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R.P Chapter 86: Help Out! [EDITED]

Su Xiao was driven to the branch of the 20th district, wearing the special battle suit of the squad zero (a white coat).

The members of squad zero had to wear this battle suit when attending missions.

“Thank you.”

After thanking the driver, Su Xiao got off the car and entered the CCG branch of the 20th district.

“Byakuya-san, Marude-sama will hold a meeting on the 12th floor, please come with me.”

A third-class Investigator, who had been waiting for him at the door, said.

At the door of the conference room, Su Xiao heard the unique roar of Marude Itsuki.

“What a joke, the equipment hasn’t been transferred over yet? What’s going on?”

“Sorry, I will ask them to hurry up.”

“Marude-sama, this is the latest information. Aogiri tree have assembled in the 11th district and are taking the initiative to fight.”

The conference room was noisy as it had become a temporary command center for the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’.

Su Xiao walked into the conference room, his squad-zero-attire drawing attention to him.

“Is this a member squad zero?”

“Is the squad zero also participating in this operation? I feel less nervous now.”

As they whispered, Su Xiao went to Marude Itsuki.

Marude Itsuki looked tired, his hair was messy and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Depending on the information on the 11th district, we are starting in two hours.”

Su Xiao was stunned, the timing of the attack felt kind of rushed.

“It’s this urgent?”

“We’re helpless, the bastards in the 11ht district are actually taking the initiative to attack us. Now the 9th, 10th, and 12th districts, which surround the 11th, may be attacked at any time. We can’t sit around ignoring the situation.”

Marude Itsuki hit the wall with resentment and snorted.

Right now, the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’ was not ready yet, so there may be problems with rushing things.

This was also why Su Xiao was transferred to the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’. Of course, it had to do with Marude Itsuki and Shinohara Yukinori.

After all, the two were Special Class Investigators. After joining together, the upper level of the CCG could not ignore their proposal.

There were three Special Class Investigators in the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’, namely, Shinohara Yukinori, Marude Itsuki, and Kuroiwa Iwao.

Marude Itsuki was in charge of the battlefield command, while Shinohara Yukinori and Kuroiwa Iwao were responsible for leading teams on the battlefield. The two of them were actual combatants.

Kuroiwa Iwao was an old Investigator with lots of experience in fighting. He was attacked by the One-Eyed Owl twice already, and was able to retreat without real injuries both times.

Like Shinohara Yukinori, Kuroiwa Iwao was also a user of the Quinque armor, ‘Shi’.

“I understand. Still, I have a weird feeling.”

Su Xiao put down the documents in his hand, and whispered a few words to Marude Itsuki.

After listening to Su Xiao’s words, Marude Itsuki’s face changed a little.

“This, that mustn’t happen, we have to prevent it at all costs. I will pay attention to it, and there are some Investigators who have such talents at CCG headquarters, I will have some transferred over.

Sure enough, it was true that we were looking for you. Please let us rely on you during the battle. I want to avoid casualties among the Investigators as much as possible.”

Marude Itsuki changed from his usual look and left the conference room looking all serious.

Su Xiao found an empty seat, sat down and relaxed as he adjusted his mental state.

“Byakuya, you are here!”

A familiar voice came and Su Xiao looked aside to see Shinohara Yukinori walking towards him.

“Shinohara Yukinori-sama, how long until we start? After the end of this mission, I have to go back to the 24th district, to continue exploring the underground.”

Su Xiao did not feel nervous at all; which made Shinohara Yukinori smile bitterly.

Compared to Su Xiao, most Investigators around here looked distraught and nervous.

“We will start in about one and a half hours. Assembly has already started. What is the situation like in the 24th district?”

Shinohara Yukinori sat down, wearing a black battle suit.

“The periphery of the 24th district is still safe, but there are a lot of ghouls inside. I suspect that there is a huge gathering point of ghouls somewhere in the center of the 24th district.”

The two chatted a bit to kill time.

Not a long time passed, as Marude Itsuki suddenly rushed back into the conference room.

“Shinohara Yukinori, how’s the preparation for the evacuation of the residents?”

Shinohara Yukinori stood up.

“Although the time will be tight, we have already finished arrangements with the police, we can leave at any time.”

Marude Itsuki took a deep breath, picked up the phone at the side and looked at the Investigators present.

“Let’s get going, guys!”

“Yes, sir!”

All the Investigators got up and walked out.

At the main entrance of the CCG branch, there was a large convoy of cars waiting. CCG dispatched more than a thousand people at once this time, so the sight of the convoy was truly magnificent.

Su Xiao found a car. Just when he wanted to get in, he heard Marude Itsuki shouting for him in the distance.

“Byakuya, you drive with me, I have something to discuss with you.”

Su Xiao walked to the front of the convoy. There were a lot of people gathered here, it was incredibly noisy.

There were leaders from various departments in Tokyo, as well as reporters from the major TV stations. After Marude Itsuki finished talking to them, he entered the command car.

”Marude-sama, please let us know if this situation is looking favorably this time.”

“Yeah, please convey some information to the citizens.”

The reporters rushed on with their mics but they were stopped by CCG staff.

Among the large group of reporters, a short but beautiful female reporter was squeezed out of the crowd because of her poor physical strength.

The female reporter looked anxious. For news as serious as this, she at least had to take a photo of Marude Itsuki, but now she didn’t even see him, not to mention taking pictures of him.

The female reporter stood there, tearing up as she felt that she was going to lose her job.

At this time, the female reporter noticed a special Investigator, while the others wore black combat suits, this one was actually wearing a white combat coat.

The reporter’s keen instinct told her that this man was absolutely not ordinary, interviewing him should prove valuable.

“Sir, please…”

The female reporter quickly rushed towards Su Xiao, but as she was in too much of a hurry, she stumbled over her own feet.

The reporter fell forwards and the microphone in her hand seemed like a sharp sword cutting ahead.

Looking at the female reporter who rushed towards him, Su Xiao’s eye twitched and he subconsciously evaded her.

This person was too ‘enthusiastic’, did she want to insert the microphone into his mouth to interview him?

The interviews with Tokyo’s news agencies were really unique.

When the female reporter had stood up, Su Xiao had already entered the command car, leaving the female reporter with tears in her eyes.

20th district, Anteiku Café.

“It is not easy to sneak into the 11th district to rescue Kaneki Ken. The movement of CCG and the personnel of the Aogiri tree need to be considered.

According to the news, CCG dispatched thousands of people this time. It was obvious to them that CCG was going to fight the Aogiri tree head on.

Even if we go to save Kaneki Ken, we will very likely be completely destroyed.”

As the store manager finished, he looked at Kirishima Touka, Fueguchi Hinami and Nishio Nishiki.

The store manager did not want the three to try to save Kaneki Ken. He and Yomo Renji and the others already had a rescue plan in place.

The store manager did not want them to be hurt, he wanted to see them well and protected.

“Hey, old man, what are you talking about, do you want him to die?”

Nishio Nishiki was not particularly strong, but he was grateful to Kaneki Ken, who had helped him to save his girlfriend and his sanity. Now that Kaneki Ken was in trouble, Nishio Nishiki would not sit by and ignore it.

“I am going to save him.”

Kirishima Touka said.

“I, I will go too.”

The timid voice of Fueguchi Hinami emerged after hers.

The store manager sighed inwardly.

“I have already understood everyone’s positions. I have actually prepared a plan to save Kaneki Ken. I am only afraid that the three of you will be in danger.

If you want to save Kaneki Ken, you have to place your lives on the line.”

When they heard the store manager, the three ghouls showed happy expressions.

The door was pushed open, and a handsome, purple clothed man came in. It was Tsukiyama Shu.


Nishio Nishiki’s body lowered as he got into a fighting posture.

Kirishima Touka on the side was also wary.

Tsukiyama Shu raised his arms, showing a sad expression.

“It’s really heartbreaking. My only friend, Kaneki Ken, was surprisingly taken away. How can I ignore this?

And, I have information to share with you. The CCG brought in a person we generally call “Black Reaper!”

Hearing that name, the present ghouls’ faces all soured, including the store manager’s.