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R.P Chapter 82: Fury! [EDITED]

“Byakuya, the armor has a switch near the neck. If you’re in a tight spot, you can press it, but once you do, you absolutely have to take it off within one minute.”

The switch Yuna was talking about would activate the original skill of the Quinque. After activating that skill, the armor will begin to devour the flesh and blood of the user. At the same time, the performance of the armor will be greatly improved.

“I understand.”

Su Xiao adapted to the armor on his body. To be honest, if the situation wasn’t this bad, he would not want to wear any armor.

Although the Quinque increased his strength and defense, his speed suffered from it.

It was okay to use it in the narrow terrain of the underground passage, but if he were to use it in open terrain, the lack of mobility may get him killed.


An eyeless ghoul rushed up, like an angry, mutated dog, its mouth stretched to the limit.

Su Xiao stood in place, this heavy armor forcing him to change his fighting style.

He had no other choice, with his agility dropped by 3 points, Su Xiao was no longer as mobile, and the 3 points increase in strength made his physical strength soar.

Since his agility was reduced, Su Xiao did not waste time to try to dodge.

With both hands holding the sword, Su Xiao tried his best to finish this ghoul with a single strike.

This slash was quite strong, combining the sharpness of Dragon Flash, Azure Steel Shadow and the Quinque’s strength bonus.


Blood sprayed, Su Xiao had cleanly cut through the eyeless ghoul.

The blood of the mutated ghoul was a very dark red, almost bordering on black, and had a strong odor.

As this was a battle, Su Xiao chose not to care about the smell, killing the enemies came first.


A special bullet passed Su Xiao, Yuna was using her gun to cover Su Xiao.

As the armor was actually hers, Yuna naturally also had some close combat skills. Her Quinque had two forms, one was a sniper rifle, the other a sickle.

However, Su Xiao’s and Arima Kisho’s close combat skills were much better than Yuna’s.

It was not that Yuna didn’t want to use fight in close quarters, but she didn’t want embarrass herself in front of those two.


The fighting continued.

The eyeless ghouls were not afraid of death, even after dozens of them were killed by Su Xiao, they didn’t even think about retreat.

Su Xiao cut a ghoul with his sword, but a Bikaku spurred into his chest.

He subconsciously wanted to avoid, but since his Agility was reduced by 3 points, he was too slow.


The surface of the armor was hit by the Bikaku, which made a sound like two pieces of iron colliding,

A hole a finger thick was the result, and blood flowed out. The Bikaku pierced the armor and managed to injure Su Xiao, the attack power of these eyeless ghouls was terrifying.

Su Xiao grabbed the Kagune with one hand and pulled on it, hard. The sword in his hand stabbed forwards and pierced through the ghoul’s brain. After twitching a few times, it soon died.

The large pack of eyeless ghouls really made Su Xiao feel the pressure.

Fortunately, these ghouls were not out of his ability to kill, and with Yuna helping out, his sword cut down one ghoul after another, the number of mutated ghouls was rapidly decreasing.

Noticing this, Yuna was relieved.

Ten minutes later, only a few eyeless ghouls remained.

The hand Su Xiao used to wield his sword was trembling a little, he was about to collapse from exhaustion.

Before this, they were attacked by the primitive ghouls, which consumed a lot of his strength, and now he was under the siege of the eyeless ghouls, so his endurance was about to reach the limit.

Lifting his sore arm, Su Xiao cut down the last eyeless ghoul, but then noticed that the puddle of blood to his feet was actually his own.

At this time, beside him, there were limbs scattered everywhere, and the surrounding meat walls were coated in blood.

“It’s finally over.”

Yuna hurried forward to support Su Xiao.

“Don’t come over, there’s more coming!”

Su Xiao’s face was a bit bitter, he was looking into the dark passage in front of him.


Yuna was stunned.

“Boom, boom…”

Intensive footsteps could be heard from that direction, clearly, the battle was not over yet.

“Are you serious?”

Yuna’s face showed her desperation.

“Yuna, can the original skill of the armor overdraw my strength?”

The situation was really bad, but Su Xiao did not give up. As long as he wasn’t dead, he still had a chance.

“Yes, but…”

Su Xiao ignored the words of Yuna and raised his left hand, then pressed the switch of the armor on the back his neck.

Su Xiao immediately felt the armor begin to change.

Blood-red light emerged from the surface of the armor as it began to activate, then the armor grew a blood-colored tentacle that surged forward.

The armor had changed from the original blue-black coloration to bright red, it looked just like a ghouls’ Kagune.


Su Xiao felt this thing consuming his blood, it even tried to bite his flesh.

“This thing is really fierce.”

After three seconds, the armor’s change stopped, and it turned back into a dark red armor.

A dark, reddish mist spread around Su Xiao.

“Here they come!”

Su Xiao’s voice was very dull, while his eyes shined with red light. The armor had formed a helmet that completely covered his face, only his eyes were visible.

Su Xiao’s sight turned pale red, and his physical attributes increased dramatically.

[The Quinque you’re wearing has been activated. Bonuses have changed: Strength +5, Agility +5, Vitality +5, but 2% of total Hp is consumed per second. (Temporary state, after the release of the Quinque, all stat changes disappear.)

He felt significant power rush out from all over his body.

Su Xiao roughly estimated the number of ghouls in front of him, there were probably more than 60 eyeless ghouls coming at him.

“Cover me, I am going to attack!”

Su Xiao squatted down.


Soil splashed, as Su Xiao accelerated so fast, he turned into a red blur.

Puchi! Puchi!

The light blue sword strikes were perfectly chained as Su Xiao rushed into the pack of mutated ghouls.

At this moment, Yuna even forgot to pull her gun’s trigger, she just kept staring at this scene.

“Is the armor this strong?”

Yuna shook her head, pulled the trigger, and began to support Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s vision was getting redder, his heartbeat was getting faster and faster, and he kept counting in his mind.

30 seconds, 31 seconds, 32 seconds.

When he reached 40 seconds, Su Xiao grunted as the armor was no longer satisfied with swallowing his blood and began to bite his flesh.


Su Xiao slashed his sword and killed the one more of the eyeless ghouls.

After this attack, Su Xiao felt incredibly weak, unable to continue to fight.

In front of him, there were still more than a dozen eyeless ghouls alive.

At this moment, a slim figure rushed past him and stood in front of him.

The slim figure was Yuna, who held a large sickle. She spun the sickle and attacked the eyeless ghoul that tried to rush Su Xiao.

“Such hard Body, Byakuya, I need the armor.”

Su Xiao pressed the button at the back of his neck again, and the armor’s activity began to decrease.

Normally, the armor should separate from his body, but now, it had actually bitten him.

Su Xiao laid Dragon Flash down at his feet and put his hands on the armor.

“Squelch, squelch.”

The tentacles of the armor were ripped off by Su Xiao as he threw it down.

Throwing the surging armor to Yuna, Su Xiao vowed that he would never wear this kind of thing again.

In another 20 seconds, the armor would have swallowed whole chunks of his flesh, and within one minute, this thing would have turned him into a pile of bones.