Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 96: Astounding sky!


A loud noise came from the rooftop.

Su Xiao hardly stood up and supported his body using dragon flash. He almost couldn’t hold on.

There was an iron water tank in the distant, with a large crack, and stained in blood. Kaneki Ken was lying under the water tank.

At this time, Kaneki Ken was tattered with sword scars all over his body while his legs were twisted.

Only accepting attacks but not fighting backs led Kaneki Ken to lose strength first, and finally, Su Xiao won.

Su Xiao walked slowly to Kaneki Ken, preparing to kill the protagonist of the plot.

But after only two steps, he felt that his pants were being pulled, then he looked down. It was Touka that caught his pants.

“I will not let you succeed.”

Touka was lying on the ground. She was wearing a half-face mask which was worn by Kaneki Ken previously, staring at Su Xiao with hatred.

“Wasting my three seconds, but it seems that you have a lot of value.”

Su Xiao suddenly stared at Touka who could be regarded as a half main female lead. As for the other half of main female lead, it was Rize.

In Toka’s desperate eyes, Su Xiao raised the sharp knife in his hand.

But in the next moment, Su Xiao suddenly jumped to the side, rolling a circle and then squatting on the ground.

“Ding, ding, ding….”

More than a dozen red crystal sharp objects were thrown to where he stood previously.

If Su Xiao did not roll over in time, he has been penetrated.

A man with a black rabbit mask appeared not far away, it was the Kirishima Ayato.

At this time, Kirishima Ayato’s eyes were full of anger, along with some fear.

Kirishima Ayato rushed to the front of Kirishima Touka, and silently picked her up. 

Kirishima Touka grabbed KirishimaAyato’s clothes, and her little white hands were trembling.

“let’s fight for our new and old hatred. Last time you almost killed me, but your current state seems pretty bad.”

Kirishima Ayato talked while gnashing his teeth since he and his sister were almost killed by Su Xiao, he hated Su Xiao extremely.

Mainly because his sister was almost killed, the reason why did Ayato joined the Aogiri tree was to gain the ability to protect his sister.

Su Xiao stood up and looked at Ayato with a smile.

“You can try it.”

Ayato’s appearance prevented Su Xiao from killing Touka.

However, Ayato’s thought of killing Su Xiao was also naïve. Although he was in a bad state, he still could kill his opponent.

The “Ghost Roar” ring that was acquired from the treasure chest dropped by gecko came with a skill.

Roar (active), after activating this effect, it will ignore the pain for 20 seconds, and during this period, each time user receives an attack, his attack speed will increase by 5%. (The increase in the attack speed limit is 50%, and the bonus will disappear after the skill period ends.)


As long as he activates this skill, Su Xiao could ignore his injuries and fight for 20 seconds.

When Su Xiao was in his best state, he almost killed Kirishima Ayato in seconds.

Although losing a lot amount of blood caused Su Xiao to be a bit weak, he may not be able to kill Kirishima Ayato, but it was absolutely no problem to take some parts from.

Su Xiao’s calm state made Kirishima Ayato somewhat hesitates.

But KirishimaAyato could not bring himself to flee, so he began to shoot large ukaku which looked like red crystal.

The longsword cut incessantly, the large pieces of ukaku were smashed into the sky.

Su Xiao put his finger on the Bluetooth headset and said a sentence with no mood.

“Marude, this is Byakuya, I need support on the roof.”

A very simple sentence, but made Ayato’s face change.


Ayato looked at Su Xiao with unwillingness, only could choose to retreat temporarily.

Kaneki Ken was far away from Kirishima Ayato, and there was Su Xiao who stood between them, so Kirishima Ayato chose to abandon Kaneki Ken and flee with his sister.

“Support will come in one minute, Try to hold on, Byakuya.”

Su Xiao suddenly asking for help scared Marude Itsuki.

“The enemy fled.”

In a dangerous situation, Su Xiao will not insist on pursuing them. He did not call someone because he did not need it at all.

And he was afraid that after other Investigators would kill Kaneki Ken and a treasure Chest won’t drop anymore.

This was not a guess, but a painful lesson.

In the underground of the 24th district, because of Yuna and Arima Kisho, Su Xiao did not see any treasure Chests.

This made him think of a possibility, if the plot characters help to fight, it will affect the rate of treasure Chest drops.

It was not that there won’t be any treasure Chests at all, but the rate of their dropping was very low. With Su Xiao’s great unlucky hand, the rate of dropping treasure chests will be even lower.

Su Xiao just had the opportunity to let Touka and Ayato die. He could kill these two after he activates the roar skill.

But the cadres of Aogiri tree were nearby. After the skill effect is over, he will become like a fish on a cutting board and be killed easily.

It was not worth it to take the risk of losing his life only for those two’s Treasure Chests.

Su Xiao held his lower abdomen by one hand and walked slowly toward Kaneki Ken.

“I won’t die here.”

Kaneki Ken supported his body with lots of strength, but there was a bright sword light which greeted him without any hesitation.


blood sprayed, and a head with a shocked face flew up.

Kaneki Ken died, and there were a lot of tips from the reincarnation park.

[You killed the plot protagonist: Kaneki Ken (20% growth).]

[Kaneki Ken is the protagonist of the plot (1/3), gaining 10% of the world’s source, and now the total world’s source is 24.3%.]

[You get the treasure case (blue).]

[You have activated the achievement mission: astounding sky.]

[Achievement mission: astounding sky.] (10% completed)

Difficulty level: Lv.4—Lv.?

Mission Description: The protagonist of the plot? Become the soul under my sword, even if you are the son of the derivative world, the astounding sky will break all the fatalism.

Mission Information: Each time you kill a plot protagonist, you will get the corresponding number of mission completions. (According to the comprehensive information of the protagonist’s luck, strength, background, etc.)

Mission period: None.

Mission Reward: Calculated according to the final completion level (minimum reward blue quality equipment or items, highest reward ???).


After killing Kaneki Ken, Su Xiao discovered that Kaneki Ken was not the protagonist like Luffy’s ‘the son of the world,’ the reincarnation paradise had mentioned in the beginning.

To be exact, Kaneki Ken was only the nominal protagonist of the plot.

Kaneki Ken could not be killed before growing into a ghoul.

On the contrary, Kaneki Ken’s life became indifferent after he became a ghoul.

Kaneki Ken was also a poor person. He was a protagonist, but no one cares whether he was alive or not at the beginning of the plot. Looking at other types of protagonists like Naruto or Luffy. They were a real son of the derivative world.

There was only Su Xiao who stayed on the roof, dangerous contact.

Su Xiao looked at Kaneki Ken’s body. There was no hatred between the two, but they only became enemies. The protagonist of the world was not an important target. But in Kaneki Ken’s emotional situation, if he does not kill him, he will get endless troubles.

Su Xiao did kill Nishiki, and he still had to stay in the ghoul world for a while. Su Xiao will not give Kaneki Ken any opportunity to grow and get his revenge on him. That was the most folly choice.

It was necessary to remove the roots, if it is not too risky, Touka wouldn’t have escaped.

When Su Xiao was preparing to leave the rooftop, the hint from the reincarnation paradise appeared again.

[It has been detected that Kaneki Ken has died and the power of destiny has been redistributed.]

[The power of destiny has been assigned, the current plot protagonist, Touka(1/2), Rize(1/2).]

This time was a group announcement, and other contractors also received it.

The cold fish and other people who have retreated had changed their faces, but they quickly recovered.

In the reincarnation paradise, it was not uncommon for the protagonist to die. The protagonists had stronger luck, the higher the death rate of the protagonists because the treasure chests they drop will be higher than their own strength by a level, or even two to three levels.


In a dark house, crying and pacifying echoes, a naked man with a black mask, was squatting on a female high school student on the sofa, surrounded by several bodies, looking like a female high school student’s family.

The masked male body suddenly stopped.

“Kaneki Ken died? Hey, I targeted him for a pretty long time, I just want to kill him after he grows bigger. Who is it, who is it!”

The masked male hysterical roared, his cold eyes seemed to want to kill.

The masked man suddenly looked at the female high school student with dark eyes under him, her family was killed, her body and mind were insulted which made the female high school student $ on the verge of despair.

After discovering that the female high school student had become desperate, the man with the mask was stroking the slender neck of the female high school student by his withered hands.


The contractor was so unscrupulous in the derivative world.


On the rooftop of the Aogiri tree’s strong point in the 11th district, Su Xiao frowned after receiving a reminder. Sure enough, Kaneki Ken was not the protagonist in the true meaning. After he dies, someone immediately replaced his position.

“The first team has been cleaned up and has killed ghouls from the designated area.”

“The second team cleaned up…”

There were reports came from the earphone, and the words on the public channel authority only represented the situation, which was the end of the fight, and their own victory.

“We won.”

The tone of Marude Itsuki was gentle, Su Xiao heard the excitement he was suppression.

In the confrontation with the ghouls, the proportion of CCG winning was not large. After all, compared with ghouls, human body quality was much worse.

After Marude Itsuki announced the victory, Su Xiao received the prompt about completing the task.

[Faction mission: cover the battle. (completed).]

Difficulty level: Lv.4.

Mission Description: Assisting the ‘special countermeasures team’ against the Aogiri trees and ensuring their victory.

Mission Information: The CCG camp mission will not be calculated in mission clearance evaluation.

Mission period: Until the end of the operation in 11thdistrict.

Mission reward: 10,000 camp contribution points.

Failure penalty: none.


Yes/No Completion of the mission, after the completion of the mission you will receive 10,000 camp contribution points.

Su Xiao chose to complete it, and his CCG contribution points became: [superior investigator, contribution point 17723/10000, promote to the next rank: Yes/No.]

He, of course, chose to get the promotion, he wanted to exchange the bottle of blue-quality medicine, and it needed him to be a special Investigator.

According to past experience, he will soon be able to get promoted to a special investigator, but Su Xiao discovered one thing.

Although he promoted quickly, he has no real power inside the CCG.

This was also normal. The time he joined CCG was too short. The rapid promotion was due to the influence of the reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao didn’t care whether he has any real power. He just wanted to go back to the temporary branch of the 24thdistrict to redeem the bottle of blue-quality

[human genetic enhancement fluid]


After his strength increase by 2 points and vitality increase by 4 points, Su Xiao’s combat power will be improved, if he fought the manager again after that, it wouldn’t have the same ending.