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S.C.S Chapter 134: The world’s biggest scum

Seeing this scene, Ian’s eyes were ice-cold, but there was a raging fire in his chest. Rayleigh was completely right. Being auctioned in the human auction house was nothing compared to this. The real tragedy of slaves was their life after being auctioned.

And becoming a slave of the Celestial Dragons was even more horrific!

Although he was watching furiously, Ian did his best to keep calm at the moment. What he had to do wasn’t completed yet, and he couldn’t make a big mistake.

In the slave cell, it seemed that a new group of slaves had arrived, that’s why Ian was present at the perfect time of the branding. When the branding was finished, Ian saw one of the armored guards suddenly pull out a ringing baby Den Den Mushi, and then began to talk. After the call, they opened a cage, dragged one of the slaves, and took him away.

After the armored guards inside had been summoned to another place, Ian confirmed that no one was still there, and then he went in.

There were many people in this slave prison, and Ian counted about seventy or eighty people.

Due to the sound barrier, Ian appeared silently. In the beginning, the slaves in the cells didn’t see him. They were bowing their heads in despair and staring blankly at the ground. It wasn’t until he stood in front of one of the cells that the slaves saw him.

The person inside was a very tall man. At the moment he saw Ian appeared, he was confused and puzzled first, and then his eyes suddenly flash out when he saw what Ian was wearing!

He excitedly wanted to step forward, but could not walk over because his hands and feet were handcuffed to the wall, which caused his chains to shake.

Ian stood outside the cage, and the sound barrier was covering him, so no sound came out.

But in the end, his movements seem to have caught the attention of others, the slaves around raised their heads, wanted to see what’s going on, and at once they saw Ian, who was all in black!

Although he was all in black, his outfit was completely different from those so-called black-clothed employees, and they noticed that from the first glance.

This gave the slaves a sudden idea that they would never dare to think of, and they immediately got excited.

But they did not utter any shouts with a great tacit understanding, they just struggled to get up and walked to the side of the cage, looking at Ian quietly and with wistful eyes.

This kind of look made Ian very uncomfortable. He knew that these slaves had thought of him as a rescuer.

However, Ian wasn’t able to free them yet…

He stepped back a little, allowing his sound barrier to recede a little bit, then pointed to the cage where the slave had just been taken away by the armored guards, and then to the direction in which the armored guards were leaving, and then made a questioning gesture.

Even if he spoke, because of the sound barrier, these slaves won’t hear a thing, so he simply made some gestures, asking about what’s going to happen with that slave.

Fortunately, the tall man in the cage understood, and in a hoarse voice, murmured, “I just heard a little, and they seem to be taking that man to the Master!”

Sure enough! Ian guessed right!

So he put his index finger on his lips, made a shushing gesture, then lifted his hands a little and pressed down, signaled the slaves to stay calm, then ran out and chased the armored guards who had left.

The slaves in the cells did not make a sound, watched Ian leave, and waited until Ian’s figure was no longer visible before they sat quietly in their iron cages again, except that they were totally different from before, the expressions in their eyes now was completely different!

There were originally Surveillance Den Den Mushi in this prison, which were meant to keep the slaves from running away, but because Ian had solved the problem of the Surveillance Den Den Mushi by fainting everyone in the monitoring room, so even if Ian appeared in their screens, no one was watching.

He went out with his fastest speed, caught up with the guards who were dragging the slave, and kept following them from a distance.

The guards left the slave prison, dragged the slave, and headed all the way to the largest building. Ian knew that these guys were definitely taking the slave to the Celestial Dragons, so he planned to follow them and see what’s going to happen.

Along the way, Ian saw that they had brought the slave into a room. Ian looked at the door of the room and saw a sign with the words “Entertainment Room” written on it.

He couldn’t get in now, so he could only lie on the door and eavesdrop.

The sound barrier was designed to remove the sound in the range of Ian, but for the external sound, it could still be heard by him. This was what Ian asked Walnut for, so it should make it easy for him to act, that’s why he could hear the slaves before.

Crouching over the door, Ian heard a silly voice, saying: “My daddy, you asked me to come over, what did you want to show me?”

“Haha, my son!”Another voice laughed and said, “Didn’t you say last time that you wanted to see what would happen to a person who eats two Devil Fruits? This time, the two Devil Fruits that came from the Pear Blossom Kingdom as tribute have been brought to me from other compatriots in order to satisfy your curiosity!”

“My daddy, is that true? I didn’t expect you to remember this thing! You are really good to me!” The stupid voice was so touched.

“That’s what makes you favorite my son? It’s good for a child to have curiosity, and as a father, I should certainly try to solve your puzzles!” The other voice said, “Let’s use this pariah to do an experiment today and give you a first-hand look.”

The conversation between the two Celestial Dragons, filial piety and a son, but Ian shuddered for a while when he heard them. He finally knew what the term entertainment room meant…

“Go on son, go to the collection room and bring the two Devil Fruits!”

After hearing this sentence, Ian was relieved. He thought that the Devil Fruits were already in the room. He thought that he had to break-in.

A turnover, Ian jumped to the beam by the wall. As soon as he got up, he saw the door of the entertainment room getting opened. A Celestial Dragon wearing resin bubble over his head came out, and went outside.

What the F**K! Just by listening outside the door, Ian thought it would be a conversation between a Celestial Dragon child and his father. As a result, the so-called “child” came out, and when Ian saw him, he turned out to be a freaking man in his late twenties!

He has a dark green hair styled in an updo, wide face with a bulbous nose, and a stupid look. This man, who was in his twenties, was hopping happily.

Ian knows that the Celestial Dragons were pursuing the purity of bloodline. Most of them were probably intermarried by close relatives, so it’s not surprising that such an ugly face would emerge. Ian knew that this guy was going to the so-called collection room. Ian jumped down and quickly followed on.

Ian was not mistaken. The place where the Celestial Dragons’ treasures were was not in their residence, but in a basement outside.

The Celestial Dragon’s stupid son didn’t notice Ian behind him, so he went outside to the garden, pressed a button on a rockery, and then it moved open, revealing a downward passage.

Ian followed him closely and entered the passage before the rockery closed.

This basement was not too deep. However, when Ian came in, he was almost blinded by the light of all kinds of gold and jewelry.

In this collection room, there were countless treasures and gold, which were piled up in the whole hall in such a grand manner. It seems that the Celestial Dragons were too lazy to organize this place.

Ian looked at the golden light, and did not know whether the System would accept the recharge of these gold and jewelry. If it does, then he will take it all!

Just the sum of these treasures and gold, Ian estimated that they were worth at least tens of billions of Berries. This was just this family asset of the Celestial Dragons. It can be imagined how rich Celestial Dragons are.

Even if the System didn’t accept these treasures as a deposit, it won’t matter much (T/N: NO IT WILL), because Ian has seen the corner of the hall, countless piles of Berries banknotes. These banknotes were stacked up and occupied a large corner. It’s conservatively estimated that there were at least several billions of Berries!

The silly Celestial Dragon didn’t even look at these jewels at all, looked forwards and walked straight into the depths of the treasure room. He was tired of watching these things form a long time.

Ian didn’t rush to get the money, and followed him. However, as he gradually walked down, Ian saw a scene that made him furious.

The Celestial Dragons’ treasure room was not just for collecting their wealth, but also for other collections!

So what are these collections?

They were specimens!

Just like hunters, making animals’ heads into specimens and hanging them on the wall for display. In the collection room of these Celestial Dragons, he saw the same kind of specimens, but their specimens were from humans and many different races!

Along the way, Ian saw a lot of human specimens. These specimens were all naked and put into various poses. Some of them were very beautiful young women, and some were strong men. However, they were just like some lifeless mannequins…

In addition to human specimens, there were a few of other races, including the Longarms, the mermaids and the Minks. All specimens have been placed in various positions to highlight their differences.

There were some specimens as a whole, and others were cut for these exceptional parts! Those were all immersed in a glass jar full of liquid, all kinds of eyeballs, ears, and so on.

When Ian saw this scene, he was about to throw up!

He saw that the stupid Celestial Dragon finally walked to the front of two treasure chests, opened them, took out two Devil Fruits, and at that time, Ian couldn’t help it anymore. Now, The Devil’s Blade Yamato was in his right hand, pulled it out from its sheath, and walked step by step.

When Ian came to the back of the silly Celestial Dragon, the guy just turned around and was shocked to see Ian suddenly appearing in front of him, but this fool didn’t realize what had happened. He pulled out a gun and pointed at Ian, saying: “Hey, Slave! Who are you!? Who allowed you to come here? “

However, at the moment he was in the range of Ian’s sound barrier. So he didn’t hear anything. Ian only watched his mouth moving, but there wasn’t any sound coming out.

After talking for a while, the other party found that something was not right. He couldn’t even hear his own voice, so he finally panicked, raised his gun, and pulled the trigger.

The bullet fired from the muzzle of his gun was blocked by Ian’s erected sword, and was immediately cut in two halves and flew over.

With a quick pace, Ian approached him in a moment, inserted his Mighty Blade directly into his wide-open mouth, and then the blade pierced through the back of his head.

Watching this guy fall, Ian pulled out his sword from his skull and shook it away. The blood on his blade was immediately thrown to the ground.

“The world’s biggest scum! Huh, sure enough, this word describes all of you!”