Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 12: Arrangement And Estimations

Su Xiao checked those shops on the side of the street when he was walking and stopped walking in front of a shop selling grocery.

This was the place he wanted to find, Su Xiao walked into the grocery shop which didn’t have many clients.

“Hey, soldier, we had given the protection fees three days ago, why are you here?”

The boss in the grocery shop looked at the soldier as if he was a devil. It seemed he was exploited a lot by the people in soldier team.

“I didn’t come here for the protection fees. Do you have this kind of plant here?”

After a half hour, Su Xiao left the grocery with a smile, the boss walked him out passionately, it seemed Su Xiao bought a lot of things.

It was not easy to kill the host in Colubo Mountain.

According to Su Xiao’s memory, the body of the tiger was several times of normal tiger, its height was at least four or five meters, it was definitely a monster.

Su Xiao did not go to wild for finding the host in the mountain, but going back to headquarter of soldier team.

After wandering inside the headquarters of the soldier team for a while, Su Xiao went into the warehouse.

Because Brandon was dead, now there was no leader in the soldier team, it seems like only a few soldiers are inside the headquarters now.

Hank and two partners of Brandon became a party, they were fighting with other parties.

They will burn ’Gray terminal’ tomorrow night, so they must select a new leader, or the big deal will be influenced.

Su Xiao got into the warehouse easily in this condition of turmoil, he stayed in the warehouse for a while and left the soldier team, then walked into the way of Colubo mountain.

Looking at the gate in the far distance, Su Xiao got into the capital from this gate in the past, now he could walk in or out easily, he only needed to walk with no nervousness.

Those soldiers in the gate nodded to Su Xiao after noticing him, and let him out of the town directly, they did not even ask anything.

Su Xiao walked through the gate and arrived at the ‘Gray terminal’ Su Xiao saw a forest before the mountain, the place that the character in the original animation monkey D. Luffy grew up.

Walking into the forest, Su Xiao obviously felt the air was clearer. Some smell from various kind of plant spread around, some unknown birds screamed on the branches, sometimes a few mild omnivore animals walked through plants.

Though mountain was beautiful, it was dangerous as well, sometimes violent monster appeared, so ordinary people did not dare to walk deeply inside the mountain.

Walking into the forest which did not have any human, Su Xiao held the sword in his hand, he looked casual while actually it as he was aware of everything happening near him.

Su Xiao needed a wide flat area instead of a forest which was dense near him, inappropriate to become his ‘hunting ground’.

The area did not need to be huge, but it needed to be satisfied two points.

First, it should have a source of water, Goa Kingdom was a marine island, and lacking water is the most common situation, so the source of water in Colubo mountain was not that much as well if he can find a water source, the opportunities of finding that huge tiger will increase a lot.

The second was the ground needed to be covered by plants, it will be more convenient for him to put traps.

Of course, the traps Su Xiao will make consisted of burry bombs under the ground that the host of the mountain move on.

The was not that hard, that kind of huge animal will easily be killed this way.

There was a green space with grass surrounded by trees and some flowers with various colors grew on the ground.

After smelling the fragrance, Su Xiao frowned, the smell may influence his plan, it had pros and cons because the smell can cover the smell of something he puts.

Taking out a shovel from the storage space, Su Xiao took off his shirt and started digging a hole.

After two hours, Su Xiao hid on a tree near the area, the ground didn’t look abnormal, only some fruits were put randomly on the ground.

Sweat dripped down through Su Xiao’s cheek down to his shoulder and chest, showing his well-built muscle. His muscle was not exaggerated but smooth.

Those hunks with a lot of muscle were not appropriate to fight, strong muscle did increased strength, but it influenced speed and flexibility as well. That was not good for fighting.

Su Xiao had found a famous boxing hall with the strongest coaches.

According to Su Xiao’s estimate, that coach who was full of muscle had strength at least four times of his, and he was faster as well.

But that coach fell down and couldn’t fight anymore after some time.

What Su Xiao was practicing are skills for killing people, and the boxing coach practiced to fight, those had some differences in the basis.

But if they have rules in the contest, Su Xiao may not be able to fight with him, but if they just fight to kill each other, Su Xiao can kill that person in two minutes.

That coach was tall, about 180cm, one day he looked at Su Xiao then said “Practicing does not need rules”, so that’s why this happened.

Su Xiao sat on a thick tree and held the [old smashing gun], this gun had three bullets left.

Su Xiao had attempted to put bullets into this gun, but“Reincarnation paradise” hint, this gun was damaged severely, so putting bullets may cause this gun to break, and could not be used anymore.

It seemed like it has a limit because Su Xiao did not get this gun in the treasure case but picked it.

After opening two white treasure cases, Su Xiao roughly understood the rule of “Reincarnation paradise”.

Items he got through treasure chests were basically rule-items could be brought out of one piece world, but items he picked up or gained through task had some percentage could be brought out of one piece world, such as [Dragon flash] on his waist.

Through initial exploration, Su Xiao got some conclusions.

Semi-data was a kind only gave a few hints, such as his strength increasing from 6 points to 7 points, this concept embodied that he can become stronger.

As for life value, this kind of thing could not be shown concretely, it at most calculated by percentage. There will be no case where he cuts someone and calculates how many drops of blood the enemy has dropped.

The value on the head of his enemies was shown only when he attacked them and did some damage.

After receiving the fatal attack, they will die directly, though they had 100% of Hp, the value will become zero before it was even shown.

Digitalization of the equipment and items was more interesting.

Such as [dragon flash] on his waist, Su Xiao understood the durability and additional attributes of this weapon, as for the power of attack: 5~16 means how well he uses this weapon.

The rate of the equipment was the most important data, from the rate he could easily see the value of items.

After few fights, Su Xiao knew though it was semi-digitalization, it was convenient for estimating strength, everything depended on reality, but it did appear game like.

Semi-digitalization was for showing his ability directly and the value of items.

This is the most useful help Su Xiao got from“Reincarnation paradise”.



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