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S.C.S Chapter 133: Branding

In fact, as long as people with sufficient dexterity can sneak into this kind of building secretly, but sometimes the details determine the success or failure, Ian was so glad to encounter Walnut with her silent fruit. Although he just stepped on a skull and broke it, but with the sound barrier, it strangely did not make any sound.

According to Walnut, the sound barrier only has a radius of 1 meter (3ft), which was her limit. Walnut has not acquired this fruit for long. But as long as the sound comes out of this range, it will not spread to the outside world.

The greatest advantage of this kind of ability was that as long as the Devil Fruit user doesn’t cancel it or die, this technique will always exist.

Therefore, Ian ran up in the garden with confidence, and rushed towards the building in front of him with extreme speed.

He didn’t know what exactly this building is. It doesn’t look like the place where a Celestial Dragon would live. But, Ian was not familiar with the Celestial Dragon’s manor, so he could only explore it slowly.

However, when Ian was about to reach the building, he suddenly stopped and immediately laid on the ground.

Because he saw that there seemed to be something dark, moving slowly in front.

Lying on the ground, Ian looked up and saw that it looked like a large Den Den Mushi, with a round shell on its back and two big erected eyes, looking left and right.

“Is this a Surveillance Den Den Mushi?” Ian thought in disbelief.

Although the security here seemed to be lax, there were still some necessary things. This walking Surveillance Den Den Mushi was a kind of monitoring method. It must be connected to a singular receiver (Proko), attached to a machine which produces video feeds to a set of monitors, and there must be employees of the Celestial Dragons watching all the time.

Ian kept lying on the ground, until the Surveillance Den Den Mushi went far away, then he stood up again and ran towards the building ahead.

This time, he didn’t dare to be too careless. He was afraid that there were be some fixed Surveillance Den Den Mushi in the building, so he turned over directly, jumped to the top of the building, and then found a ventilation duct on the roof and crawled in.

The ventilation pipes were naturally the safest path. Ian moved along the pipes slowly, and finally saw a ray of light in front. After crawling over, he encountered a downward ventilation hole, which can observe the inside of the building through the grid.

In Ian’s observation, it seemed to be an empty warehouse below, and no one was there, so he cautiously opened the grid, put his head out, and looked carefully.

He looked over every corner, but there was no Surveillance Den Den Mushi monitoring. Instead, in this warehouse, there were some huge cages everywhere. These cages were all covered with a whole iron plate on the top, so Ian wasn’t able to see what was in these cages from above. He thought, “Is this the place where the Celestial Dragons hold their slaves?”

After thinking about it, Ian rolled out a little more from the ventilation duct, holding on the pipe from the outside and shaking his body slightly to get his feet out, then jumped off and landed lightly on a large cage.

No sound came out, this sound insulation technique was really amazing.

Ian laid on top of the iron cage, leaned out, and looked into the cage below.

The result of this look scared Ian a lot, because there was a huge lion in the cage!

Then he went and looked at other cages. There were all kinds of animals, and all of them were very fierce. Besides the lion under Ian, there were tigers, crocodiles, big pythons, and other animals. It was strange that these ferocious beasts, at this time, were in a sluggish state, and they were just lying in their cages.

Ian understood that this place was probably where the Celestial Dragons were keeping their beasts.

The sound barrier could eliminate Ian’s voice, but it can’t take off his smell. These animals were the most sensitive to the smell. The lion in the iron cage under Ian seemed to smell his scent, and can’t help but growled feebly.

This roar was loud enough that the other wild animals around roared with the lion, but the overall sound was powerless.

When Ian heard these roars, he immediately panicked. His sound barrier was limited in scope, but the warehouse was so large that there must be a voice coming out.

So he knew that someone would come soon…

In the monitoring room of the manor, a group of people in black were drinking coffee there, but when they heard the roar of the wild animals, they became nervous.

“What’s going on? Haven’t all the animals in the cages been injected with sedatives?”

“I don’t know. Maybe the effect of sedatives has been weakened.”

“Hurry up, bring some people, and shut them up! If the Master hears this, it would be trouble!”

“Yes, hurry up, bring sedatives! If they make the Masters angry, we won’t live for another day!”

These people in black rushed out of the monitoring room, holding anesthesia guns, running towards the position of the animal cages.

When they rushed into the warehouse, they saw a group of beasts in a cage roaring at them.

“Shoot! Make them lose consciousness!” A man in black commanded.

These anesthesia guns didn’t make any noise when they were shot. A large number of injections hit the beasts, and soon they were all quiet. The people in black were relieved and left the warehouse one by one.

It wasn’t until they left that Ian jumped out of the ventilation duct again. When he knew something was going to happen soon, he jumped back into the vent above.

Looking at the beasts sleeping in the cage, Ian was relieved, but also very sad for these beasts. ‘They all lost their beastly posture!’

He slipped out of the warehouse quietly, and followed the tail of the people in black, because he intuitively knew that these people were heading back to the monitoring room, so he planned to deal with them, so as to facilitate the next actions.

Soon, Ian pursued the men in black and arrived at another building.

It can be seen that these guards were very relaxed. They only left a few people watching the surveillance screens, while the rest were playing cards and drinking coffee.

Ian crouched out of the window, looking at it all, and suddenly changed his mind.

He didn’t know how many guards were in the manor. If all the guards in the house were killed, maybe other guards would come, and that would be a big problem. Everything would be exposed.

It seemed for him that killing them won’t work at all. Although there were fewer people watching the monitoring screens, there were still others around. Who knows if it goes badly, and he would be seen by these people?

So Ian thought about it for a while, then he stepped forward, stood outside the door, held his breath, and then violently launched his Haoshoku Haki!

In fact, Ian has always felt that his own Awakening’s Haoshoku Haki was not related to his Nen abilities, because, in his own feelings, this Haoshoku Haki seemed to be more like a higher-level application of the Nen Ability.

When he thought about it, he described the Haoshoku Haki as if it may be a mix between: Ren and Hatsu!

The combination of these two fundamentals can also achieve the impact and stunning effects of the Haoshoku Haki! Ian’s Awakening was equal to experiencing the use of these two abilities in advance.

Ian has been exercising and strengthening since he awakened his Haki. Although he can’t use the Haoshoku Haki and target just one person, he has been able to control its power freely. With the sudden burst of his Haki, the shock waves immediately passed through the door and into the room. The black-clothed men in the room suddenly spat out white foams and fainted.

In this wave of Haoshoku Haki, Ian added all his Nen to it. The strength of this shock wave was not much different from the first time he used it in the auction house. These black-clothed guards will probably faint for a long time.

In fact, these so-called men in black were not very powerful. Their clothes were very similar to the uniforms of CP9, the Intelligence Department of the World Government, but they can’t even reach the level of the weakest member of CP9. They were following the Celestial Dragons, mainly obeying orders and serving the Celestial Dragons. What’s demanded from them was loyalty and obedience.

Ian pushed open the door and walked in. He reorganized these guards one by one and made it look like they were tired and slept. Then he dusted his hands and walked out.

Because it was instantaneous, it’s estimated that when these guards wake up, they will think that they were really so tired and slept during their job.

With this done, Ian was finally able to walk boldly through the manor.

He looked at all the monitoring screens, but he didn’t see any trace of a Celestial Dragon. It doesn’t make sense that the Celestial Dragons, as masters, would be monitored by their employees?

So Ian could only find them by himself. He also knows that the most luxurious building in the manor must be the residence of the Celestial Dragons. But according to Ian, what he was looking for was not the residence of the Celestial Dragons, but their treasures trove! Those two Devil Fruits will definitely be in there, but Ian doesn’t know whether the treasure trove is in their residence or somewhere else.

The first search must be in all other places, then if he didn’t find them, he goes to their residence.

Ian found his first target and ran on ahead. This time, he came to a bigger building.

However, when Ian just jumped up to the roof and was about to invade from the top as before, he suddenly heard a shrill scream from the inside.

Looking inside through a window, Ian found that this place was where the Celestial Dragons imprisoned the slaves. There were rows of small iron cages in it, all of them were skinny people. Their hands were tied to the wall, and their bodies were full of bloodstained.

In the middle of the room, there was a burning iron stove and a group of armored guards. At this time, they were taking out a red hot iron bare from the stove, arriving at a kneeling slave, and directly stamping his back!

At that time, the slaves who were branded with the iron mark would make a shrill scream, and when they could no longer hold out, then they passed out.

But the armored guards showed no mercy. They threw the fainted person into the iron cage and then brought another one.

Such a scene was just like hell on earth. Ian knows that this was the so-called “Hoof of the Flying Dragon” mark that The Celestial Dragons were branding for their slaves!