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S.C.S Chapter 132: The Nobles’ Garden

Marineford is a big city, and along the way, Ian saw that there were a variety of shops and restaurants in this town, and a large number of civilians were flooding it.

These people should all be the families of the Marines and officers of the Marine Headquarters. On their way, they saw many children practicing swordsmanship with bamboo swords in the terrain of Marineford. These children were the future of the Marines’ forces.

The road to Marijoa runs through the whole city of Marineford with a spacious avenue.

On this road, at present, only the troops from various countries who came to participate in the Council were walking. The world’s leaders and their royal families were all sitting in a broad carriage, pulled by two huge and vigorous horses. It seems that this is a unified transportation vehicle provided by the World Government. However, those accompanying, like Ian and Nana, could only walk.

However, Ian found a strange phenomenon. The civilian and marines families in Marineford did not get close to this road at all. Even if they saw the royal families of various countries, they just looked at them from afar, and without any warm welcome.

This made Ian wonder what would happen if the families of the officers and soldiers in Marine Headquarters provoked the Celestial Dragons?

According to his estimation, ‘it may not end well, right? In the eyes of the Celestial Dragons, the Marines were simply the same as thugs, but these thugs may have a higher status than slaves, but I’m afraid that’s the end of it.’

The residents of the city of Marineford may also know about this situation, so generally, they will not approach this avenue, because, on this road, Celestial Dragons often came down from Marijoa…

This road was very long because it was slanting to the top of the Red Line. Ian followed the team and walked for a long time before finally entering Marijoa.

As the core of the World Government and the residence of Celestial Dragons, Marijoa was a very magnificent city. The buildings there were very sparse, but none of them wasn’t beautiful and majestic. Because of its high altitude, it was surrounded by clouds and fog all year-round. Under the sun, it bloomed through the clouds, making it like a fairyland on earth.

In this city, there was a gigantic castle, the tallest and largest building there, where the World Government was located, and it was the most visible sign of the city. When the World Council is held, the leaders of all countries who come to the conference will gather there to discuss the recent events around the world and decide the future policy.

Of course, since the time for the meeting didn’t come yet, the leaders should stay in hotels and restaurants first.

After entering Marijoa, Ian and his team were led by government officials in black suits, sunglasses, and hats,

Marijoa was the city inhabited by Celestial Dragons, but that doesn’t mean that this city was full of them. In fact, there were some caravans that can come there to pass over, but only with the world government’s examination and approval, and from there, they can cross the Red Line and enter the New World.

But for these people, they have to be careful in this city. They have to bow and salute when seeing any noble.

Eventually, the King of the Rose Country and his entourage stayed at a wing in the top floor of a luxuriously decorated hotel, while Ian and other guards were arranged in a lower-level room.

Because the king of the Rose Country was tired from the journey, he had to rest. Ian and the guards, apart from their duties, had some time to move freely.

So these moments were the best time to inquire about the news. The four of them spread out to gather more information.

This hotel was enormous, and the guests were not only from the Rose Country, but also from several other countries. So Ian’s luck was not bad after all. When they had dinner in the evening, four people gathered up again, Nana brought back the exact news.

Perhaps, she took advantage of her natural beauty. This time, Nana was asked by a royal nobleman to come with him to a restaurant and found out about the tribute gold while chatting with him.

The tribute gold was secretly transferred. The Marines left an empty ship as a lure to attract those bounty hunters who wanted to rob this gold. It was said that the battle started last night. Akainu, the Red Dog, surrounded them by the four warships, and the marauders were successfully defeated. Also, the cadre of Kaido, indeed, showed up. In the end, after fighting with Akainu, he escaped the battle wounded.

Upon hearing this news, Ian was so grateful. If it wasn’t for Uncle Kuma, if he didn’t show up and stop him, Ian may not be able to survive that event alone with his current strength.

Since the news was heard from a nobleman, she didn’t know the specific situation of the battle at that time. Who was Kaido’s cadre? They didn’t know too much. After listening to Nana, Ian also found that after Akainu solved this problem, it seems that he’s coming back to Marijoa. It is estimated that he would stay in the Marine Headquarters, to guard against possible revenge of the Yonko Kaido.

And the ship with the tribute gold, which has been secretly transferred, is expected to arrive in tomorrow’s evening. At that time, the tribute gold will be sent to the treasury of Celestial Dragons. As for the two Devil Fruits, it is also said that they have been booked in advance by the Saint Donquixote Mjosgard.

Knowing this information, the next thing became easy to do. Ian has just to confirm the location of the Donquixote family.

When Ian went to inquire about this information himself, he learned something about the Celestial Dragons. In this city, every family seat of Celestial Dragon was a big manor. Because they call themselves the descendants of the Creators, they always worshipped the glory of their ancestors. Each family will set up statues for their ancestors. At the same time, they also used them to show the Orthodox of their own bloodline “the blood of this world’s creators”, the location of these statues, can be regarded as the residence of a family.

This was not a secret in Marijoa, and even the marine soldiers stationed there knew this.

Ian waited patiently until the next night. He didn’t know when the targeted ship will arrive at the port, but it was almost time.

In the room, Ian took off his flamboyant armor, put on light black clothes, took a black mask, and covered his face. After preparing everything, Ian was ready to go out.

Both Nana and Walnut were in Ian’s room. Nana then told him: “Although I don’t know what your mission is, I know it’s related to those two Devil Fruits. Very few people have sneaked into a Celestial Dragon’s home, so we don’t know the specific situation there, you can only rely on your own discretion! ”

Ian nodded and said, “I understand!”

“In fact, I don’t think it’s very difficult!” Walnut said. “The Celestial Dragons are so arrogant that they will never think of anyone coming up to their houses!”

“Anyway, be careful!” Nana replied.

After that, Walnut covered Ian with a sound barrier. Then he jumped on the windowsill, taking advantage of the dark night, Ian slipped down on the wall of the hotel.

Due to the sound barrier, when Ian landed, he didn’t even make a sound. He walked quietly to the corner of the building, avoiding the marine soldiers patrolling outside, leaving the hotel area, and entering the city of Marijoa.

Although the buildings in this city were relatively sparse, there were many tall trees between them. In the words of Ian’s world, it means that the urban greening work was well done, so Ian has a lot of cover in this city.

After Ian actually entered the city, it was much easier now.

Now the focus of the World Government and the Marines was on this World Council. There were more than 170 participating countries. Even if not every participating leader could come to the meeting, there were countless leaders gathered in Marijoa. The safety of these people was the top priority. Every hotel where the kings and leaders stayed was the focus of the protection of the Marines and intelligence agencies. As for the city, there were not so many marine soldiers.

Of course, the city’s daily security defenses were still there. Ian was so lucky to inquire the right direction, he couldn’t be too careless, and so he went to the northwest of Marijoa, where the so-called Saint Donquixote Mjosgard’s family was located.

Ian’s best attribute was his speed, and his current Physical Skill also helped making him even faster. The more Agility he has, the easier his stealth would be. So running in the city, Ian tried to stay as far as possible from the lit places, plus his black clothes, therefore no one was able to notice anything suspicious. What’s more, the securities in the city were very dreary.

This time Ian understood why Fisher Tiger, the adventurer of the sun Pirate Group, didn’t have much trouble in releasing many slaves from Marijoa.

Because of the strong admirals in the Marineford, and the fact that Marijoa was on the top of the Red Line, the Celestial Dragons thought that no one would dare to come here and threaten them. When they travel, they always have their own family trained bodyguards and armor guards behind them, so these arrogant guys don’t want to see too many marine soldiers around them.

This was a Holy Land, and if there were too many pariahs there, it wouldn’t be called a Holy Land!

These various reasons mixed together, result in an easy sneak all the way, even Ian himself can’t believe it!

So making such a fuss about this operation was totally worth it…

It wasn’t long before Ian finally arrived at his destination. It was a garden with a very wide area, but the outer part of the garden was surrounded by high iron fences. From a distance, he could see a huge manor house at the end of the garden.

This was the house of the Donquixote Family. There was a man in black guarding the front door, but Ian didn’t want to enter from the front. He carefully walked around the iron fence, came to the side of the manor, and then jumped over the iron fence.

However, as soon as he landed on the ground, Ian felt as if he had stepped on something. Then he squatted to take a closer look, but in the dim light, it turned out to be a human skull covered in blood.

And the skull that Ian just stepped on wasn’t the only thing there, Ian also found other body parts of the corpse and an iron shackle lying aside.

Ian felt chills in his heart, but he immediately knew what the situation was. The Celestial Dragons actually use the dead slaves as flower fertilizer to enrich their gardens!

Before, Ian thought that these gardens were quite lovely, but when he saw the human body, he was scared and felt the terror. The flowers in this garden bloomed so lushly. ‘HOW MANY SLAVES HAVE DISINTEGRATED HERE FOR THESE FLOWERS!?’