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S.C.S Chapter 14: The Vision of the World

The next day, Ian got up early and left some leaves and weeds for the little Den Den Mushi to eat. After that, Ian put on the bear’s ear cap, called Zoro to start another day of exercise.

Running around the village, he constantly corrected the direction of Zoro, the Directional idiot, and then they finished running. They went to the forest on the mountain and began swinging their swords and doing strength exercises.

After these exercises were completed, Ian found a rope, tied it to a stone, and hung it on a branch.

He held the bamboo sword in his right hand and pushed the hanging stone forward with his left hand.

Because of the pendulum principle, the stone swings back in the direction of Ian. He waited without a move, and when he saw that the stone was about to hit him, he tried to launch the flash skill.

Then… “Puff,” Ian’s face was hit straight by the stone.

‘Sh*t! It hurts a lot!’

Ian covered his face and felt as if his nose had been bleeding. It felt sour and numb.

Unexpectedly, it was difficult to launch, and the timing of this flash was really a problem.

That’s right, this is what Ian thought of. It’s a great way to practice the flash skill. This skill is really powerful, but it has one drawback. It can only be used at the moment of an attack, but it can’t be used on its own initiative.

Ian now lacks an opponent, so he came up with this way to let the hanging stones hit him and simulate an enemy’s attack.

People will react subconsciously. When facing an attack, the first reaction would actually be to avoid it. If Ian wants to overcome the subconscious reaction brought by this fear, he must constantly train himself.

When Ian got up, he wiped his nosebleed.

Since the beginning, Zoro has been staring at Ian’s movements. He didn’t know what strange things was he doing. When he saw Ian bleeding from his nose when the stone hit him, he could not help but say, “Brother Ian, why didn’t you avoid it? Did you become an idiot after you put on this hat?”

At this time, Ian was raising his head to stop his bleeding. He said madly: “You little fart, I’m learning a sword skill.”

“Huh!” Zoro’s eyes lit up: “A sword skill!”

“Yes!” Ian said: “A very powerful sword trick!”

Master Koshiro has never taught them any sword skills, whether it is Kuina or Ian, or Zoro and even the other young disciples in the Dojo. Every day they practiced basic swordsmanship. Master Koshiro said that the sword skills are derived from the foundation, which is reasonable, but it is undeniable that such basic exercises will be monotonous for a long time.

That’s why Zoro’s eyes were shining. He thought that if he could learn such trick himself, he might win against Kuina.

“Brother Ian, teach me!” Zoro rushed forward and looked at Ian with a look of admiration: “I want to learn this swordsmanship too!”

“No!” Ian shook his head and said, “You ate all my dinner yesterday!”

“Then I’ll leave you my meal for today, and you’ll teach me!” Zoro shouted.

Ian himself has not mastered the flash skill yet, how could he teach others, but then he turned his eyes and asked: “Do you really want to learn?”

“Yeah!” Zoro nodded busily.

“Actually, this skill recruits this thing…” Ian said solemnly, “Everyone learns different sword skills, so I can’t teach you, but…”

“But what?” Zoro asked, tilting his head.

“But there’s no way out!” Ian pointed to Kuma’s ear cap on his head and said, “The way is to wear this hat! You see, it was only after I put on this hat that I began understanding this swordsmanship.”

When Zoro heard this, he immediately became dumbfounded.

Ian felt a little smug. Zoro, the Green algae stupid, laughed so loudly at his hat every time. ‘How can I be his Big brother? Now, let’s see who will laugh.’

Making a big reason for your behavior is the only way to fool a child.

However, without waiting for Ian to finish, Zoro suddenly popped out a sentence: “I don’t want, this hat looks so stupid!”

Huh! Ian’s nosebleed spurted out, and he was actually squandered by Zoro!?

Without even thinking about it, Ian hammered him again…

He found it a habit to beat Zoro now…

Ignoring the screaming of the green algae stupid, Ian stood up and continued his practice.

During the whole morning, Ian was hit by the stone, and he even didn’t know how many times it stroke him. His whole face has been tragic. During this period, the number of time that he successfully used the True Flash was tiny.

However, it wasn’t without gain.

Practicing the True Flash, in fact, is exercising the basic concept of practice skills, because for starting the flash skill, it needs to consume the Nen, in this process, the proficiency of the Nen skills practice increased a little, not to mention, Ian also gradually felt the power of “Nen”.

After a night’s rest, his Nen value has recovered to full, 15 points. If he does not control it, he may use all his Nen at once.

So he tried to control the output of his Nen, but he didn’t expect it to be possible. It was entirely determined by his will, but it was easier to control.

Through experiments, he found that the minimum energy value needed to launch the flash skill is actually 2 points. One was used to wrap around the sword, while the other was attached to his body. The instantaneous movement requires a strong explosive force of his muscles, and the Nen plays a role in this.

When a flash is launched successfully, Ian can achieve a higher swing speed than the usual due to the support of the Nen, thus achieving an instantaneous counter-attack. If at this time, he wasn’t holding a bamboo sword, but a real sword, then the high-speed swing of the sword will form a blade light, which is the origin of the flash name…

Although he could control the output of the Nen, it wasn’t easy to perceive the timing of the shot. The stone is a stone after all. If it changes to be a real enemy, the opponent’s attack may be quick or slow. It will be more difficult to control the timing of the shot, so Ian must continue exercising.

Several times the flash skill was launched, and it quickly consumed all Ian’s energy. He had to stop and sigh with regret. Now, one of the restrictions on his practice is the Mind Energy, and the other is the recovery speed of the Nen, if he could have more Nen value and recovery speed of Mind Energy, he could practice more on a short period.

Although Zoro was also exercising himself, he has been watching Ian’s movements since the beginning. When he saw Ian successfully launch the flash skill for the first time, the rope in his mouth unleashed, and the big stone fell off and almost hit his foot again.

He opened his mouth wide in surprise, and did not expect that Ian really did the swordsmanship!

Is wearing that silly hat really so powerful? Zoro thought about it.

But the hat is really stupid! Zoro was so entangled.

After seeing Ian stop, Zoro asked: “Brother Ian, do you want to cut that stone? It seems impossible!”

At this time, Ian was very tired, and his brain was aching. He knew that this was the aftereffect of exhaustion and of using all his Nen, but it was much better than yesterday. When he heard the question of Zoro, Ian shook his head and said, “What? Is it impossible to cut a stone? There are people in the world who can cut the steel!”

“Ah!? Is there such a powerful person?” Zoro was astonished.

“The world is vast. There is such kind of people!” Ian answered him with a smile, then got up and said, “Let’s go back to eat dinner!”

On their way back, Ian found himself soft and powerless, so he rode directly around Zoro’s neck, let Zoro take him back to the dojo, and he named it: Reinforcement training!

Zoro, this idiot, actually believed it! With Ian on his shoulder, he ran back to the dojo.

Even Kuina was shocked by the wound on Ian’s face. She rushed to find some medicine to treat Ian. After she was done, Ian couldn’t hold on anymore, so he laid on his back in the dojo and fell asleep.

What he didn’t know was that, just for what he said to Zoro, someone could cut the steel off. After dinner, Zoro went to find Master Koshiro and ask him.

“Sensei! Sensei! I heard that there are people in the world who can cut off the steel. Is this true?”

“Um, Well! It’s true!” Master Koshiro nodded.

Standing up, Master Koshiro took out a piece of paper and said, “Look at this paper carefully…”

Then he threw the paper into the air and took advantage of the fact that the paper had not yet fallen, so he drew his sword and chopped it off.

Then… The paper is still intact…

“… Master, you haven’t cut it off at all!” Zoro was speechless.

“Listen Zoro, there are swordsmen who can cut everything in the world, and they can even cut the steel! Using just a swing of the sword!” Master Koshiro smiled and said, “The strongest sword is to protect what you want to protect and cut off the strongest things that you want to cut off! For me, a swordsman that can cut everything off is not a swordsman!”

“Do you understand?” Koshiro asked.

“…” Zoro looked at Koshiro foolishly. “Sensei, I want to be a swordsman who can cut everything off!”

There was a pea-sized sweat bead on Koshiro’s forehead: “Zoro, did you understand what I just said…”

Zoro certainly did not understand a word, but what Ian and Master Koshiro said made him have a vision of the outside world for the first time.

“One day, I will definitely be able to go out to see those powerful people, I will!”