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R.P Chapter 11: There Will Be a Day

Su Xiao woke up pretty early next day morning.

After washing himself, he wore the uniform of the soldier team and went to the headquarters.

Before he even arrives at the headquarters, he saw a lot of soldiers busily coming in and out.

“Hurry up, the boss was killed, this thing made the nobles shocked, they asked the whole town to capture the criminal.”

Hank manipulated a bunch of soldiers with ‘grief’, but his eyes revealed ambition, it seemed like after Brandon died, he can become the boss.

Su Xiao noticed that two soldiers were standing beside the gate of headquarters like nothing happened. Those two were the soldiers that followed Brandon last night. Needless to say, they were Brandon’s best soldiers.

The action of Hank maybe had already made those two people suspicious, but it was indeed an opportunity for Hank to replace Brandon’s position if things work well.

Soldier team wasn’t that big of an organization, other people are ordinary soldiers except for Brandon who is the only leader.

There was never a second leader in soldier team Because Brandon didn’t allow his position to be split with another person. Su Xiao kind of figured out that presumptuous personality.

The reason why Su Xiao killed Brandon was not because he found Brandon irritating.

Su Xiao really needed to promote his position. He will never get the appropriate position if Brandon wasn’t dead.

As for sneaking into the palace to execute his mission, he didn’t even think about it because of the danger that would’ve bought him.

The more straightforward plan will have fewer vulnerabilities, he only needed a position which can let him have contact with the king and be promoted fast.

Tomorrow was the date to burn the ‘Gray terminal’, this kind of negative thing will not be facilitated by personnels from the palace but people with lower positions.

Su Xiao investigated that there were two parties in the soldier team, one party was for taking care of the City, the other party was responsible for checking the gate of the town.

Generally speaking, this kind of things were supposed to facilitate by soldiers who were responsible for the gate, but Su Xiao saw a bunch of bumps when he selected weapon in the warehouse.

According to those details in the warehouse, Su Xiao knew what they were.

If they want to burn the ‘Gray terminal’ which is a large area, they obviously couldn’t use normal means.

So Su Xiao needs the position of a leader in the soldier team, as for whether he can see the king or not, this will be decided by his personal actions.

“Hank, what’s wrong?”

Hank who was manipulating people looked at Su Xiao.

“Boss was killed last night, those people surprisingly found out today morning, it’s right time you get here, come with me to see the nobles now.

Su Xiao felt nervous, see the nobles? This Hank is not a kind person, Su Xiao just became a soldier yesterday, it is definitely a trap, maybe he wanted Su Xiao to become the scapegoat? The possibility is not that big.

Su Xiao was thinking how to kill Hank in mind with smiled.

“Nobles? That kind of big figure wants to see me?”

Su Xiao pretended that he was suspicious but kept looking at Hank.

“Yes, the nobles wants to see you, but I don’t know the specific detail of the reason either.”

Hank revealed some expression with envy and even some jealous.

This sudden good news made Su Xiao a bit shock because he did not have any relation with high positions in the palace, the thing only can show relation is…. That recommend letter? It seemed that recommend letter was far more important than he imagined.

Su Xiao followed Hank through a few streets to a yard, a luxury cottage appeared in this sight.

Hank walked to the place with nervously, two soldiers who are responsible for taking care of the gate stopped Hank.

“This is the person that boss want to see?”

Hank nodded quickly, those two soldiers took away Hank’s weapon, as for Su Xiao, all his weapons were in the storage space, the soldier will not discover it.

The soldier guided them to a lobby.

There was a family was eating breakfast, and an old person with white hair sat in the first place.

After the old guy saw Hank, he threw the meal on his hand carelessly, and then asked other people to leave the place, only a muscular figure stood behind the old man.

The muscular man gave Su Xiao a strangely dangerous feeling. Although the other side was freehand, Su Xiao noticed that he was well trained and his body was like steel.

This person was a physical master, also a personal guard of the old man.

“Are you Hank? That’s the new soldier, right?”

The old person talked slowly with relaxed expressions. He was that kind of person with huge power.

“Yes, yes, boss.”

Hank started feeling nervous about speaking.

“Get out.”

The old man may felt annoyed about the way Hank talked. He even didn’t look at Hank anymore.

Hank kept looking at the ground until he reached the gate, then disappeared from Su Xiao’s sight.

“I’m a noble of this Kingdom, Carlos gave me a lot of interesting gifts, I’m supposed to take care of you as you’re his nephew.

But Carlos was not lucky when he got out of the town, and I couldn’t get my gift as well, I couldn’t find him, so I’m supposed to find his nephew who is you.”

Su Xiao came up with the approximate situation…

Carlos was supposed to the merchant who in the black market was killed by him after Carlos died, this couldn’t get his gift, so in the condition that he couldn’t find Carlos, he only could find Su Xiao to replace it.

This merchant was so unlucky, he was not only exploited by soldiers, but also by the nobles.

In current condition, the person wanted him to replace Carlos to buy things for him.

Su Xiao did not understand their trade between these two sides, if he does not have people to protect him, Su Xiao will control this person immediately.

But this kind of opportunity to contact someone with a high position in the palace was rare.

“No problem, I understand all kind of ways uncle got, he was injured severely and resting now, but…”

The person wrinkled his eyebrow, looking at Su Xiao and said:

“If you can get what I need, I will give you everything. I heard that your leader was dead yesterday, if you can make it, you will be the leader in the soldier team.

After a half hour, Su Xiao left the noble’s yard and walked on the street.

Things went smoothly, but the condition the noble mentioned made Su Xiao feel a bit headaches.

Not only this, after mentioned the condition, a new task appeared on the “Reincarnation Paradise”.

[Secondary task: Noble’s Collection]

Noble’s collection

Difficulty level: LV.2.

Introduction of the task: the collection of the noble is abundant, every valuable thing will be seen by this arid old guy.

Information of the task: killing the host of the mountain, and gaining its teeth. (The host of the mountain: a violent monster in one piece world, a tiger with a huge body.)

Time limit: 10 hours.

Reward: Get the position of the leader in the soldier’s team.

Punishment of failing the task: getting expelled from the soldier team, and becoming a criminal.


Su Xiao understood what is the host of the mountain was. That’s a tiger with a huge body which almost killed monkey D. Luffy in his childhood.

He sighed. After entering one piece, he met those enemies that were too strong which made him helpless.

One day, he will use the sword in his hand to kill every enemy he meets, he will not be afraid of doing things such as now.

But one piece world was too dangerous. He did not have the qualification of doing things without thinking.

And he was too weak, he needed to learn appropriate Haki before became strong.

The host in the mountain was strong, at least Su Xiao couldn’t fight with it blatantly now, but even though it was strong, it was still a monster.

Su Xiao couldn’t fight with it blatantly didn’t mean he couldn’t kill that tiger.



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