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S.C.S Chapter 138: History repeats itself

For Ian, there was only one sentence that can describe his mood now, which is “Don’t ask, just do it!”

He knows what he was going to face next, that is, the pursuit of an Admiral, but it won’t matter as long as he can make it to the sea. Because the sea is vast, and the chance of keeping track of him was small. Yeah, if the Marines’ power was really strong enough, how could there be so many pirates at ease? And across the Red Line, on the opposite side there was the New World, and the Marines’ Strength will be even weaker there.

It has to be said that Ian’s preparation in advance has finally been used.

The reason why he previously asked the system to automatically refresh the card store for him and purchase Hiei’s card fragments to prevent such a situation. He also knew that letting the system refresh for him would likely cause a waste of diamonds, which was far worse than him doing it slowly by himself, but the time was not right. He was in desperate need of a strong card in his hands, and with a five-star card, he could face this crisis.

Hiei’s card was undoubtedly the best, as long as he could use the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, but even if he couldn’t win a fight against a Marines’ Admiral, he wouldn’t have a problem protected himself.

At this moment, Ian, like these slaves, became one of the people who wanted to escape Marijoa, so it can be said that he was one of them and has to be united with them.

Under his leadership, the slaves went to another Celestial Dragon’s manor.

At this time, it was very dark, but there were some guards in black at the gate of the manor. Seeing Ian and the group of slaves rushing in with hatred, the guards were frightened and immediately wanted to shoot them down.

However, Ian’s speed was faster than their reaction time. And with a flash, he disappeared from his place. When he appeared again, he has come to the back of these guards. The two guards fall to the ground immediately after being cut off by the bright light of his sword.

“Open the door, and rush in!” Ian shouted.

“Leave it for me!!” The black bear Mink stepped forward and slammed his palms on the gorgeous gate of the Celestial Dragon’s manor. With a loud bang, he directly smashed the gate into pieces.

With the collapse of the gate, the group of angry slaves entered the Celestial Dragon’s mansion. Facing the guards rushing out of the manor, the battle immediately burst out, the guns were fired, they were all furiously fighting the guards.

Ian, on the other hand, led some of them straight to the slave prison.

The slave prison of Celestial Dragons has a common feature, which was a big building, but also old and shabby. For a place where slaves live, Celestial Dragons generally won’t care much about its state, so it was easy to identify.

Ian didn’t know which noble family does own this manor. He killed every guard or employee on his way to the slave prison. After rushing in, he separated the group of slaves he brought to two, some were ordered to find the keys, and Ian went with the others to open the cages and free the slaves.

When the slaves there saw a group of people rushing in, they were all startled, but when they saw Ian killing the guards and started opening the cages for them, all the slaves reacted at once, and gave out a loud cheering. The tears couldn’t help but start flowing down from their eyes.

Every slave there has heard about the big event done by the Adventurer, Fisher Tiger eleven years ago. They knew that it seems impossible to escape this place, but they can’t stop dreaming that there is a man like Fisher Tiger who would repeat history and save them from this hell on earth.

Now, as if God heard their calls, this person really appeared!

“Thank you! Thank you!” A slave who had just been released from his cage kept weeping bitter tears to one of the Longarms men who had released him.

“Don’t thank me!” The man from the Longarms Tribe smiled and pointed to Ian in the back and said, “If you want to thank the person behind your release, you have to thank the true Savior, that man in black! He liberated us first.”

Because Ian was still covering his face, the slaves didn’t know what else to call him, and could only call him by the name of “the benefactor in black”.

Ian didn’t mind, and shouted, “Hurry up, save everyone! Those who can fight, take up weapons, and get ready for the battle!”


The slaves, who had regained their freedom, cheered up in excitement.

In this batch of slaves, there were many powerful figures from various races, and the most remarkable thing was that there was also a giant inside!

“Hey, big guy!” Ian called out to the giant, “Doesn’t it hurt, the wound on your leg?”

The giant man’s leg had a penetrating injury, which seemed to have lasted for a long time. After hearing Ian’s question, he stood up with gritted teeth and said, “Savior, don’t worry, I can hold on! Compared with regaining freedom, this pain is nothing! From now on, wherever you point, I’ll go!”

“That’s good. Then let’s fight them together!”

With Ian’s order, the giant launched out a loud roar. He directly crashed into the wall, leaving a big hole behind, and then took the lead in killing the guards, while the others rushed out with Ian.

The joining of the giant was undoubtedly a boost to the slaves’ morale. Two mansions have been invaded, and the number of slaves behind Ian has reached two hundred. So many people have joined this riot, and their power was growing stronger.

When Ian and the slaves killed the guards and went out from that manor, and they were about to go to the third manor, at that time, Ian’s baby Den Den Mushi suddenly rang.

After connecting, Nana said anxiously, “Did… Did you release the slaves of the Celestial Dragons?”

“What! You have already got the news, is it spread over there?” Ian asked.

“Yes, I have been paying attention to the things around. I just saw a marine soldier rushing to the World Government and reporting the news!” Nana said.

“Well, I see. It looks like the Marines will be dispatched soon!” Ian said: “You should protect yourself now.”

“Don’t worry, I have a white Den Den Mushi, which can prevent eavesdropping!” Nana said: “I’ll keep informing you about the situation here.”

After hanging up the call, Ian calmed his head. He knew that the Marines would soon find out that this was not just a slave riot, and they would soon send out a large number of soldiers.

Well, now he must find a way to contain the Marines’ attention.

Ian turned his eyes to the tall residence of the Celestial Dragons in the distance.

“Benefactor, are we not leaving yet?” The slaves stayed around Ian, and a Longarms man asked him when he saw him hanging up.

“Not yet, wait for me for a few seconds!” Ian said.

Then he inserted the Devil’s Blade Yamato into its scabbard and raised his right hand.

Bang! After a loud whistle, a bluish flame burst out from Ian’s palm.

The flame fluttered and its strange color shocked the hearts of all the slaves close to him. They could feel the hot temperature of this flame, so they could not help but retreat a little.

Ian raised his head, looked at the moon, which was not too bright in this night, and suddenly grinned, and said, “You’ll remember me each time you look at the moon… Eight Wine Cups!” (T/N: this is Iori quote when he wins a fight)

As his words fell, Ian slammed his hands towards the ground, a spiky ball of purple flame, sledded forward on the ground. In the eyes of the slaves, the flame of Ian’s move went straight to the Celestial Dragons’ residence, and then hit the wall of the building.

Boom!!! At the moment when it touched the wall of the building, the true power of the Eight Wine Cups burst out, and a huge pillar of purple fire rushed up to the sky like a fountain. Even from a long distance, anyone could see the blue pillar of rising flames to the sky.

At the moment when the pillar of fire erupted, the Celestial Dragons’ residence was on fire. The purple flames devoured the entire building, and then began to burn blazingly.

“Oh my god!”

The slaves stared at this scene in astonishment, all frightened by the power of this flame. They had seen Ian fighting with the Devil’s Blade Yamato all the time, so they thought he was just a swordsman, but they didn’t expect that the fire he threw out casually would burn such a big building in an instant!?

‘Our benefactor turned out to be that powerful!?’ :O

By this time, the slaves’ confidence in escaping increased greatly. Looking at the burning building, they felt an inexplicable pleasure.

“Burn them, burn them all! This is the best thing I have seen in my life, let these disgusting nobles burn to ashes!”

Ian has consumed a lot of Nen when launching the Reverse Method 108: Eight Wine Cups, but his current Stamina was full, so the speed of the Nen recovery was also quite fast, which was fantastic. He looked at the burning house and said to everyone: “Let’s go! Even if the Marines come over, they will be divided, some of them would go to extinguish the fire!”

The slaves immediately understood Ian’s intention, so they shouted one after another and followed him to leave quickly.

Because it was not an ordinary house that Ian burned, it was the residence of the Celestial Dragons. In this way, if the Marines did not want them to be burned, it was necessary for them to send some manpower to rescue these nobles. At that time, there will be much fewer soldiers chasing them.

While it would take time for the Marines to mobilize manpower, Ian and the slaves attacked another manor, and then set it on fire with Ian’s flame.

The result of Ian’s incarnation was that Marijoa was burning up. Although the buildings in the city were sparse, there were many tall trees. The purple flame temperature was extremely high, which was difficult to extinguish. After these flames float to the trees, soon a huge fire was ignited in The Domain of the Gods.

The fire began to surge. In the night, it seemed so eye-catching. Even the World Government on the other side saw the fire.

One by one, the countries’ leaders who stayed in hotels were awakened. Wearing pajamas, they went to the windows and watched the scene in the city of Marijoa from afar.

Then they started to call each other one by one.

“Do you know what’s going on?”

“No, I don’t!”

“Something’s wrong…”

“Is it a repetition of the original slave rebellion?”

“Haha, well done…”

“Huh, let them burn. But I didn’t expect to see such a wonderful thing in this World Council.”

“Let’s tell our men to ignore this matter.”

Although they were members of this world government, this does not mean that every country was committed to them. The root of all the problems in this world was somehow connected to the Celestial Dragons.

In fact, the world conference has been held so many times. In countless meetings, some people have proposed to cancel this tribute gold system. However, this matter has been strongly suppressed by the World Government.

Moreover, the Celestial Dragons were used to acting like tyrants. Many kings were insulted arrogantly in front of them. In the long run, many countries became resentful against the Celestial Dragons.

So, except for some spineless kings who always flatter the Celestial Dragons and worry about them, most other countries were just this good show with cold eyes.