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S.C.S Chapter 13: Leaving!

The Revolutionary Army’s ship was off shore and sailing on the vast sea.

Dragon stood at the bow of the boat and looked at the distance. At this moment, he had taken off his cloak, revealing his domineering long hair and a strange diamond pattern on his face.

Hearing footsteps coming from behind, Dragon did not turn around: “Kuma?…”

“…” Kuma stood behind him and did not speak.

Dragon turned around and saw Kuma put on a new bear ear cap. He grinned and said: “There are still spares… Rarely do you give your beloved hat to a teenager you don’t know.”

“… The revolutionary army needs more companions!” Kuma opened his mouth and said in a low voice, “That was a very promising teenager. Maybe there will be another day to meet…”

“You’re right!” Dragon looked up at the night sky full of stars: “Keep accumulating strength, when the revolutionary army can be as many as the stars in the sky, we can set off a prairie fire! This process is very long. It will take more than ten years or even decades. By that time, maybe we would have died of old age, and the rest will be passed to the younger generation.”

“Kuma! I’m going to let you do something!” When Dragon sighed, he suddenly said to Kuma, “This may be difficult, but someone has to do it.”

“…” Kuma did not speak, he just kept looking at Dragon.

“Eleven years ago, Gol.D.Roger, the pirate king, was executed in Loguetown in the East Blue!” Dragon said: “The world government was meant to deter the increasingly rampant pirates, but what Roger left behind before he died turned them upside down. Over the years, more and more pirates have appeared on the Grand Line. With the strength of the Marines alone, they’re losing their minds. I’ve got information said that they’re now discussing the Seven Warlords of the Sea (Shichibukai) and intend to use some great pirates to balance the pirate’s world, this is a good opportunity, I want you to become a member of the Shichibukai!”

“Is it intended to use Shichibukai’s identity to seek information from the world government?” Asked Kuma.

“Yes, and if possible, you have to find a way to get in touch with someone!” Dragon said solemnly, “Dr.Vegapunk! The world government’s genius scientist… I care about him!”

Having said that, Dragon turned around, looked at the sea, and said, “At that time, you and the Revolutionary Army should have as little contact as possible. You should decide everything by yourself!”

“… When will I leave?” Kuma asked after a moment of silence.

“Soon, you will disembark in the middle of the journey. The revolutionary army can’t help you. You can only rely on your own strength to take the position of Shichibukai alone…” Dragon said, “Do you need to say goodbye to Eva?”

“No need…” Kuma finished, holding his book, turned back to the cabin, leaving Dragon alone, who continued to look at the sea in front of him…

After sending away Ivankov and Kuma, Ian returned to the dojo in the moonlight.

Zoro was also in the dojo at this time, He was holding a big stone while squatting and counting, “580, 581, 582…”

Not far from him was Kuina, who was holding a bamboo sword and constantly attacking the erected target. It was obvious that they had practiced for a long time and were covered in sweat.

When Ian came back, Kuina greeted him from a distance and said, “Brother Ian, where have you been today? Why haven’t I seen you all the time?”

Zoro also put down the stone at this time, came over and stood with Kuina, saying: “Aniki, your dinner was eaten by me…”

Before the words were finished, Ian came to them, so both of them saw the bear’s ear cap on Ian’s head.

“Puff… Puff Puff!!!” Zoro couldn’t help pointing to Ian’s head and laughing loudly: “Haha Haha! What a funny hat!”

Not only him but even Kuina, with an odd expression, who was supposed to laugh but not out loud, so she was strangled!

Ian felt so embarrassed and hot, Kuina was forgiven, but that green algae stupid dared to laugh so loud.

“What the Hell are you laughing at?” Without thinking about it, Ian raised his hand and hammered his head.

“Ouch!” Zoro’s laughter immediately turned into a scream, and his head was swollen.

“Why did you hit me!?” Zoro said fiercely to Ian. He pointed to Kuina and said to Ian, “Didn’t she laugh too?”

Ian stared at him. “You were laughing aloud, so I hit you!”

Kuina couldn’t help it anymore. She turned his face to cover her mouth and giggled.

“Damn!” Zoro knows that this fairness is beyond his grasp.

After laughing enough, Ian asked, “Where’s our Sensei?”

Kuina wiped her tears and said, “I don’t know. I haven’t been in the dojo.”

Ian entered the dojo and turned around looking for Koshiro. He sent off the revolutionary army, and he had to tell him. He turned around all the dojo and didn’t see him.

Ian didn’t know where to find him, but he eventually turned to the woods behind the dojo. Only then did Ian finally find Koshiro.

However, at first sight of Master Koshiro, Ian knew that he shouldn’t disturb him.

Because Koshiro was sitting on his knees in front of a tombstone, motionless.

Ian knows that this tombstone is the grave of Kuina’s mother!

Kuina’s mother died shortly after she gave birth to her daughter. She did not remember what she looked like, let alone Kuina, in her usual conversation, Master Koshiro rarely mentioned her mother, but occasionally lamented that Kuina looked like her…

Ian wondered why Master Koshiro would come to her grave at night to worship her. This was a very unusual act.

Just thinking about it, Ian suddenly thought of Ivankov who had just left the island today. His heart suddenly moved. Was the abnormal behavior of Master Koshiro related to Ivankov’s appearance?

Why after did they show up, Master Koshiro come to her tomb in the middle of the night? Could it be said that Kuina’s mother was actually related to the Revolutionary Army!?

Ian was shocked by the idea that came to his mind, but then when he contacted Master Koshiro’s performance in the daytime today, he found that this conjecture was not impossible.

Master Koshiro is very mysterious. No one knows his origin or his strength, but Ian knows his character very well and feels that he does not have the rebellious spirit of the revolutionary army. His character is incompatible with the revolutionary army.

On the contrary, Ivankov knew Koshiro, and Koshiro greeted them with a smile, but they were so polite in their conversation.

So the only relation Ian could think of between them was Kuina’s mother.

Perhaps Kuina’s mother was a revolutionary soldier, or even a cadre, and should be the earliest members of the revolutionary army. Ivankov actually knew Kuina’s mother, along with Master Koshiro.

This can explain the attitude between them.

Ian thought about it and felt it might be true, so he left quietly.

If Master Koshiro did not say anything, he would not ask. Maybe there was something hidden in this matter. Moreover, it was not a good past. Ian would not like to uncover Master Koshiro’s scars, just like if he did not see them.

After returning to the dojo, Ian went to his room and looked at the little pink Den Den Mushi that Kuma gave him on the table. At this time, the little fellow had fallen asleep with his eyes closed. Ian wanted to tease him, but he couldn’t do both, so he washed himself asleep. Ian tried to tease him, but he couldn’t do it, So he washed himself and went to sleep.

Late at night, the tranquil Frost Moon Village looks peaceful under the moonlight. What happened in the daytime today is just a small interlude for this village. When the sun rises the next day and a new day comes, it will return to the track of the past.