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S.C.S Chapter 129: Change Destination

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After hearing Kuma’s words, Ian was a little puzzled and asked, “Do you have information about this operation?”

“Yes, I do, but now, I will not hide my true identity from you. I am a cadre of the Revolutionary Army!” Kuma murmured: “I’m just using Shichibukai’s identity to lurk in the World Government. This time, the Marines have not received any specific information about the organizer of this operation. However, the Revolutionary Army’s intelligence source is somewhat different from the Marines, so there is some information.”

“Who is this organizer?” Ian looked around and asked in a low voice.

“It may be the Yonko, Kaido!” Kuma said: “The sailing route of these ships is true, the information of Devil Fruit is also true, and yes, the two Devil Fruits, which are suspected to be Zoan fruits, have not appeared on The Devil Fruit Encyclopedia. So it is suspected that they may be from the Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit!”

When Ian heard this, he immediately remembered the Beasts Pirates, so if the two Devil Fruits are really Zoan fruits, especially beasts, then the organizer may really be the Yonko Kaido.

Because Punk Hazard had just exploded accident (Four years prior to the current storyline, Caesar activated the poison gas bomb because Vegapunk fired him from the team) at this time, Caesar and Doflamingo had not teamed up to make SAD (SAD is a particularly unique substance, and it is one of the few things needed to create SMILEs, artificial Zoan Devil Fruits), and producing artificial Devil Fruit. Kaido wanted to form his “Army of beasts”, so he could only find a way to collect Zoan’s Devil Fruit of various lines. If one of them was a Mythical- beast Type, then they are worthy of Kaido’s attention.

Ian actually guessed who the person behind all of this would be. He thought more about Doflamingo and Crocodile. After all, his codename was “Mr. Justice”, which reminded him of the naming system of Baroque Works, but he didn’t doubt this guess, which was completely wrong!

“Do you mean that when the time comes to rob the tribute gold and the fruits, it is possible that the Yonko Kaido will appear?” Ian asked.

If that was the case, then the result would be terrible. Once such a powerful character appears, that doesn’t need too much thought to guess the result. Everyone would give up early.

However, Kuma shook his head and said: “It’s impossible for Kaido to appear there. Because that will directly lead to the war between Kaido and the World Government, but what may happen is some cadres under him will appear. Then no matter whether the operation will succeed or not, all the participants may not have a good ending.”

Ian understood Kuma’s meaning. Now the Marines and the world government may not have any news for the time being, but they will always think that Kaido’s scope of activities has always been in the New World. It is rare that one of his cadres will appear in the first half of the Grand Line. If the Marines were decisive enough, they might take this opportunity to take down one of Kaido’s cadres.

And if the Marines didn’t want to provoke the madman, Kaido, they may choose to secretly transfer him the tribute gold and the Devil Fruits. At that time, when Kaido’s men don’t find a thing, they may release their wrath at all the participating.

The men under Kaido were madmen and lunatics. When Ian remembered the look of Jack the Drought, he imagined what will happen.

“So, I have to give up?” Ian sighed.

Kuma asked him puzzledly, “Why would you want to be involved in this?”

Ian told Kuma his plan.

In fact, when he heard from Kuma that one of these Devil Fruits might be a Mythical Zoan Type, Ian wanted it even more.

Kuina has always been haunted by the fact that her strength will never surpass the boys, while the Zoan fruits are precisely the type that can enhance human “strength” and “Physical fitness”. In addition, if it was a Mythical type, the effect of this increase would be even more powerful.

So when Ian wanted to find a Devil Fruit for Kuina, he thought that Zoan might be suitable for her. Maybe a Mythical Zoan Type would even better than Logia.

“Is that so, Mr. Koshiro’s daughter…” Kuma pondered for a while and said: “Actually if you really want that devil fruit, there is something else you can do…”

Ian hesitated and asked, “What else can I do?”

“According to my estimation, the Marines will protect the tribute gold no matter what!” Kuma said, “It is impossible for them to let the pirates steal their tribute gold, no matter what happens, whether they suppress them forcefully or avoid them. For so many years, that gold has never been lost. This is a problem related to the World Government and the Celestial Dragons. Once there is a precedent, then there will be many people who want to rob this gold in the future.”

Ian listened and nodded, what Kuma has said was very reasonable.

“So, in the end, the two Devil Fruits will definitely arrive with the gold to Marijoa?” Ian asked aloud.

“That’s right!” Kuma nodded and said in a low voice, “So there’s actually a chance, as long as you can sneak into Marijoa!”

Ian was surprised and said, “Sneak into Marijoa!? Isn’t that too risky!?”

“Don’t think as if Marijoa is that great!” Kuma shook his head and said: “Fisher Tiger, known as the Adventurer, had once climbed the Red Line with his bare hands and went to Marijoa by himself 11 years ago, and committed a taboo there by attacking the holy land to free the slaves from the World Nobles. After that incident, the Celestial Dragons have been vigilant for a while, but things have passed, and after so many years, their guards’ Strength should be slackened. In normal times, there should be no stranger in Marjorie, everyone could be identified from afar, but now, it’s the time of the Levely (World Council)…”

“Yeah!” Ian suddenly said: “The World’s leaders, who are coming from all over the world to join the meeting, will definitely bring guards, staff, and family members. It would be really difficult to identify every one of them.”

Speaking of this, Ian suddenly asked Kuma with some doubts: “Uncle Kuma, you have a lot of information about the current situation of the World. Could it be that the Revolutionary Army also wants to take advantage of this opportunity to do something?”

Kuma stared at him and said, “These are secrets of the Revolutionary Army. I can’t tell you anything unless you join the Revolutionary Army.”

Ian thought for a moment and said, “Actually, there is nothing wrong with joining the Revolutionary Army…”

Ian was considering this idea. In fact, he had a vague premonition before, and felt that he should end his career as a Pirate Hinter.

Moving forward, that’s the New World, where the Four Emperors are stationed, pirate hunters there are basically looking for their death, because every Yonko is a pirate! With this identity in hand, he is basically a humanoid self-deprecating taunt machine.

The Marines’ strength there was much weaker, they would become unable to provide effective assistance to Ian, and making money from bounties would no longer be feasible.

Ian had thought about staying in Sabaody Archipelago for a while, getting more money, and spending it to improve his strength. However, the successive events made Ian realize that his plan won’t make him keep up with the rapid changes.

Going out to Marjorie and stealing the Devil Fruits, Ian didn’t even think about doing such a thing. He thought that he was just unlucky because of Kaido’s men and the commitment of the marines for the gold. So if he relies on himself to search for one in this World, when would he get Devil Fruit, or how long would it take? That’s the first problem. And if he had to wait for someone to auction a Devil Fruit, let’s not say that he can’t get it. If he had such a channel to make everything easy for him, the problem was how much money he had to prepare to get it.

So this might be the best chance Ian would have to get a Devil Fruit.

But how could he get the Devil Fruit? There is no way that either Kaido or Celestial Dragon would give it to him with their hands. If he wants to get it, he could only rely on himself to seize it.

This time uncle Kuma has provided him with a feasible plan. So Ian had to try it.

It’s just that he will always be exposed regardless of his success or failure. At that time, the identity of a pirate hunter can’t protect him, and he will become wanted by the Marines.

He shouldn’t hold back anymore, it’s time for a change. Anyway, from the beginning of his journey, Ian didn’t plan to work as a Pirate Hunter until he died. It’s time to pass over. After all, the pirate hunters work alone, which is a little weak.

Now, there were only three major forces in this World: the Marines, the Pirates, and the Revolutionary Army. If he’s really going to sneak into Marjorie to steal the Devil Fruit, then he should eliminate the option of joining the Marines. The two options left were: One was to rush to the New World and join the side of a Yonko. At that time, the Marines will never dare to touch him. The other was the Revolutionary Army. After years of low-key development, the Revolutionary Army’s forces have expanded a lot, and it is estimated that they will soon be able to compete with the Marines.

At present, uncle Kuma, a Cadre of the Revolutionary Army, was there beside him. So when he said that, Ian agreed to it.

Previously, he was just an independent man from modern society. With his limited view of the World, he gradually realized the rule of the World Government and Celestial Dragons. Should he just stay obediently and follow the other people?

“Huh?” As soon as Kuma listened to his words, he turned his head slightly, looked at him, and said, “Are you serious?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded and said: “By the way, what are the conditions for joining the Revolutionary Army? Like censorship and other things!?”

“Of course, there will be!” Kuma’s voice was still as low as ever, saying: “But I can be your introducer, and save you these troubles!”

Ian laughed and said, “Uncle Kuma, are you so sure of me??”

Kuma shook his head and said, “That’s not the case, because no matter who is your introducer, you can only become a peripheral partner.”

“Huh!” Ian didn’t know what to say.

“I’ll contact the partners of the Revolutionary Army and give them a message about you!” Kuma said: “At the last Levely, the king of Ilusia Kingdom proposed to pay attention to the threat of Dragon, the leader of the revolutionary army. But at that conference, not many paid attention to him. But now it became different. With the continuous development of the activities of the Revolutionary Army, our influence is getting bigger and bigger. The topic of this World Council is about how to take measures against the revolutionary army.”

“It turned out to be like this!” Ian nodded and said: “So this time, the Revolutionary Army plans to take advantage of this chaos and enter the World Council?”

“Yes, indeed!” Kuma said: “Those criminals, who are going to steal the tribute gold, will attract the Marines’ attention, which is a good opportunity. If you want to sneak into Marijoa, then in two days, there will be a ship of the revolutionary army going to EniesLobby, you must rush there to join this ship, then the ship will go from EniesLobby, through the Tarai Current, to the Impel Down, and then to Marineford and finally to Marijoa!”

“Isn’t this dangerous?” Ian asked in confusion: “Isn’t the Tarai Current controlled by the World Government?”

“Don’t worry!” Kuma propped up, stood up from the ground, and whispered, “Because that ship is indeed a ship of a participating country. When you get on the ship, you have to pretend to be a guard.”

As he spoke, Kuma took out a small Den Den Mushi (Another one XD) and handed it to Ian, saying, “When the time comes, and you reached your destination, someone will contact you at this Den Den Mushi!”