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S.C.S Chapter 136: Secret Treasury

(An explanation for the conflict between the Devil Fruit and the System of the last chapter: it mainly refers to the conflict after eating the Devil Fruit, in other words, the ability obtained after consuming the Devil Fruit, will conflict with the Card System, because, their abilities are too similar and will cause a lot of problems. But the Devil Fruit extracted by System will not be respawned after disappearing, so in order not to affect the future plot, only four fruits can be extracted.)

Ian picked up a glittering crown in the treasure pile. It was a crown made of pure gold. It was inlaid with many dazzling gems. Just by looking at its shape, Ian knew that it was a very valuable crown.

However, when Ian asked the System to deposit it, it was rejected!

“The System only accepts currency with circulation value!” The System replied.

This immediately annoyed Ian. Sometimes the System seemed flexible and sometimes it looked so rigid!

“This is pure gold! It’s so F**king valuable, and you are telling me that it can’t be used for recharging!?”

Facing Ian’s question, the system replied: “This item has only a hedge value and does not have a circulation value. The host has to exchange it for circulation currency and then recharge with its money!”

Ian was speechless, but he understood the meaning of the System.

Berries, as banknotes made of paper, in fact, it does not make much sense for a System like this. But it was because it has a circulation value, so it has an exact value, but gold was different. That doesn’t mean that gold was worthless! It’s definitely worth a lot of money, but it can’t be circulated like money. Its value is mainly reflected in the value of preservation.

However, this Card System only accepts currency with circulation value for recharge, which sucks.

By the same token, it can be inferred that if Ian had the special currency “Gor” used by the Kuja in Amazon Lily, it could actually be used for recharging, but the proportion of recharging would be reduced. It is unknown how much Gor is worth in proportion to Belly; however, due to the isolated nature of the island, it can be assumed that the Gor has a lower value than Belly from the lack of trading.

Similarly, even if Ian grabbed the money printing machine of the World Government and printed a large number of Berries bills, he probably won’t be able to recharge them, because if these banknotes were not circulating, they won’t have any value!

Thinking about it this way, Ian was a little worried at first, for fear that those Berries banknotes in the Celestial Dragon’s Treasury would not be recharged due to hoarding. That would be awful.

Therefore, he could only leave the gold and jewelry behind and run to the Berries bills, so then he went and placed his hand on them, and asked the system to recharge all the detected money.

Fortunately, this time the System responded to his request, saying: “The current amount is 5.746,2 million Berries. Do you want to recharge it all?”

‘What the Hell! How much!?’ Ian was amazed. He thought that there might be two or three billion there, but he didn’t expect there would be more than that.

Indeed, the Berries’ size was quite large, so their total may look small, but the actual amount was relatively large…

With a strong sense of excitement, all the Berries bills piled up in the corner disappeared at once with the confirmation from Ian.

“You charged 5.746.200.000 Berries, got 28.731.000 diamonds, and the System will give you an extra 10% as a bonus… You got a total of 31.604.100 diamonds!” (Reminder 200 Berries per 1 Diamond)

“You have topped up with 5 billion Berries, and you have been granted with the Advanced VIP Privileges: Gold VIP!”

Looking at this long number of diamonds, Ian felt dizzy for a while. He never thought that he would gather so much diamonds a day. If this amount of diamonds was recharged in a mobile game, he would definitely be from the most overpower players!

However, he originally thought that recharging so much money should be able to open the Supreme VIP privilege: the Platinum VIP, but it only opened the Gold VIP Privileges.

In this way, the Platinum VIP would only be achieved if he recharged more than 10 billion Berries at once?

That doesn’t matter now! Advanced is Advanced. Now he could refresh and get four-star cards directly from the Premium Card Store.

So here’s the problem. ‘What should I do with the 8-digit amount of Diamonds?’

‘Crap! Of course, it’s time to upgrade my cards! Since now the card slots are limited, even if I keep drawing new cards, they can only be replaced by my old ones. So searching in the premium card store and raising my cards to five-star red cards is better than getting garbage from the ten consecutive draws.’

All Card games were like this. After a certain stage, he mainly has to start grinding and upgrading his cards. Three five-star cards were much better than three new four-star cards!

Holding more than 30 million diamonds in his hands, Ian suddenly felt overwhelmed. With an arrogant raise of his right hand, he said to the System with a deep voice: “Hey! System, can you do an operation such as refreshing automatically the premium store and buying specific items?” (Ian is transforming XD)

“Yes!” The system said.

“That’s great! Help me then by refreshing the Premium Card Store continuously, and as long as you see Hiei’s, Yasuo‘s, or Iori’s card fragments, buy them for me. I want to raise them to Five-Star cards!”

Among the three four-star cards Ian now has, the Ultimate of Hiei’s Card, The Dragon of the Darkness Flame, could only be used if the card was raised to five-stars. For Yasuo’s card, all the skills can be used with its current state, but it also needs to be upgraded to a five-star red card because the growth of this card’s attributes was already high. After upgrading them to the five-star red cards, Ian’s gains would be so obvious. Iori’s card was similar to Hiei’s…

[Iori Yagami]

Rank: Four-Stars (20 Point strength per Level, 20 Point Speed, 10 Point Vitality, 10 Point Nen)

Title: The Flame of the End

Level: 11

Strength: 300

Speed: 300

Vitality: 190

Nen: 210


108 Shiki: Yamibarai (Dark Thrust): Launching a stream of fire against the ground, burning the target. (Requirement: Intermediate Nen skills.)

100 Shiki: Oniyaki (Fire Ball): Wielding rotating flames to attack and defend in mid-air. (Requirement: Intermediate Nen skills.)

Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome (Forbidden Method 1211: Eight Maidens): dashing to the front, dealing continuous damage to the target. (Violently tearing the enemy several times with both hands, then grabbing and igniting him with crimson flames) (Requirements: Intermediate Nen skills and Advanced Physical skills.)

Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki (Reverse Method 108: Eight Wine Cups): Shooting a chain of purple fire pillars emerging from the ground, moving towards the enemy! (Requirements: Expert Nen skills and Advanced Physical skills. Equipped with exclusive treasure Yasakani Jewel (Yasakani no Magatama) can add freezing effect.)

(Yasakani no Magatama)

Ultimate Skill:

Ura 316 Shiki: Saia: A follow-up to Ya Otome, adding 2 more powerful slashes for extra damage, and then launching a pillar of purple fire towards the enemy in the air. (Requirements: Expert Nen skills and the card must be advanced to a five-star red card.)


Obtain Kyo Kusanagi: Gain +32% Strength

Obtain Chizuru Kagura: Gain +28% Nen

Obtain Leopold Goenitz: Gain +24% Nen

Obtain Yamata no Orochi: Gain +37% Vitality

These were the attributes of Iori’s card. The wild wind of Yasuo’s card could cut Kuma’s steel body. Then Hiei and Iori, which were required to be advanced to the five-star cards, could definitely become from the unchangeable and most powerful cards of Ian.

Ian thought about letting the system automatically refresh the premium store for him and buying the fragments of these three cards, and then he would buy a large number of ten consecutive draws to extract enough Advanced Stones, and upgrade them into five-star cards.

However, the System answered him, “It’s not recommended for the host to do this operation. It’s recommended to focus on buying fragments of a single card first!”

“Why?” Ian was somewhat confused.

“Because there may not be enough Diamonds!” The System answered him concisely.

Huh!!!! Ian spat out directly and opened his mouth! “I have more than 30 million diamonds, and you are telling me that it may not be enough!?”

“Yes, a four-star card needs to be advanced ten times to reach the five-star level, and each upgrade requires a total of twelve complete cards, plus a complete card needs 8 fragments, that is, 960 of the same fragments. The price of each four-star fragment is 4000 diamonds, so that’s a total of 3.84 million diamonds. At the same time, due to the refresh rate problem, it may also consume a lot of Diamonds to find whatever you want, so if you want to upgrade a card to five-star, it is best to improve one card at a time.”

A moment ago, Ian was still full of tyrannical enthusiasm, but when he heard the System’s words, it suddenly collapsed.

He still underestimated the conception of money in this System. Yeah, although his VIP level has been improved and it is possible to refresh high-level cards in the new store, it seems that the cost of each refresh has also increased a lot.

Ian opened the new store, and confirmed his theory. Now it’s 2000 diamonds for a REFRESH!

He started calculating for a while with his fingers, assuming that the chance of getting a shard he needs would be one in ten refreshes (10%)! No, let’s say, one in 20(5%). That is, if he can get one piece by refreshing 20 times, he needs to refresh 19200 times to gather 960 fragments! So by that, more than 30 million diamonds were nothing at all!

Even if the fragments were gathered easily, he also has to draw a large number of ten consecutive draws to get the Advanced Stones…

Ian felt like a long lost dog, he was extremely depressed!

It took a long time for Ian to say something, he finally said helplessly to the System “Ok then… let’s focus on buying Hiei’s card fragments first…”

After getting Ian’s permission, the System started to automatically consume diamonds in refreshing the premium card store and purchasing the chosen fragments. Even though he didn’t know how long it will take, but Ian could only wait.

At the end of Ian’s communication with the System, when Ian came back to his senses, suddenly the ground began to tremble slightly, and a sound of rumbling came from behind him.

Turning his head, Ian was surprised because he saw a cylindrical object rising from the flat ground not far behind the dead Celestial Dragon!

This cylindrical object was stained with a trace of blood, which seemed to be opened by the blood of the dead Celestial Dragon.

“A hidden treasure!?” Ian had such an idea in his mind, and ran there quickly.

The cylindrical pillar seemed to be made of some kind of hard alloy. The upper part was hollowed out and inlaid with a cylindrical glass bubble. In the glass bubble, it was full of blue liquid, which was soaked with a small Rhombus Crystal.

Ian looked at the ground, and found that the position of the pillar rising was exactly where the pattern of the Celestial Dragons was just carved on the ground.

In other words, this was a safe hidden under the pattern of the Celestial Dragons, and if it wasn’t for the blood flowing from the dead man, it would not be opened.

So now, what exactly is this thing hidden in such a secret way? Ian raised his head, and looked the diamond-shaped crystal that was soaked in liquid.

This crystal was about the size of a palm. It was carved in the middle with the “Hoof of the Flying Dragon”, but on the edges, there were many strange words.

“This… this seems like the ancient letters!” Ian said with a little suspicion after careful identification.

So the question is, what exactly is this crystal!??