Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 13: Cat’s Weakness

There were a lot of advantages of semi digitalization, such as directly understanding his ability.

Like this, the way to become stronger will be easier, he just needs to increase his body strength and fighting abilities at the same time.

The attribute was stronger than ordinary people, and he couldn’t display that advantage because of the world he was in, it was really strange.

Su Xiao could guess that this was because he was sent to one piece world. When he goes to other worlds, there will be a lot of opportunities to become stronger.

His attributes now are strength 7 points, agility is 7 points, vitality 5 points, intelligence is 6 points, Charm is 3 points, and Luck is only poorly 1 point.

Strength and agility were obviously related to his fighting attributes, needless to explain.

Vitality represents his life force and ability to defend. Intelligence was in a magical genre, the function was unknown currently.

Charm was something confusing. Will he become more handsome because of increasing the Charm?

Su Xiao shook his head, maybe charm was for increasing social ability, it was not supposed to like that.

As for the fortunate, it was supposed to a very important ability, but the difficulty of increasing it must be hard.

Su Xiao was good at using swords, so it may be relating to strength as well, he must increase it in the future. But he wasn’t sure his way to do so, after all, it was the first world he experienced, it was too early to think about this question.

When Su Xiao was thinking, the sound of the branches and the sound of the cracks in the distant forest came, a huge beast was approaching.

It came!

That was the host of Colubo Mountain who was approaching gradually, a huge tiger.

The appearance of this huge tiger and normal tiger were similar, it just had a bigger body, its height was four meters, and length was at least 7 or 8 meters, it was bigger than an elephant on the earth, almost as big as a house.

The deep yellow hair of the giant tiger is very rich in texture, the hair is bright, and the shimmer is reflected in the bright sunshine.

Su Xiao hid on the tree, staring at the huge tiger beneath him, he even lowered his breathing sound.

This kind of beast, even a tiny sound may be perceived by it, so Su Xiao was very cautious.

After approaching the trap that Su Xiao put, huge tiger nose, it seemed smelled the danger, did not go near the trap.

But those apples on the trap had a fatal attraction to this huge tiger.

These apples were bought by Su Xiao in the grocery in the capital, called Wood Scorpio.

That fruit is a special fruit in one piece world. It was also a plant had a similar function to the catnip in the real world.

Though the host of Colubo Mountain had a huge body, it could not overcome the instinct of cats, it did not have any resistance toward the Wood Scorpio.

Catnip was called marijuana of cats, so it had a fatal attraction to most of the cats.

Looking at the coveted eyes of the huge tiger, Su Xiao knew that his plan was successful.

The huge tiger walked near the trap with caution. It smelled a strange odor but did not discover any danger.

Finally, it came near the center of the trap gradually due to the Wood Scorpio.

The huge tiger firstly walked for few steps discreetly, then stopped suddenly and checked the surrounding.

Su Xiao’s eyes twitched while he was on the tree. He thought that the animal in one piece world had much higher intelligence than a normal beast.

From the performance of the huge tiger, it had at least the intelligence of a ten-year-old child, or even higher.

Time flew by. This was a competition of patience.

Finally, the tiger could not resist the attraction of the wood Scorpio and ran toward it.


Dust rose, the host Colubo Mountain ate all of the wood Scorpio on the ground and started chewing them.

The taste of the Wood Scorpio was not good, it was bitter, but the tiger didn’t care as he continued chewing.

After chewing for a while, the tiger began to react, from the original lying position to four feet up, and its back was rubbing against the grass.

The tiger was rolling.

After eating a lot of catnip, its cat-like instinct started to act as he started hallucinating and rolling around.

Though the tiger looked serious, it still could not resist this kind of instinct, from the mouth which was sweating can found out it was an illusion now.

The time was ready now,Su Xiao rose the gun on his hand, and pointed to the ground under the huge tiger.

Right, the ground, this gun in his hand will only hurt the tiger even he pointed the tiger’s eyes. Also, he could not make sure to hit the tiger.

A lot of bombs were buried under the tiger.

He extended his arm and shot the place.


A sound of the shooting spread in the forest and broke its quietness, frightening a lot of birds.

After the detonation of the gunpowder, a hot bullet flew out of the muzzle, pushing open the air, and then it penetrated the soil.

The red bullet first penetrated the surface soil, and then it hit the bomb under the soil. The high temperature instantly ignited the gunpowder.

This sudden sound of the gun made the host of the tiger who was rolling on the ground tremble, it wanted to run immediately, but it was too late.


A huge sound spread in the forest, all animals were shocked within one kilometer and looked toward the way that sound came from.

More than a dozen bombs were buried under the ground exploded. It caused a continuous explosion, several sounds combined with a huge sound.

The tiger was blown by the explosion. Su Xiao didn’t just burry gunpowder under the ground, he also placed hundreds of nails inside the explosives.

The tiger not only flew for three to four meter into the air, but hundreds of nails also penetrated its huge body as well.


The tiger screamed in Agony, but its nightmare is yet to end.

The fire rushed into the sky, engulfing the tiger in midair, and the smell of burning hair filled the place.

“pong” the tiger landed, and the smoke produced by the burning of gunpowder engulfed the giant tiger, while he was being burned.

Su Xiao looked at all these things with calm face while on a tree in the distance, he didn’t look good.

It was not because of sympathy, there is nothing called sympathy in his dictionary.

The reason he got bad expression is because the huge tiger did not die, at least“Reincarnation Paradise” did not give him the notification.

The plan went smoothly, but the creatures in one piece world were so strong that it made Su Xiao afraid.

Su Xiao jumped to the ground from the tree. He took out the [Dragon flash] on his waist, then walked to the smoke with the sword in hand.

If it cannot be killed by the bomb, then he will kill it using his sword. If he has even a tiny opportunity to win, he will fight, because he is never afraid of fighting.

Form some perspective, Su Xiao was eager to fight.

The feeling of fighting will let him forget his hatred, the unfortunate past, he will put all that behind as he concentrates on fighting until he kills his enemy.



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