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S.C.S Chapter 130: Into the convoy!

When Kuma finished talking, and he was about to leave, but Ian heard a loud noise coming from his arms and body.

“Uncle Kuma, are you okay?” Ian asked in confusion.

“My internal parts have been damaged and need to be repaired!” Kuma replied, “If you can hurt me, then you could protect yourself.”

Ian nodded with a smile, he understood Kuma’s meaning. That was probably why Kuma suggested that he should sneak into the Holy Land, Marjorie. With the cover of the Revolutionary Army, as long as he did not encounter an Admiral, he wouldn’t face a big problem in his new operation.

When Kuma left, Ian turned around and looked at the pile of debris behind him. He estimated that Hawking and the rest of his family would be fine. At most, they were just fainted and got slightly hurt. So after looking around for a while, he got up and left directly.

The purpose of not waiting for them to wake up was to protect them. Let them think that he was defeated in the battle with Kuma and then leave without saying goodbye. In this way, nothing will affect them.

Ian went next to the Mangrove No.13 and said goodbye to Rayleigh and Shakky.

In fact, both Rayleigh and Shakky were living in seclusion, so Ian didn’t tell them about his plans, so they don’t worry about him, he just said that he might leave the Sabaody Archipelago soon.

Both of them took a deep look at him. They didn’t ask him anything, they just told him to come and see them when he got a chance.

After passing some time with them, Ian went to the shipping area (The Mangrove from 50 to 59) of Sabaody Archipelago, the gathering place for shipyards and coating craftsmen. There, Ian found a merchant ship going to an island near the Judicial Island, and got in it as a traveler.

Enies Lobby was also known as the Judicial Island. In fact, there was a Sea Train Route passing thought that island. As long as Ian could reach a nearby sea area and find the rail of the Sea Train, he could know the direction of the Judicial Island.

When Ian got on the merchant ship, Kuma also returned to the Marine Headquarters.

Garp and Sengoku were so surprised when Kuma came back with some injures, so they quickly asked him about what happened to him.

“I was damaged by the pirate hunter, Ian!” Kuma left while saying this sentence: “But he also got seriously injured and escaped!”

This time, Garp and Sengoku were a bit confused, they originally thought that Ian has some kind of relationship with Kuma, if so, why would he fight Ian? And what’s more, he came back wounded?

Kuma was unwilling to explain more and left to repair his body. He used such a fait accompli to clarify the relationship with Ian.

This can be regarded as a kind of protection for Ian.


Time passed quickly. Two days later, in the sunset, a figure was running on the sea outside the Enies Lobby.

This figure, of course, was Ian. It’s not that he has mastered the skill of running on water, he was just stepping on the train track submerged under the water at the moment, so he was able to walk on the seawater in this way.

Ian was in a hurry this time, mainly because of the merchant ship he took. The distance was getting far from Enies Lobby, and after a long time, Ian was only able to hear the whistling of sea train from afar. At that time, he jumped off the ship and swam to the location of the rails.

Rayleigh’s swimming and physical exercises played a massive role at this moment. After finding the track, Ian looked for the right direction and ran along the path.

Finally, Ian hurried to reach the shore of Enies Lobby at the appointed time.

He was tired and hungry, but he didn’t dare to loosen. After seeing the outline of the island, he continued to move forward, because Kuma gave him a small Den Den Mushi, and Ian didn’t know its specific receiving distance, so he could only get as close as possible.

It was gradually getting dark, and Ian could only open the En field and sense the rails under his feet to run faster without looking down. At this time, the small Den Den Mushi hid in his hat suddenly rang.

Ian stopped, holding the small Den Den Mushi in one hand, and picked up the microphone with the other hand.

“Partner, are you here?” The Den Den Mushi asked in a deliberately lowered voice.

“Yes!” This was the first time Ian has communicated with someone from the Revolutionary Army, so he carefully lowered his voice and replied: “I am now on the rails of the sea train, about ten kilometers from Enies Lobby.”

“Our ship has reached the outside of Enies Lobby!” The voice at the other end said: “It will stay overnight here. Because of the marine frigate, you have to wait until late at night to board the ship. Then we will hang a lamp on the side of the ship as a sign!”

“Understood!” Ian replied.

There wasn’t any nonsense over these calls. After Ian’s reply, the call has ended.

Ian continued to run forward, until he came to the place where the fleet outside the island could be seen faintly. Then he stopped and waited quietly.

The sea at night was very quiet and romantic. The track of the train had a device that makes an underwater dissonance that drives away Sea Kings. So Ian stayed on the track, doing nothing.

As the night fell, Ian was sitting alone in the dark, and suddenly a little faint light appeared on a ship.

This light was very dim. It is estimated that they did not want to attract the attention of the officers of the Marine frigate. Seeing the light, Ian quietly dived into the water and swam towards the ship.

The night was the best cover for him, and without disturbing anyone, Ian swam to that side of the ship.

This was a huge ship. According to Kuma, Ian knew that this was a royal ship of a certain country, so it should be so vast and luxurious.

A rope ladder had been dropped aside for a long time. After finding it, he climbed on the rope ladder to board the ship.

A man in a black cloak was waiting for him at the top. When he saw Ian coming up, he looked around. After confirming that no one had noticed him, he signed to Ian to follow him.

This man took him all the way into the cabin carefully. At this time, the cabin was quiet. Ian followed him all the way down, almost to the bottom of the ship. Then he took him into a room.

Closing the door, the man first gave a clean towel to Ian.

At this time, Ian’s whole body and clothes were all wet. After taking it, he took off his jacket and trousers and wiped himself up. The man in the black cloak handed him a set of clean clothes, and then took off his hood.

At that moment, Ian was so embarrassed because he had no idea that the man in the cape turned out to be a pretty girl.

She has long golden hair with two sideburns, and under her cloak, there was a silver armor, which made her look very heroic.

However, in the face of such a girl, Ian has already wiped off the seawater from his body. ‘What an awkward moment, why didn’t she tell me…….’

So, he quickly covered himself up, said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you are a girl…”

“It’s okay, it’s my fault I didn’t identify myself to you before…!” The girl smiled heartily, stretched out her hand with black gloves, and said to Ian: “I’m Nana, your connector!”

Ian reached out, shook her hand, and said with a smile, “Hello! I’m Ian!”

“First put on these clothes! That’s the new identity you’re going to play!” Nana replied: “This is the ship of the Rose country from the South Blue, and it is going to attend the World Government conference. We are going to mix with the guards on board.”

Ian, wearing his clothes, asked: “Won’t that arouse suspicion, when suddenly more people emerge on the ship?”

“It’s okay!” Nana replied: “In fact, there are so many people in this a large ship, you can find here the captain, sailors, guards, the butler of the Royal Family, servants, and so on. The staff here is very messy!”

“Oh, that’s good!” Ian was relieved when he heard this.

Nana waited for Ian to get dressed, and then stepped forward to arrange his clothes, then nodded and praised: “Very good, but your weapon is a little inconsistent, you have to change it!”

Ian looked at his clothes, and found that they were Western-style armor. Listening to Nana’s command, Ian replaced his sword with a two-sided Knight Sword. As for the Devil’s Blade Yamato, he quietly unequipped it, which made it disappear.

“There are also two other partners of the Revolutionary Army on the ship. I will introduce you to each other tomorrow!” Nana smiled. “In fact, I am very curious. We were given the orders to enter Marjorie and eavesdrop on the conference information, but suddenly we received another order saying that the mission has changed and asked us to assist you in getting into Marijoa.”

“Is it temporarily changed?” Ian’s heart moved, knowing that this might be Uncle Kuma’s latter, so Ian said: “Actually, I don’t know much either, I have just been recommended to join the Revolutionary Army.”

“Partners of the Revolutionary Army usually have a superficial identity!” Nana said, “We usually only take orders from the vertical leaders directly under the cadres, so we will not ask more about your tasks. We will just assist you.”

Ian felt very ashamed to hear this, because Nana thought he was on an official mission, but in fact, Ian knows that he was there just for a private matter.

So he said, “You don’t need to do anything, just give me some support when we get there.”

“Well, I understand!” Nana said: “Then I should let you take a rest.”

After that, she left the room, and then Ian stayed in the room alone and began to think.

With this occasion, he was more in love with the Revolutionary Army. Uncle Kuma must have used his identity as a cadre and arranged everything for him.

So, now he could only hope that the next operation of sneaking into Marjorie goes well…