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R.P Chapter 82: Fury!

“Byakuya, there is a switch in the ‘Shi’ near the back of his neck. If it is an inevitable situation, you can press it, but be sure to remember that after pressing the switch, you must take it off within one minute.”
The switch in Yuna’s mouth was the original state of the weapon. After starting that state, ‘Shi’ will be activated and begin to devour the flesh and blood of the user. At the same time, the performance of ‘Shi’ will be greatly improved.
“I understand.”
Su Xiao adapted to the armor on his body. To be honest, if it was not a critical situation, he did not want to wear anything.
Although his strength and defense increased a lot, his speed was reduced.
It was okay in the narrow terrain of the underground passage. If he fights in other terrains, he may be killed by the enemy.
An eyeless ghoul rushed up, like a sinister dog, the bloody mouth was stretched to the limit, and the muscles on both sides of the cheeks even collapsed.
Su Xiao still stood in the same place, this heavy armor made some changes in his fighting style.
This was also a helpless move, agility dropped by 3 points, so Su Xiao was no longer flexible, and the increase of 3 points of strength made his smashing power soar.
Since agility was reduced, Su Xiao did not waste time to dodge.
With both hands holding the sword, Su Xiao tried his best use one strike to cut it off.
This sword could be said to be strong, the sharpness of the dragon flash + Qing Gang Yin + Shi’s 3 points of strength.
Blood rushed out, and where Su Xiao’s sword struck, the eyeless ghoul was cut off.
The blood of the eyeless ghoul was black and red, with a strong odor.
In the battle, Su Xiao had not taken care of the surrounding smell, killing the enemy comes first.
A special bullet was crossed by Su Xiao, and Yu Na fought, using the remote ability to cover Su Xiao.
As a user of ‘Shi’, Yuna also had the ability to close combat. Her Quinque had two forms, one was a sniper rifle, and the other was a sickle.
However, Su Xiao and Arima Kisho’s ability with close combat were much stronger than Yuna.
It was not that Yuna didn’t want to use fight closely, but she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of those two.
The slamming sound and the gunshot echoed in the passage.
Eyeless ghouls were not afraid of death, even if dozens of them were killed by Su Xiao, there was no retreat.
Su Xiao slashed a ghoul by one sword strike, and a bikaku spurred to his chest.
He subconsciously wanted to avoid, but after the Agility reduced by 3 points, his was much slower.
The surface of the ‘Shi’ was hit by the bikaku made a sound of gold and iron colliding,
The hole of a finger thickness appeared on the surface of the ‘Shi’, the blood invaded, Su Xiao was injured, the attack power of the eyeless ghouls was strong enough to make people fear.
Su Xiao grabbed the kagune with one hand and dragged it hard. The longsword in his right hand stabbed in front, and slashed through its brain, the eyeless ghoul died after twitching for few times.
Dozens of eyeless ghouls made Su Xiao feel the pressure.
Fortunately, these ghouls were within his ability, and there was the cooperation of Yuna, the long sword in cut incessantly, and the number of eyeless ghouls was rapidly reduced.
Seeing this scene, Yuna was relieved.
Ten minutes later, the number of eyeless ghouls was reduced to only a few.
Su Xiao’s hand which was holding the sword was trembling a little, and he was about to collapse from exhaustion.
Before, being attacked by the primitive ghouls consumed a lot of physical strength, and now he was besieged by the eyeless ghouls, he was about to reach his limit.
Lifting his sore arm, Su Xiao slashed the last eyeless ghoul, a pool of blood appeared under his feet. It was his blood.
At this time, beside him, there were limbs scattered, and the surrounding meat walls were full of blood.
“it is finally over.”
Yuna walked forward in a hurry and wanted to support Su Xiao.
“Don’t come over, they’re coming again!”
Su Xiao’s face was a bit bitter, looking up at the dark passage in front of him.
Yuna was stunned.
“Boom, boom…”
Intensive footsteps came from the front, and it was clear that the battle was not over yet.
“Are you serious?”
Yuna’s face showed a desperate expression.
“Yu Na, can the original state of the ‘Shi’ overdraw the strength?”
The situation was so bad, but Su Xiao did not give up. As long as he did not die, there was still a chance to fight.
“Yes, but…”
Su Xiao ignored the words of Yuna and raised his left hand to press the switch of the Shi on the back his neck.
Su Xiao, who wore ‘Shi’, immediately felt it began to change.
The blood-red light emerged on the surface of the ‘Shi’, and it began to be active, the armor became a red-blooded tentacle and surged forward.
‘Shi’ had changed from the original blue-black to the bright red, it was the same as ghouls’ kagune.
With the surge of ‘Shi’, Su Xiao felt that this thing was consuming his blood and even wanted to bite his flesh.
“This thing is really fierce.”
After three seconds, the ‘Shi’s’ events ceased, and it turned back into a dark red armor.
A black and red mist spread around Su Xiao.
“Here it comes!”
Su Xiao’s voice was very dull, his eyes shined red light, and ‘Shi’ formed a helmet that only leaked his eyes.
Su Xiao’s sight turned pale red, and his physical attributes increased dramatically.
[Shi you’re wearing has been activated, the state has changed, Strength +5, Agility +5, Vitality +5, and 2% Hp is lost per second. (Temporary state, after the release of ‘Shi’, the gain or reduction state disappears.)
The significant power rushed from all over his body.
Su Xiao roughly estimated the number of ghouls in front of him, and there were probably more than 60 eyeless ghouls.
“Cover me, I am going!”
Su Xiao squatted at the ground.
The soil splashed and Su Xiao became a red shadow.
Puchi! Puchi!
The light blue sword strikes were joined together, Su Xiao directly rushed into the eyeless ghouls.
At this moment, Yuna even forgot to pull her Quinque’s trigger, just staring at this scene.
“Is ‘Shi’ so strong?”
Yuna shook her head, pulled the trigger, and began to support Su Xiao.
Su Xiao’s sight was getting redder, his heartbeat was getting faster and faster, as he counted silently in mind.
30 seconds, 31 seconds, 32 seconds.
When the time reached 40 seconds, Su Xiao snorted, and the ‘Shi” was no longer satisfied with swallowing his blood, and began to bite his flesh.
Su Xiao waved the sword for the last time and killed the five eyeless ghouls in front of him.
After this attack, Su Xiao felt weak, he was unable to fight any longer.
In front of him, there were still more than a dozen eyeless ghouls.
At this time, a slim figure rushed past him and stood in front of him.
The slim figure was Yuna, who held a large sickle, the sickle rotating, and going at an eyeless ghoul that rushed to Su Xiao.
“Such hard Body, Byakuya, I need ‘Shi’.”
Su Xiao pressed the button at the back of his neck again, and Shi’s activity began to decrease.
Normally, ‘Shi’ should be separated from his body, but now ‘Shi’ actually bit him.
Su Xiao put the dragon flash beside his feet and put his hands on the ‘Shi’.
“Pala, pala.”
The tentacles of ‘Shi’ were cut off by Su Xiao as he threw it down.
Throwing the surging ‘Shi’ to Yuna, Su Xiao vowed that he will never wear this kind of thing again.
In another 20 seconds, ‘Shi’ would swallow his flesh cleanly. Within 1 minute, this thing will turn him into a pile of bones.


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