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R.P Chapter 9: Piercing them! (Edited)

Hank’s words made Su Xiao’s sigh.

He finally knew what time was now in one piece. It was the time of burning the ‘Gray terminal’ in the 3D2Y special.

That meant that the ‘Gray terminal’ will be burned before the deadline for his task.

This is unquestionably good news for Su Xiao because he can use the chaos that this incident will create to kill the king.

Hank walked out of the warehouse and thought of something, then turned his head and said: “Our boss’ name is Brandon Oka. Now that you’re a member of the ‘Guard’ you should try and remember that name.”

Su Xiao smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

As they walked out of the garage, the sky became darker. The streets were full of tired pedestrians.

Su Xiao had found out through talking with Hank that the naked man he had seen before was his ‘captain’ now. He had been the captain of the ‘Guard’ for nearly ten years already. He had a lot of connections inside the palace and had even met with the king a few times.

Su Xiao somewhat doubted what Hank had said because he sounded like a child praising his father.

The fact that Brandon Oka has been the leader in the soldier team for ten years may be true, but the part about him having lots of connections and influence is probably not true.

Being in the same position for ten years probably meant this ‘boss’ didn’t have much of an influence in the palace.

When Hank was about to say goodbye to Su Xiao, Su Xiao spoke.

“How about we go grab a drink? I just arrived in the capital, how about you show me a good bar?”

Hank acted reluctantly, but Su Xiao’s was rather persistent, so in the end, they went to a nearby bar together.

After few drinks, Hank’s face turned had turned red from the alcohol, and he started blabbing his mouth off.

“That crazy bastard captain. If boss could control himself properly, he would have been in the palace by now.”

‘So there was something wrong with the captain’s behavior…’- Su Xiao concluded.

Hank stopped when he was in the middle of his sentence. He seemed to have realized that he said something he shouldn’t have.

Su Xiao continued drinking with Hank. Hank was drinking at an amazing pace like he just walked through a desert and the alcohol in front of him was the first gulp of water he had in days.

It was a very dumb idea to drink alcohol in a world where most people could kill him, so Su Xiao chooses to drink a non-alcoholic beverage.

“Forget what I just said. The boss probably doesn’t even want to live in the palace. It’s too far from Happy street, after all, kakakak. I’m so envious of that bastard *sigh*.”

Su Xiao casually said a few sentences and gave Hank a cup.

After drinking for a few hours, it was almost nine o’clock at night. Hank had drunk enough, and he went home. The street outside the bar was full of light from street lamps, bars, and inns.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette as he looked at Hank, who was already far away. He provided a lot of information to him, and it was now time for Su Xiao to start his ‘nighttime’ activities.

Su Xiao looked around for any people nearby. He grabbed a random man passing by, who seemed to be a bit drunk. The man got scared as soon as he saw his uniform.

“Where is the happy street?” – Su Xiao asked.

A smirk appeared on the man’s face as he pointed towards a nearby alley.

From this man’s reaction to the question and the name of the Happy street, Su Xiao could conclude what kind of place this ‘street’ was.

His boss must be very ‘energetic’.

After passing through the alley, he came to a big open street that was covered with pink and red lights.

All the buildings on this street had double or triple spires, and most had either a red or a pink lantern hanging above the front door.

The gentle sound of live music is intertwined with the laughter of the crowd on the street. Many men and women were intimately holding onto one another.

There were a lot of women with revealing clothes smoking pipes on the sidewalk. Those women were smiling and trying to get the attention of the men passing by.

This was the Happy street, or in other words, a red light district.

Su Xiao climbed on the roof of a certain building nearby.

He is finally going to put the first phase of his plan into action.

“KAKAKA!” -A laugh came from the street.

This laugh, which seemed a bit familiar, had attracted Su Xiao’s attention. The person who laughed was his boss, who he met today.

There were two soldiers followed behind Brandon Oka as he moved towards a certain house in Happy Street.

Some pedestrians looked a bit nervous and suddenly hid when they saw him.

“He finally came.”

Su Xiao climbed down from the roof and followed them closely.

After a few moments, they walked into a building. Su Xiao then inspected the said building.

He moved close to the wall to avoid being discovered.

Su Xiao started checking every room in the cover of the night.

Checking the room did not require him to look inside. He could get a rough estimate of the people inside using the sound of footsteps.

Su Xiao had trained this kind of ability for his revenge. 

His prey was in the third room he checked. There were two people chatting inside, a man and a woman. Su Xiao recognized the man to be Brandon Oka.

“When will you save me from this place? My heart hurts so much when I have to accompany men other than you.”

“Soon, I promise you won’t have to wait long. This kind of stuff can only be solved using money. I was able to make some progress, but the person is a greedy bastard, so it will take a little longer.”

Su Xiao quietly listened to their conversation. Eventually, the conversation turned dirty, and they started getting it on.

Su Xiao waited for the perfect time. He waited for them to start doing it.

When the boss was about to reach the heights of ecstasy, he decided to move…

Su Xiao slowly took out his sword from his waist, then carefully pulled open the window and got into the room. All this was done without a single sound. But even if he made a sound, those two were too busy right now to notice.

When he looked around the room, he saw a man lying on top of a woman. 

At this very moment, Brandon Oka will be at his weakest.

Su Xiao was very careful with every step he took. He seemed like a predator getting close to its prey, walking without a sound.

Five meters, three meters, one meter.

After Su Xiao came beside them, he slowly raised his long sword and pointed it at the head of Brandon Oka.

The woman under Brandon Oka had her eyes closed and seemed to be enjoying herself. She felt instinctive that something was wrong and suddenly opened her eyes only to look at Su Xiao, who was pointing a Sword at them.

The woman was shocked and tried to scream. Brandon Oka also noticed the woman’s frightened expression.

But, it was too late.

With both hands holding the handle, Su Xiao stabbed the head of Brandon Oka.


The long Sword ran directly through the head of Brandon Oka. The sharp tip of the Sword tore through his skull like it was butter.

The long Sword didn’t stop as it pierced through the man’s head; it continued downwards, piercing the woman’s skull as well. They both died so fast that they didn’t even have the time to scream.

After Su Xiao pulled the Sword out, the two of them seemed like a fish out of the water as their bodies twitched vigorously. He killed them together because he could not afford to get caught here.

If Su Xiao only killed Brandon, then the woman under him would definitely scream. That would attract the attention of the soldiers who stood outside of the room, and Su Xiao was unsure if he was strong enough to kill two soldiers at once.

He couldn’t take any risks. He was so weak that 2 or 3 average pedestrians could kill him if they worked together.

Killing two people with one attack proves Su Xiao is a talented killer.

This is why ‘TRP’ chose him as the hunter.

Hunters needed the determination to kill.