come in!” – A voice replied

Hank opened the door and entered the room.

When Su Xiao entered the room, he was hit by the peculiar smell of sweat and hormones.

“What’s going on? Don’t worry. You aren’t interrupting anything. I have finished already.”

A naked man with a shiny bald head sat on a couch next to a nude woman who was cowering herself with a blanket. The office wasn’t very big. It consisted of a closet, a study desk, a couch, and lastly, a coffee table. The walls were built using clay bricks, and the floor was made out of wood. There was one window behind the couch, which was covered with drapes. The only light inside the room was a candle on the coffee table.

The man sitting on the couch had a strong and violent aura that made him seem like a dangerous individual. The woman was most likely a prostitute, Su Xiao thought, judging by all the makeup on her face and the fact that she didn’t seem to be ashamed being naked in front of him and Hank.

“This guy came saying he wants to join the ‘Guard’. He says his name is Byakuya. He brought a recommendation letter.” Hank said.

The man stared at Su Xiao and then took the recommendation letter. After glancing at it carelessly, he tore it up and threw it away. Afterward, he leaned back on the couch and put his right arm around the naked woman sitting there.

“The price was originally 200,000 Belis, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to reassess the price. The new price is 400,000 Belis.”

Su Xiao showed a fake smile. He was too weak at the moment, so he had to hide his emotions. The truth was that he would like nothing more than to strangle this bastard right now.

Su Xiao handed 400,000 Belis to the man without a word.

This surprised the ‘Guard’ captain.

“You’re so generous. I would have asked for more if I had known that you would hand it over so willingly, KAKAKA! Call me boss from now on, welcome to the guard.”

“Yes, boss.”

Su Xiao kept smiling, but he didn’t find any of this to be funny.

Getting into the ‘Guard’ was a big step toward finishing his mission.

Hank, who was standing near the door, had his head down and looked at the floor as if something was interesting on the ground. But in reality, Hank was only pretending not to see his boss’ corruption. This was something all soldiers in the Goa Kingdom did.

This situation was a good example of the current state of affairs in the world of One Piece. Corruption was rampant, and money was king. This worked in Su Xiao’sXiao’s favor, though, since it saved him a lot of time and effort.

Money meant nothing to him, and he only needed time. Problems that could be solved with money were no problems.

[Reminder: Hunter became a member of the ‘Guard’, there was a small change in the story. You gained 2.1% of the world’s source.]

After leaving the office, Hank took Su Xiao to the warehouse in order to give him his uniform and gear. After they got there, Hank handed him a uniform and a pathetic looking pistol.

“Hank, can I change weapons?”

Hank revealed some confused expression.

“Hmm… This is government-provided equipment, buuuut if I felt like it, you could get a better weapon…”

This way, Hank said this sentence made Su Xiao realize ‘This man wants a bribe.’.

Su Xiao quietly took out 20,000 Belis and put it in Hank’s pocket, which made a great big smile appear on Hanks’s face.

“Aren’t we good ‘friends’? We got to have each other’s backs, just pick up any weapon you want. I’ll allow it this one time, but you can only choose one weapon. I’m not allowed to hand out more.

Su Xiao put the gun he received from Hank back on to the shelf. This shelf had all kinds of weapons, from rifles to daggers. A certain sword on the shelf caught his attention.

The sword was about a meter long, and the blade width was about three centimeters. It had a light curve and a black hilt. Although it wasn’t as good as Su Xiao’s family heirloom, it was a pretty good weapon nonetheless.

“I’ll take this sword.”

Su Xiao grabbed the sword, and at almost the same time, a notification from the “TRP” popped up.

“Wait, you can’t take that! Choose something else .”

Hank’s face suddenly changed, as if him receiving the 30,000 Belis was a lie.

“I don´t think you can stop me, do you?”

Su Xiao held the sword and looked at Hank coldly. 

‘I’m taking this sword no matter what.’-thought Su Xiao.

Hank wasn’t sure why but he thought Su Xiao’s face was very scary. Su Xiao was giving off an air of a person who killed people before, and Hank felt he would have to risk his life if he were to fight Su Xiao.

“Hank, aren’t we ‘friends’? Shouldn’t we ‘lookout’ for each other?”

The handle of the sword was pointing towards Hank’s chest as he said that. There were only two choices, he could keep quiet and receive the money, or he could fight Su Xiao and potentially risk his life.

Hank thought this man wasn’t so weak as to give up the sword because of a small threat.

It would also be easy for Su Xiao to kill him and then use the money to bribe peoples’ mouths shut. That’s why he reluctantly chooses to let Su Xiao take the sword.

“This stays between us. We’re ‘friends’ after all.”

Hank patted Su Xiao’s shoulder intimately. All the built-up tension in the warehouse dissipated.

“I’m new to the capital. I am still not very up to date with how things are done here, and as a ‘friend’ I hope you can help me out.”

Su Xiao sighed in his mind. This was just an ordinary soldier, but he was so hard to deal with. What kind of enemies will he meet when he gets closer to the king?

This kind of made Su Xiao feel excited and nervous at the same time.

His battle junkie instincts were tingling.

Su Xiao was so insistent on taking the sword because of the notification he received.


[Dragon Flash]

Dragon Flash (white • rare)

Origin: One Piece, Steel Furnace Blacksmith Shop

Durability: 35/40-5 (This weapon was severely damaged, Durability -5)

Attack: 5~16(Calculated according to the strength of the user.)

Requirement: Strength 2 points, Agility 5 points.

Rating:10 (Remark: the rating of white equipment from 1 to 10, when the rating of white equipment is 10, it will be marked as rare and have a special attribute/ability.)

Additional attributes: The majesticness of the dragon can be felt from this weapon. It instills fear in all enemies. (Shocking effect, reducing enemy momentum.)

Introduction: This was a sword that a young samurai used during his training. It is severely damaged. A long time ago, this blade belonged to a legendary samurai by the name of Shimotsuki Ryuma.

Price: 1100 paradise coins (This is a rule item, you can bring it out of one piece world.)


Samurai Ryuma was a zombie samurai who appeared in One Piece. He was said to have been a legendary Wano samurai that lived a long time ago. As a weekend zombie, he fought on equal grounds with Roronoa Zoro, which is proof enough of his strength.

How strong would this sword be if it wasn’t damaged? Maybe it could have even been a blue ranked weapon.

That’s why Su Xiao was so unwilling to part with the sword.

It was good that they didn’t fight. These kinds of fake ‘friendships’ could be kept for a long time.

“You lucky bastard! This sword was confiscated from a pirate that we caught. Most people think that sword is a piece of junk, but I knew it was an amazing weapon. If I knew how to use a sword and there wasn’t a strict rule about every soldier only being allowed to take one weapon out of the warehouse, I would have definitely taken it for myself.”

Su Xiao didn’t listen to Hank’s blabbering as he put the sword on his waist.

A sword made him feel safe, and it also increased his attack power.

“Let’s go. There is an event in two days, so we have a lot of work to do.”

Hank sighed. He seemed concerned about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Some aristocrats will be coming to the Goa Kingdom for an inspection in two weeks, so the day after tomorrow, we have to ‘clean’ the Gray terminal!”