Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 75: Questioning And Departure! [EDITED]

At the very top of the list of items, there was a blue glowing potion bottle.

The potion glowed like a diamond under the sunlight, it looked glorious.

[Human Gene Strengthening Fluid]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise, Marcus Institute of Human Gene Research.

Quality: blue

Genre: medication

Effect: After drinking this, gain physical strength +4, strength +2. (Permanent.)

Quantity in stock: 1

Exchange conditions: 15.000 CCG contribution points.

Requirements: Associate Special Class Investigator.

Description: This drug can only be used once per person, repeated consummation won’t give any results.


[Crushing Fairy (Boutique)]

Origin: Tokyo ghoul.

Quality: Green

Attack power: 6-20. (Attack power is the destructive power like the power of firearms.)

Genre: Quinque (high caliber pistol)

Magazine size: 6. (Quinque guns automatically refill the magazine, cooldown time is 2 minutes.)

Durability: 35/35

Requirement: 12 points of strength, 10 points of agility.

Equipment effects: Aim shooting (active): Stare at one or more enemies with the gun for 5 seconds. During this period, moving speed is reduced by 50%. After 5 seconds, all remaining bullets will be shot at the enemies.

Tip: After aim shooting is activated, the enemies will be marked and bullets will trace them.

Tip: Using aim shooting will consume 50 Mana.

Tip: The cooldown time of aim shooting (active) is 24 hours.

Rating: 30 (Note: Green equipment is scored from 1 to 30. Those scored 30 will be marked with ‘Boutique’ and have special attributes attached.)

Introduction: My shooting skills are very bad, but I can stare at you. There can be only one result when I stare at you. You will die, unless there are a lot of obstacles in front of you.

Price: 3,800 park coins.

Quantity in stock: 1

Exchange conditions: 13,000 points of CCG contribution points

Requirement: Associate Special Class Investigator.

[C type battlefield syringe]

Origin: Tokyo ghoul

Quality: Green

Type: medicine.

Effect: After injection, 30% Hp will be restored and injuries will quickly heal.

Quantity in stock: 1

Exchange conditions: 8000 CCG contribution points.

Requirements: Associate Special Class Investigator.

Introduction: Life-saving medicine, the results of many CCG human trials.


Below these three items, there were a lot more drugs, Quinque and other items.

But besides these three items, Su Xiao did not plan on exchanging anything else, those things were so expensive.

To be exact, what Su Xiao wanted to exchange for first was the bottle of [human genetic strengthening fluid], which added to his constitution and strength.

And it was the first blue item he saw.

Blue-quality items were very rare, but were comparably better.

This bottle of [human gene fortification liquid] was not an item from the ghoul’s world but from the Reincarnation Paradise.

That’s why it only appeared in the 24th district. This exchange function would not appear anywhere else.

At least the 14th and the 20th districts did not have this function.

Perhaps it was because the 24th district was especially dangerous? Or it might be because of a special location in the 24th district? Su Xiao did not know.

His current goal was to get deeper into the 24th district to explore the unknown areas.

Exploring the unknown area of the 24th district would get him some CCG contribution points, under the premise that the discovered areas were valuable to the CCG.

If he still had some contribution points left over after he had exchanged the [human gene fortification solution], he would probably get the [Crushing Fairy], the powerful pistol-style Quinque.

Su Xiao was solitary, he did not have teammates, so he needed at least some long-range ability. If he were to encounter a special enemy or some such and he was unable to fight in long distances, he may die.

It was not easy to develop ranged capabilities, and that required a lot of investment.

And the skills attached to the [Crushing Fairy] would allow Su Xiao to gain those skills relatively quickly.

The ability of [Crushing Fairy] was to lock on to the enemy and then fire six consecutive tracking shots.

But Su Xiao was concerned about just how good the tracking of aim shooting was.

His shooting skills were very bad, but [Crushing Fairy] did not need shooting skills as long as he activated the skill, so it was a very good choice.

As for the last item, the [C-type battlefield syringe], it was a good lifesaver.

Su Xiao wanted to get all three of them, but after seeing his current contribution points, he could only sigh and wait.

[First Class Investigator, contribution points 2053/10000.]

First, he had to upgrade to Associate Special Class Investigator, then he had to gain a massive amount of contribution points.

There were still 12 days left. He needed to get a total of 33,947 contribution points, so he had a long way to go.

However, the 24th district was notoriously dangerous, and the number of ghouls should be quite high, so he could obtain contribution points by handing in Kakuhou and exploring the unknown areas.

It was not impossible to get this many contribution points that way.

In the afternoon, Su Xiao, Arima Kisho and Yuna gathered.

“Check your gear. Every time we go exploring in the 24th district, we’ll stay longer than just one or two days.”

Arima Kisho carried a big bag, held his Quinque in his hands, and had put on a white trench coat.

This white trench coat was only available for the squad zero. Su Xiao was wearing the same one right now, the trench coat fit him well and was very suitable for fighting in.

Yuna was also dressed the same way. The bag she was carrying was filled with food, fresh water, and other necessities.

Su Xiao had nothing to take, all of his materials were in the storage space.

The storage space was two cubic meters in size, so it wasn’t too big, but it could contain a lot of materials.

Of the storage space, more than two-thirds was filled with food and fresh water, enough for him to last for a long time.

The rest of the space was used for combat equipment and medical items.

“I have no issues. We can leave at any time.”

Yuna looked at Su Xiao as if he had said something weird.

“What do you use to fight?”

Dragon Flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hand, and he raised the blade.



Yuna snorted and pointed to Dragon Flash in Su Xiao’s hand.

“This is a common metal weapon. Can it even break through a ghoul’s skin?”

Obviously, Yuna did not trust Su Xiao’s strength.


The blade flashed, a few strands of long, black hair fell, Dragon Flash had been rested against Yuna’s neck.

Yuna looked at Su Xiao with shock.

“So fast!”

Not only Yuna, but Arima Kisho also looked at Su Xiao.

“Do you think that it can cut ghouls now?”

Yuna put her finger on the edge of Dragon Flash and stroked it lightly, but a trace of blood still appeared on her slender finger.

Yuna put her finger in her mouth and sucked the blood away.

“With this sharpness, there won’t be any problems.”

Dragon Flash was sharp and Su Xiao was very good at using this sword, but the quality of Dragon Flash was too low, it was after all just white equipment.

If its score weren’t 10 points, this blade might not have been able to keep up with Su Xiao’s for this long.

Even so, when fighting Queen, Dragon Flash had been somewhat lacking.

It was only a matter of time until he had to change his weapon, but it was troublesome for Su Xiao to replace it.

Frequently replacing weapons was definitely not a good thing. He needed a weapon that could grow together with him.

It was a pity that the difficulty of obtaining such a weapon was not low at all. With his current strength, it would be stupid to even dream of getting such a weapon.

“Let’s go, this is the 108th exploration attempt of the 24th district.”

Arima Kisho took the lead out of the temporary branch, Su Xiao and Yuna followed.

Soon, the three arrived in front of the dark hole, which went straight to the underground. The sound of the ‘crying ghosts’ came from the hole, as if there was some kind of monster hidden in its tunnels.