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S.C.S Chapter 137: Go Big or Go Gome

Ian couldn’t recognize it, but his intuition told him that it was probably important.

Leaving aside the Hoof of the Flying Dragon and the ancient writings, the thing that attracted Ian’s attention the most was the way of hiding this Crystal.

This was originally the Treasure Room of the Celestial Dragons. There were lots of gold, silver treasures and the money was everywhere. These things were all thrown on the ground, which proves that these things were not that important to the Celestial Dragons. However, this Crystal seemed different, not only that it was hidden in a secret and advanced way, but even the opening method was so strange.

If Ian only knocked out the silly Celestial Dragon, instead of killing him, then he would never be able to discover this hidden treasure. Whenever Ian thought of this, he felt as if this was destined to happen…

‘Take it! This thing has to be taken, no matter what it is!’

Ian’s intuition told him that this thing might become an important item for him.

Just as Ian carefully reached out his hand and planned to take out the glass bubble, a figure wearing a bubble helmet came out of the Celestial Dragon’s residence.

This person, of course, was Mjosgard’s Father. He was in the “entertainment room”. He kept waiting for his son to come back, but he took too long, so he was worried that his son might accidentally fall, so he wanted to come out and have a look.

He was followed by two armored guards, the rest of whom were in the entertainment room, guarding the slave. However, when Mjosgard’s Father came to the rockery of the Treasure Trove and was about to open it, he suddenly felt a slight tremor on the ground.

“This… This is!” Mjosgard’s Father was stunned, and then he said, “No, that stupid kid won’t accidentally open the secret treasure and put it on the spot!? The thing in it is not for him to play with!”

In a hurry, Mjosgard’s Father opened the door of the treasure trove and rushed in with the two armored guards.

However, when they rushed in, they saw a man with a black-clothed, hiding his face under a mask.

“You… Who are you!?” His eyes were wide open, and then Mjosgard’s Father saw his son lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

“MY SON!!?” He exclaimed, but before he could be sad, he saw the blue glass bubble in Ian’s hand!

“You! Slave! Quickly put the thing in your hands down!” Mjosgard’s Father exclaimed: “Or I’ll make you experience things worse than HELL itself!”

Ian rolled his eyes. He didn’t expect that Mjosgard’s Father would come in at this time, but wait, are all of these nobles stupid? First of all, thinking of Ian as a slave while it was obvious even to a dog that he’s a thief, and not only that, he thought that by saying these words, the guy in front of him would obediently put down the crystal in his hands!

The two armored guards were loyal, and they had rushed up to Ian. Holding spears, they went to stab at Ian.

Ian swiftly flashed to the side and dodged their attack. Then he drew out the Devil’s Blade Yamato at his waist with his empty hand and drew with it an arc to the front. A snowy bright light of the Blade flashed. The spears in the hands of the two armored guards were cut in four pieces. Then Ian swung his sword twice, and directly cut off the armor on their bodies, leaving two bloody cuts on them.

As the two armored guards fell to the ground, Mjosgard’s Father pulled out his golden pistol and hurriedly started shooting Ian.

This guy stood a little far away from Ian. Ian’s sound barrier couldn’t cover his area. When Ian saw him firing, he was terrified and felt that it won’t be good. He didn’t know if the sound of the gunshots would go outside…

As he strode forward, Ian dodged all of his bullets, came to him in an instant, and then cut him off with one bloody stroke.

A long and narrow wound appeared on Mjosgard’s Father. Watching him bleed and fall, Ian had no time to confirm whether he was alive or dead, and went straight to the exit.

Ian didn’t care about the gold and jewelers on the ground at this moment, there was too much for Ian to take away.

When he came to the exit, Ian looked for a while, but he couldn’t find where the switch was. He simply held the Devil’s Blade Yamato and slashed across the stone wall.

With a bang, the stone wall was chopped in two, and finally, he was ready to go.

However, when Ian came out, he saw that there were many armored guards pouring in his direction. He didn’t know whether the gunshots had alarmed them or the employees in black in the monitoring room were found. In a word, Ian is now exposed.

In fact, Ian had already been psychologically prepared for this moment. It was unrealistic to expect that he could come and go quietly. If he could do this easily, then he would make stealing goods from the Celestial Dragons his new career.

Since he’s exposed, then he must find a way to escape. Ian once thought that, before he was seen by others, he would kill all the guards, and then sneak back to join the guard team of the Rose Kingdom…

But on second thought, Ian felt that it was inappropriate. In the case of a Marine investigation afterward, the entourage who came to the World Conference would be blamed for his actions. At that time, even if they wanted to run, they won’t be able to. Maybe Nana would take all the blame, and they may get hurt. So it’s better to take advantage of the present situation to escape.

But how to escape was the real problem. Ian was not very familiar with the terrain of Marijoa. If he runs around, he may trap himself in a corner.

Thinking left and right, Ian gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

‘F**k, what’s the use of looking for a way to escape? Anyway, there were already two dead bodies of the Celestial Dragons, things can’t get any worse, so as they say, Go Big Or Go Home!’

At that moment, with this in mind, Ian rushed forward to the guards.

His figure shuttled among the upcoming crowd, and Ian started killing these guards. One by one, the guards were not true opponents to Ian. The Nen was entwined on his blade, which made it easy to cut through their steel armor. A large number of guards rush towards the intruder, Ian, but they were soon killed and fall down.

Ian went all the way to the slave prison after solving the problem of these guards. He knew that if he left like this, these slaves might be killed because their masters were murdered. In that case, it would be better to liberate them and use their power to escape together!

The riots outside were already heard by the people in the slave prison. So when Ian broke the prison gate and rushed in, the slaves stood up in surprise and looked at Ian.

Ian didn’t utter when he came it, he cut open the railing of an iron cage, rushed in, and cut all the chains on a slave.

At this time, the sound barrier was a little inconvenient and in his way. Ian could only gesture to the slave and ask him to look for the key of the explosive collar.

The slave was also clever. He immediately understood him, nodded, and rushed towards the guards’ room next to the cells, where the keys were naturally hung.

While waiting for the slave to find the keys, Ian quickly cut off one cage after another and released all the slaves.

Because the guards along his path were all killed by Ian, the slave who went to look for the keys was not hindered, and soon ran back. When he was unlocking the explosive collar for the other slaves, Ian took out the baby Den Den Mushi and called Nana.

But now that he was in the sound barrier, the other side won’t be able to hear what Ian says, so once the other party connected, Ian knocked on the microphone three times.

This was a signal they organized before he went out. Walnut over there would immediately deactivate her ability and lifts the sound barrier on Ian.

“Are you all right?” Nana asked.

“Things got out of control. I have to leave!” Ian said simply and concisely: “There will be a riot soon, keep communication open, Tell me about your situation there. When the Marines are coming over, let me know!”

Nana heard him well, and immediately understood that the situation was really bad. She said, “I understand!”

When Ian ended the call and turned his head, he found that he was surrounded by the freed slaves and all of them were kneeling around him!

“Savior!” In front of Ian, the slave he first rescued and asked him to get the key, cried, “Please accept our worship!”

After that, he fell to the ground directly and bowed down to Ian. So did the other slaves. While crying, they bowed down to Ian.

They didn’t expect that Ian would actually come back to save them. As a slave, life was exactly the same as suffering in Hell. They were already desperate, but God suddenly sent an emissary. In this despair, he brought them hope.

“There’s no time!” Ian said, “Everyone, get up, are there people who can fight with me?”

“Benefactor, I can fight!” A big man suddenly stood up and said, “You saved my miserable life. From then on, I will fight for you until my last breath!”

“I can fight too!”

“Me too!”

“Benefactor, take us out of this hell!”

Not only the male slaves, but also some female members stood up. The hope of leaving Hell was in front of them. No matter how cowardly or weak they were, at this time, everyone could burst out and show a sign of great courage!!

Ian looked at these passionate slaves, and found that there were many other races, not only humans, but most of them were capable of fighting. There were two from Longarm Tribe, three from Longleg Tribe and four male fish-men. In addition, there was also a Mink among the slaves! A Black Bear Mink!

When Ian came to the slave prison before, he didn’t look around very carefully. Now there were so many people with fighting power. Thinking about it, Ian found it normal, Celestial Dragons have tons of money. The most favorite slaves they collect were strange races.

Seeing this scene, Ian’s confidence increased greatly and he said, “In this case, collect weapons along the way and prepare yourselves for the Greatest Battle of your lives!”

“HAIII!!!” All of them said united…

The slaves raised their arms and cheered aloud, and then those with strength and courage, helped to raise the spirits of the weak, followed Ian and rushed out of the gate.

As soon as they came out of the gate, they saw another group of armored guards approaching them, and some guards in black appeared with guns.

Ian rushed in, took care of the guards with guns, turned his head, and saw the slaves also attacking the armored guards.

The two from the Longlegs Tribe were really skilled in fighting with their feet, and they were very powerful. They could break the guard’s armor with one kick, and the same was true for Longarms people. They were good at boxing, punching their enemies in the face with a direct blow, and stun them immediately.

Not to mention the Fish-men, their strength was ten times higher than an ordinary person, and among them, one of them was a fish-man who was a master of karate, and his fighting abilities were quite powerful.

The most powerful one among them was, of course, the Mink, the Black Bear Mink. He was three times taller than an ordinary person. With just a slap of his hand, he could break the armors of a guard!

Ian didn’t know that he brought such a group of strong soldiers, and every soon the armored guards that came up were quickly killed. Without the explosive collars, the resistance power of slaves was incredible!

After overthrowing the guards, the slaves, who were fighting with bare hands, soon armed themselves. They picked up the weapons of the enemies and all the guns on the ground, they got ready to fight for their future free lives!

They looked at Ian with flames in their eyes, waiting for his order.

Ian looked at the situation in the manor. So far, it might be because Mjosgard and his father were still lying in the treasure trove and has not been found. The riot was only in the manor. The guards, who didn’t know the exact situation, thought that it was just an ordinary slave riot, so they haven’t asked for help from the Marines.

This undoubtedly gave Ian time, so he said: “Hurry up, let’s go to the manor of another Celestial Dragon and rescue the slaves imprisoned there. The more people there are, the greater our strength will be, and the greater the hope of escaping will be!”

“Haii! Benefactor!” Again, the slaves cheered and ran out with Ian.