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R.P Chapter 10: Desire For Strength

After Su Xiao killed two people, he found out immediately, there was a bloody red bar on Brandon’s head.

Needless to say, it will definitely be the remaining hp of Brandon. Su Xiao’s sword pierced through his spine, leaving the other party in a state of paralyze but not dead.

The so-called falsely dead was a body that lost the ability to move, but the brain still worked.

This is the first time for Su Xiao to see this because he killed the merchant of the black market last time, the merchant was killed by a shot to the brain, so there was no life left in him.

The bloody bar was the advantage of having the system with him, it could let him judge whether the enemy was dead or not.

Brandon Oka had roughly 5% of Hp left. He was only hanging by a thread.

The long sword was pulled out from Brandon’s back, and Su Xiao held It in one hand, changing from the backhand to the forehand, and slashing it on Brandon’s neck.


Blood splattered a few meters high, Su Xiao’s cheek had some blood on it, which made him look more cold-blooded.

After this attack, Brandon’s head flew, and the rest of his hp dropped to Zero and disappeared.

[You killed the leader of the soldier team]

[Brandon Oka is a member of Goa Kingdom. You acquired 3.6% of the world’s source, now you have 5.7% of the world’s source.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, you gained 10 points of Mana permanently, now you have 75 points of Mana.]

[Your talent ‘Psychic’ is activated, you gained 1 point of Mana permanently, now you have 76 points of Mana.]

Su Xiao just roughly checked those notifications.

Su Xiao was surprised that killing Brandon Oka made him get some of the world’s source, so if he kills stronger enemies, the quantities of acquiring the source of the world will relatively increase.

So he will get a lot more of world’s source if he kills a leader of the marine or one of the four emperors and so on.

But he just thought about it for few seconds because he could not even see those kinds of strong people, even if he meets them, he will not do anything because it is too dangerous, and he may die.

Now he did not know the function of world’s source, he just got a hint from “Reincarnation Park” that world’s source will get him better rewards as he collects even more.

That was so called award, it was supposed to be the key for him to become stronger.

There were so many ways in one piece world to become stronger, but all of them needed time. He only got 72 hours, now he only had sixty hours more left. It was fortunate if he could finish the task before the time limit. Su Xiao even did not have time to think about other things.

As for those incredible things like Devil fruits, Su Xiao had ever thought about it, he did not have basic strength, he did not have the qualification to seek or take Devil fruits.

He only has a slightly stronger body. His potential has a bit distance from those strong people in one piece world.

As for normal situations, the first world for Su Xiao to arrive will definitely not be this kind of highly dangerous world like one piece world, that was all because of his ‘hunter’ identification trial.

Now it was like he is a level one player in a high-level area, and those existences of low-level monsters in this map were all bosses for Su Xiao.

Now Su Xiao’s ability was far stronger than ordinary people, if they put a normal contractor in this situation, he may have a huge possibility to die in the ‘Gray terminal’ outside of the capital.

He threw out the idea about the World’s source, for now, Su Xiao was more confused with the magic and Mana.

He did not have the ability to consume Mana, so it did not have any help for him to fight, even he got more Mana it will be useless.

Everything is hard in the beginning, and he even needed to count on himself.

There was a white treasure chest which was same as the one he opened before, drifting on Brandon’s body.

Su Xiao took the treasure box and put it into the storage space and left the place quickly.

He was a soldier now, this identification is very important for him.

If the thing that he killed soldier team leader was known by other people, he would be a criminal in the Goa Kingdom.

Did not even talk about finishing the task, he will be more busy to escape killing by soldiers in the Goa Kingdom.

The cold wind at night blew Su Xiao’s black hair which fading the smell of the blood on his body gradually.

After turning back the house he took a shower, Su Xiao checked the warning system he trapped, a bunch and few hairs, he found out no one had been there, it was safe.

After entering the house, Su Xiao did not turn on the light and sit in the darkroom and took out the treasure chest he got by killing Brandon Oka.

[Treasure chest (white), Open: Yes/No.]

After opening the treasure chest, there was a necklace that appeared in Su Xiao’s hand.

[You opened the treasure chest (white), you got the following items.]

[300 park coin]

[necklace of dead wife]

The necklace of the dead wife (white)

Location: one piece world.

Genre: accessary (accessory were rare items)

Durability: None (Accessory don’t have Durability and don’t need to be repaired)

Requirement: everyone can wear it.

Effect: strength +1.

Rating: 8 (Remark: white equipment are rated from 1 to 10 when the rating of white equipment is 10, it will be marked as rare, and it will have a special attribute.)

Introduction: I love you like you love those girls –Brandon Oka’s wife is dead by committing suicide.

Price: 1600 park coin.


Su Xiao held the necklace in his hand and smiled.

He finally found the way to become stronger, this necklace in his hand surprisingly can add his strength.

He exhaled deeply and became calm, put [the necklace of dead wife] on his neck.

He checked his personal information, the strength which had six points became seven points.

The strength up to seven points was not just adding one point, it actually increased by a lot.

It meant every time he upgrades a property, it will bring a huge change, it was not as simple as one plus one.

“’Reincarnation paradise’, what an interesting place.”

Su Xiao clenched his fist, as strength ran through his body.

This feeling made him joyful.

Su Xiao clearly knew that the strength which increased by the necklace was just external, his original strength didn’t increase, after losing the necklace, his strength will decrease.

The delight of increasing strength did not stun Su Xiao.

He came up with an idea immediately, the necklace belonged to Brandon Oka, it may be recognized by other people, and it will be trouble if things go on like this.

When Su Xiao concerned about that, he found out a tiny text in his sight, it was hard to perceive it.

[Open the function of hiding equipment. This function cost 100 paradise coins: Yes/ No.]

Su Xiao had not known the purchase ability of 100 paradise coins, but those paradise coins were a treasure because he had taken the risk of losing his life to get them.

But this function is very useful, Su Xiao decided to use it.

[You opened the hiding function of equipment, you can freely hide the equipment you’re wearing, but weapons cannot be hidden.]

The necklace on his neck gradually disappeared, but the adding of strength still here, it made Su Xiao satisfied by spending 100 paradise coins.

he can get a reward from“Reincarnation Paradise” if he finishes the task.

As for whether“Reincarnation Paradise” will hurt him or not, Su Xiao did not care about this question now.

He could find out how strong the“Reincarnation Paradise” is from recovering his injuries that fast which may cause him to die and transmitting him to one piece world.

Su Xiao did not have a habit of thinking too much, but if the“Reincarnation Park” want to hurt him, why would it save him.

Even if he was being used, Su Xiao could get benefit from it, those benefits that he will never get in the real world, he can become stronger.

Maybe after he finished the first task, he will know more about the reincarnation paradise, now the key point was becoming stronger.

Su Xiao felt Being weak is a sin if he was strong enough that time, he could have avoided the tragedy that happened.

The clean floor was dyed by blood, broken parts of the body, and that….

Su Xiao forcibly stopped his memory and forced himself to take a break. He had a lot of things to do tomorrow, so he had to get enough rest tonight.

He needed to kill the king of the Goa Kingdom.

Su Xiao not only needed to kill him but also keep himself safe. He was doing the task, he didn’t want to risk his life for the reincarnation paradise.

Killer’s with no purpose would get killed in the end, but Su Xiao wasn’t like that.



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