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S.C.S Chapter 135: Extracting Its Energy

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Putting the Yamato into its sheath, Ian took a long breath and tried to calm himself down.

What Ian saw and heard along the way made him impulsively attack this Celestial Dragon. After killing him, Ian suddenly realized that he was in a plight.

There were two concepts: beating a Celestial Dragon and killing a Celestial Dragon. Doing the first may have a room for indulgence, but the latter…

Fortunately, Ian’s identity hasn’t been revealed because he has been sneaking in secretly and covering his face, even the slaves have not seen his face.

As long as he gets out of there as soon as possible, he won’t necessarily be found.

Thinking of this, Ian stooped down and picked up two small boxes from the ground.

These two small boxes were ornately decorated. Naturally, they were filled with the two Devil Fruits that the Pear Blossom country has paid as tribute to the Celestial Dragons.

Devil Fruits were very precious in this world, but for the Celestial Dragons, they were just toys. Mjosgard’s Father brought these two Devil Fruits, and his purpose was to satisfy his silly son’s curiosity, he wanted to show him what happens when someone eats two Devil Fruits at the same time.

If Ian didn’t show up, the slave who was been taken to the entertainment room would probably die because he was going to be stuffed with two Devil Fruits.

Gently opening the boxes, Ian saw the two Devil Fruits inside.

The Devil Fruit in the first box was a pear-like fruit, but it was blue, and its surface also has the swirly pattern of the Devil Fruit. The second one was similar to a strawberry, but like a very large strawberry. This fruit had a golden color, and the swirly pattern on its surface was slightly strange. The pattern on its surface was a combination of three spirals!

So when Ian saw this strawberry-like Devil Fruit, he immediately estimated that it was the rare one!

In fact, the Devil Fruit can’t be judged by its appearance. The common feature of the Devil Fruits was that its appearance has swirly patterns. Each appearance of the fruit represents a corresponding ability. There can’t be two identical-looking Devil Fruits in the world at the same time, which was one of its characteristics: Uniqueness.

There was no basis for what kind of Devil Fruits each one could be: it’s not that simple, like pineapples are Zoan, bananas are Logia, and melons are Paramecia. The most typical argument may be the Ope Ope no Mi of Trafalgar D. Law. This fruit was obviously a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, because it was a red heart-shaped fruit. Therefore, it’s not reliable to judge what kind of Devil Fruit just by its appearance.

It was because of its uniqueness that the scholars on the Grand Line have sorted out the Devil Fruits Encyclopedia, recording the appearance and corresponding ability of the Devil Fruits that once appeared in history. However, it seems that new types of Devil Fruit have been born all the time. Therefore, the Devil Fruit that was not included in the Encyclopedia was generally named by the acquired ability, while these unnamed fruits cannot be known until they are eaten.

The pear-shaped fruit may have been included in the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, that’s why it was estimated to be one of Zoan fruit, and this strawberry-like Devil Fruit with strange appearance may not be included in the Encyclopedia, but it seems to be less common than Logia, so it was judged to be more like a Mythical Zoan Type.

Of course, this was the only possible inference. It needs someone to eat it before they can determine what it was.

Ian reached out and picked up the golden strawberry-like Devil Fruit. He wanted to take a closer look, but what he didn’t expect was that his system suddenly warned him.

“A conflicting energy system has been detected and the host is not recommended to consume it!”

Ian froze for a moment, he was completely stunned and he quickly asked the system. “What’s the matter??”

“This item contains a special energy system, which can be obtained after eating this item, but it will have conflicting effects with the System!”

Ian looked at the Devil Fruit in his hand, and felt a little confused. To be honest, it was the first time that he really held a Devil Fruit in his hand. At that time, Ace’s Flame-Flame Fruit didn’t come to his hands, so he didn’t expect that there would be such a statement.

So he asked, “What are the consequences of the conflict?”

“Consequence 1: the energy of the System wins, nothing would change then! Consequence 2: the unknown energy of the external system wins, the System disappears! Consequence 3: The System energy and the unknown external energy are neutralized, both systems disappear!”

‘What the F**k!’ Ian was shocked by the three consequences listed by the System. He didn’t expect the consequences to be so serious.

In the first case, if the Card System wins, it won’t change much, but the second case was more problematic. If Devil Fruit Strength replaces the Card System, it means that Ian would become just a Devil Fruit User, and although he would obtain its ability, but then he would lose his ability to swim.

The most terrifying thing was the third case. It’s possible that these two energies will offset each other and he would be left with completely nothing!

Thinking even a little deeper, if this Card System can be regarded as a kind of Devil Fruit Ability, so if Ian eats another Devil Fruit, it can be considered as someone eating two Devil Fruits!

So the probability of the third situation was 100% the end result. By then, Ian will die like a person who eats two Devil Fruits!

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help shivering. Fortunately, what he thought at the beginning was to give this Mythical Type fruit to Kuina, so he didn’t bit it as soon as he got it. This was an indirect way to save his life!

“If you don’t want me to eat it, then I won’t!” Ian said to the system.

However, at this time, the System said: “It shouldn’t be eaten, but the System can extract part of its energy.”

“What do you mean!?” Ian felt that his communication with the system was laborious. Wouldn’t it be nice to say this thing from the beginning?

“The System can extract the energy of this special item and use it to improve the qualification of the host!” The System replied.

When this was said, Ian remembered it immediately. At that time, when he asked the system about his functions and features, the system had told him that the host could be regarded as a card in essence, but he was the basic one-star card, so he gets fewer attributes with each upgrade.

At that time, the System once said that the star rating of Ian, the host card, could be improved by special items! But Ian never thought that these so-called special items turned out to be the Devil Fruits!

He always thought that it would be items in the System store…

Listening to the System, Ian suddenly became interested. However, he knows that the attributes obtained by leveling up his personal card were 100%, which was different from the cards he equips.

So he put down the Mythical-Type Devil Fruit in his hand, picked up the pear-shaped Devil Fruit, and asked the System: “Can this Devil Fruit also be extracted?”

“Yes!” The System replied: “But this extraction is limited. The host can extract and upgrade his qualification up to four times!”

Four times? In other words, the host card can also be upgraded to the five-star level? This was not much different from increasing the cards’ stars.

“Do you need just one Devil Fruit to ascend once?” Ian asked.

He has to confirm this before letting the System extract its energy, or then one fruit won’t be enough for the upgrade. What if the System asks for more Devil Fruits to finish the upgrade? Where will he find other Devil Fruits?

Fortunately, the System answer made him breathe a sigh of relief, ‘to upgrade once, just one Devil Fruit will be enough!’

“Then, take this fruit!” Ian said to the System, holding the pear-shaped Devil Fruit in his hand.

The Mythical-Type Devil Fruit was very precious, and it should be given to Kuina. She can only eat one Devil Fruit, and this pear-shaped Devil Fruit can’t be sold, because it will be traced back to him. Then, the best option was to use it to improve his qualifications.

With Ian’s confirmation, the pear-shaped Devil Fruit in his hand slowly turned into blue smoke, and then disappeared little by little.

When the Devil Fruit vanished completely, the System announced the completion of the upgrade.

Ian’s basic attributes have risen. He was upgraded by one level, and his strength and speed were only increased by five points. The overall 10 point attribute belongs to the category of one-star cards, but now with every upgrade, he will gain 10 points in strength and 10 in speed, a total of 20 points attribute growth. This was the upgrade effect of the two-star card.

Since Ian’s level was 11, the System has also supplemented his attributes, causing his attributes to increase by a lot.

As his level continues to increase in the future, Ian’s gains will become larger and larger.

Taking away the remaining Mythical Fruit, its original box was not needed. Ian re-entered the treasure trove, found a small box to put it in, then took off his clothes to wrap the box in them and carried it on his back.

After doing this, Ian turned his attention to the Berries banknotes and jewelry in the treasure trove.

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Ian finally realized the meaning of this sentence, although it was very risky to come here and try to steal these Devil Fruits, but when he saw this amount of money, Ian felt that even if this operation was exposed and he became wanted, it’s still worth it!

Seeing this much money, he discovered that if he wanted to depend on himself to catch pirates and get their bounties, it will take him months or years to obtain a bit of what’s in front of him!?

Rubbing his hands, Ian ran towards those treasures.

However, what he didn’t notice was that the blood flowing from the silly Celestial Dragon, who he just killed, was slowly moving towards the pattern of the Celestial Dragon dug in the middle of the room…