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R.P Chapter 92: The Manager’s Glory!


Weapons collided.

On the roof, the Manager and the CCG Investigators were fighting.

Although four were fighting a single person, the manager was calm. After only a few rounds, Yukinori and the others were injured.

“The gap is too wide.”

Yukinori sat on the ground as he looked at the manager.

They couldn’t do anything to the manager.

Yukinori was seriously injured as he rolled on the ground.

“Take, use that.”

“Are we letting him go?”

“Let’s delay for five minutes, no it should be three now.”

Yukinori looked straight at Iwao as he said.

“Do it.”

The two activated Shi, so it took its original form.

Shi started to suck their blood.

Because it’s still a prototype, after 30 seconds, Shi will start devouring the flesh of the one using it.

“Come on Shi, do it.”

A few seconds later, Shi turned red as Yukinori and Iwao stood up as if they turned berserk.

Perceiving the change that happened to these two, the manager guessed that this was a new weapon developed by his old friend.

“It seems full of madness.”

With his weapon in his hand, Yukinori quickly slashed along with Iwao, the two started to suppress the manager who could only defend.

It didn’t last long before Yukinori couldn’t hold on and stepped back.


Iwao quickly attacked the manager before retreating beside Yukinori.

“Shi is really good, but the side effect is too severe.”

Yukinori lost all of his combat power, and his upper body was being bitten by Shi.

Compared to him, Iwao was in a much better state, but his power was almost drained as well as Shi continued to swallow his blood.

“This isn’t good.”

Take’s face was ugly, he could tell that if this continues, all of them will die here.

He looked at the side with eyes full of unwillingness.

“Don’t give up, your savior is here.”

Itsuki’s voice sounded from the headset, and all of them regained hope.


The door of the roof was slammed open, it was an iron door so slamming it open was proof of how strong this person was. The door became U shaped with a footprint in the center.

As the door fell down, the manager looked at the person who came.

After the smoke started to fade, a figure appeared in front of them.

“Is this building a labyrinth or something?”

Su Xiao who was smoking walked out from the darkness into the roof. After rushing all the way here, he wanted to take a break, but he heard the sound of battle and had to join the battle quickly.

Su Xiao sighed and hurriedly walked toward the manager.

The store manager was different from his daughter, his combat experience was more abundant.

But he wasn’t without weakness.

The manager didn’t eat any fresh human for a long time, and this resulted in the decrease of the Rc cells in his body which made him weaker.

“Do you want to eat that?”

Su Xiao held dragon Flash in his hand while pointing it toward the ground.

The manager’s arm lifted as he caught a piece of Shi.

Shi was full of Rc cells. It has hundreds if not thousands more Rc cells in it than a human.

“Don’t let him eat it. Otherwise, you might not be able to fight him.”

As they talked, the manager swallowed a large piece of Shi.

As the manager was eating, Su Xiao rushed toward him.

When he was on his way, he rushed as fast as possible fearing that the manager would kill these four, so he used a bit of his stamina just to get here.

Su Xiao attacked the manager with Dragon Flash aiming at his head. With the swing, a blue arc appeared moving with the sword.

Fighting with the manager, Su Xiao directly opened Qing Gang Ying without hesitation.

The manager lifted his arm and wrapped it around Dragon Flash.


The sound of metal clashing was heard.

As they collided, the energy for Qing Gang Ying poured into the manager.

The Rc cells in his body started to burn. The manager snorted this kind of pain was nothing, he fought for a lifetime, and this can’t affect him at all.

“A sharp sword, but this level of attack can’t take my life.”

While the one hand grabbed Dragon flash, the other hand stabbed at Su Xiao.

The attack was fast, but Su Xiao reacted in time and the attack passed by his head leaving a few strands of hair behind.

Su Xiao continued to fight the manager, even though his attributes should be lower than the manager, he still had superb sword skills.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sword and the hand clashed several time and sparks flew around as the two attacked dozens of times in just a short moment.

One short and one tall figure were fighting and trying to kill each other while the other four were watching from the side.


Amon looked at this scene, and a huge wave appeared in his heart.

The man in front of him was much younger than him, but he can fight with the one eyes owl alone.

“The Headquarters transferring him to the 24th district and having him becoming a temporary zero team’s member was because of this.”

“Take, I will go and help.”

Iwao was less injured than Yujinori and the others, so he wanted to help.

“No, we may affect his battle.”

All four stayed silent as they watched.

At this point, in the command car, someone smiled looking at the fight.

“Sure enough, it was a right choice doing this.”

Thinking about this, Itsuki continued to watch in the car.

The fight on the rooftop was reaching its climax.

The manager gave Su Xiao a feeling that he was getting stronger each moment.

That wasn’t wrong as the manager ate Shi and started to regain his power.

The manager was 3 meters tall now from his original 2 meters while his body was shining with a red luster.

The manager regained his former glory and was no longer the old man that was cut by the CCG Investigators.


Su Xiao kicked the manager on his waist making him step back a few steps but without sustaining any injury.

This battle made Su Xiao excited which made the manager a little bit uncomfortable.

“What an exciting battle. A powerful enemy is really the best.”

The long battle didn’t make Su Xiao discouraged; instead, it ignited his fighting spirit.

It ’s different feeling from fighting Nico, that kind of battle was too boring.

“Let’s continue.”