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R.P Chapter 9: Piercing them!

Hank words made Su Xiao’s sigh.

He finally knew what time was now in one piece. It was the time of burning the ‘Gray terminal’ in the 3D2Y special.

That meant that the ‘Gray terminal’ will be burned by the time he should finish his task.

This is unquestionably good news for Su Xiao because the more complex the situation is, the more chances he had with this task.

Hank walked out of the warehouse and thought of something, then turned his head and said: “Our boss’ name is Brandon Oka, now you’re the member of soldier team, how can you not know about boss’ name.”

Su Xiao smiled and nodded his head to present his agreement.

They walked out of the garage, the sky became darker, and the streets were full of tired pedestrians.

Su Xiao found out through talking that the man he had seen before is his ‘supervisor’ now, he had already been the leader of the soldier team for nearly ten years, he had a lot of relations inside the palace and even met with the king before.

Su Xiao did not really trust Hank’s sentences because he was obsequious.

The fact that Brandon Oka has been the leader in soldier team for ten years may be true, but having lots of relations is suspected.

Being a position for ten years means this ‘boss’ did not do well in the palace.

When Hank prepared to say goodbye to Su Xiao, Su Xiao spoke.

“How about we go grab a drink, I just arrived the capital and wanna ask you many things.”

Hank pretended he was not convenient to do this, but Su Xiao’s ‘invited’ strongly, so they went to a bar together.

After few drinks, Hank’s face turned red and talked obviously more with the smell of alcohol.

“Tell you what. If boss could tight himself carefully, he would have been in the palace by now.”

Why did the boss interact with…

Hank stopped when he was in the mid of his sentence, he seemed to find out he was talking about something wrong.

Su Xiao took up the drinks with Hank when Hank drank his alcohol, the drink in his hand had already gone.

It was a very dangerous behavior to drink in this dangerous world, so Su Xiao did not drink any alcohol.

“Forget it, don’t say it, the boss is still alive and quiet every day. He is a frequent visitor to Happy Street. It is really enviable.”

Su Xiao casually said a few sentences and gave Hank a cup.

After drinking for three times, it was almost seven o’clock at night, Su Xiao and Hank departed from the bar, the streets were full of light.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette, then he looked at Hank who was going far away and thought.

He provided a lot of information for him, and it’s the time for Su Xiao to start his night activities.

Su Xiao touched the knife on his waist and stopped a resident who seemed a bit angry, but he became scared after seeing Su Xiao’s uniform.

“Can you tell me where’s happy street?”

The resident revealed a man’s smile then pointed a direction for Su Xiao.

This kind of smile and the name of the happy street, let Su Xiao knew what kind of place is happy street.

His ‘boss’ is so energetic.

There was a street basically covered with pink and red light as their main color.

The two sides of the street are dominated by double or triple spires. The top is covered with glazed tiles, and a round or square lantern hangs in front of the door.

The gentle sound of the instrument is intertwined with the laughter on the street, and many men and women are intimately snuggled together.

On the street pavilion, you can see some women with exposed clothes and slender pipes in their hands. Those women were smiling and standing on the floor, trying to attract customers.

Here was happy street, the horny street in one piece world.

Su Xiao with black clothes held [Dragon flash] and sat on the roof of a building.

After entering one piece world, Su Xiao seldom did things, and tonight he will kill the first person as the base for finishing his task.

A laugh came from the street.

This laugh which seemed a bit familiar, and attracted Su Xiao’s sight, the person who laughed was his ‘boss’ he saw in the morning.

There were two soldiers followed behind Brandon Oka as they walked on the happy street.

Those pedestrian looked a bit nervous and suddenly hid in other places when they saw them.

“He finally came.”

Su Xiao hid in the house and followed them closely.

After a few moments, they walked into a building, Su Xiao then walked through the dark night and got to the top of the building.

He waited for a while and jumped from the top, then arrived at the ground quietly and closed to the wall to avoid being discovered.

Su Xiao started checking every room in the cover of the night.

Checking room did not need eyes, he could check by sound.

Su Xiao had trained this kind of ability especially, he still remembered Brandon Oka’s sound.

After checking for three rooms, Su Xiao found his prey, there was some chatting sound which came from the room, they belonged to a man and a woman.

“When will you ‘save’ me, can you tolerate that I accompany other men?”

“Soon, it will be soon, this kind of business can be solved only using the money, I made efforts recently, but he is the person near the king.”

Su Xiao heard their talk with no expression, but as their conversation became more ‘horny’ made him wrinkle his eyebrow.

It was not the time yet, Su Xiao needed to wait for the weakest time Brandon was at and killed him directly.

The thing went on smoothly, after a few moments, some signs were coming from the room.

Su Xiao slowly took out his sword from his waist, then carefully pulled open the window and got into the room, he did not make any sound.

There were one woman and one man twisted together, they were making love.

The reason why Su Xiao chose this timing is that only now, Brandon Oka will be at his weakest.

Su Xiao became very careful for every step to close the distance. He seemed like a predator getting close to its prey, walking with no sound.

Five meters, three meters, one meter.

After Su Xiao came beside them, he slowly raised his long sword and pointed it at the back of Brandon Oka.

When the woman under Brandon Oka was closing eyes in joy, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Su Xiao who was pointing the Sword at them.

The woman was shocked and tried to scream, Brandon Oka also noticed the woman’s frightened expression.

But, it was too late.

With both hands holding the handle, Su Xiao tried his best to poke the back of Brandon Oka.


The longsword runs directly from the back of the Brandon Oka, and the sharp tip of the Sword, like a piece of paper, pierces from his back to his mouth.

The long Sword didn’t stop as it pierced through the eye socket of the woman under the Brandon, and then pierced the bed they were on.

The two of them seemed like a fish out of the water as their bodies twitched vigorously. One was pierced from his back to his mouth, and the other was pierced through the brain. Both of them could not scream, so they did not attract the attention of others.

This attack from Su Xiao had been calculated discreetly.

If Su Xiao only killed Brandon, then the woman under him will definitely scream. Then those soldiers who stood outside of the room will get into the room, then Su Xiao will be met with some dangers.

Because ordinary people all have strong power in one piece world, soldiers will definitely be strong.

One attack for killing two people with no sympathy, Su Xiao’s talent for killing was much better than most of the killers.

This is why paradise chose him as the hunter.

Hunter did require not only special talent but also the determination to kill.



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