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S.C.S Chapter 139: Marines Dispatched

At this time, in the Marine Headquarters under the Red Line, in the Fleet Admiral office, Sengoku was looking at the information, he just received, with a strong headache.

“What the hell is going on?” He smashed his fist on the table and said, “Why is the event from eleven years ago repeating itself again!!? It happened that during this World Council, a slave riot emerged?”

Garp and Tsuru, and Akainu, these three people were sitting in Sengoku’s office at this time.

Upon hearing that, Garp suddenly laughed and said: “What’s so strange, as long as the Celestial Dragons keep having slaves, this kind of thing will happen sooner or later!”

“Garp, cautious!” Tsuru turned her head and said to him.

However, Garp continued, “Isn’t it right? Well, first of all, don’t look at me like that! The Marines exist to suppress pirates, not to help the Celestial Dragons by dealing with their slaves!”

After listening to this sentence, Sengoku couldn’t help looking at Garp, but he found that although he was smiling, his eyes revealed an unprecedented disgust.

Sengoku also knew that at that time, when Fisher Tiger went there and freed their slaves, Garp had been very opinionated about the fact that Marines had dispatched soldiers and Battleships to help the Celestial Dragons hunting down their slaves.

In fact, not only Garp, but a large number of the marines have disagreed with the events of that year. Many of the Marines soldiers grew up under the concept of justice. However, after the major event of the Marijoa, because of the unreasonable demands of the Celestial Dragons, the Marines were ordered to retrieve the slaves released by Fisher Tiger.

The Marines were regarded as slave dealers. Although they were ordered by the World Government, it was a disgusting thing to do for most of the people in the Marines. They lost their dignity because of that…

What was particularly infuriating is that, because of the pursuit of Fisher Tiger, not only they were forced to fight again the powerful Sun pirate group, which led to a huge loss of marine forces, but also exacerbated the racial tension. During that time, the relationship between the World Government and Fishmen Island directly fell to the freezing point, and even the other countries have lost their trust in the World Government.

And all of that was just to satisfy the selfish desires of the Celestial Dragons…

At that time, the Marines were completely regarded as the loyal dogs of the Celestial Dragons, and all the people kept scolding them in the dark. The reputation of the Celestial Dragons, for ordinary people, was simply stinking. People didn’t understand the behavior of the Marines, and this kind of emotion couldn’t easily be hidden.

Many marine soldiers don’t say anything, but they also feel this. They felt that they were succumbing to them to death, and the value of justice was conflicted with their own behavior, so many people were confused.

The Celestial Dragons were able to summon any Admiral at their will, and that made Garp unwilling to raise his rank to an Admiral, fearing that once he would be the one wiping out for the Celestial Dragons. Now he has no intention of helping them, and he was about to retire. It’s time, so he candidly said what’s in his mind.

For this, Sengoku can’t blame Garp at all, but as the Fleet Admiral, he has to have his own position. He knew that the Marines must do something, at least to put down the riot.

So his eyes turned and looked toward Akainu.

Akainu was still wearing his marine hat, smoking his cigars, and after seeing Sengoku’s gaze, he straightened up and said, “Would you like me to go?”

After thinking about it, Sengoku felt that it was not appropriate for Akainu, who has just come back from suppressing the criminals who wanted to steal the Tribute Gold. It seemed that it was too much sending him again.


“No, let Kuzan go this time!” Sengoku knocked on the table and said to Akainu. “Now, Marijoa is on fire, neither you nor Kizaru are not suitable for this mission. Your Ability will cause more damage to Marijoa. Aokiji is more suitable. He is now in there, so he can use his ability to put out the fire.”

“Hum, let him do it then…” Akainu snorted, stopped talking, and continued to smoke his cigar with his arms crossed.

Garp and Tsuru looked at each other, and lightly smiled.

Indeed, in the current situation, it was undoubtedly the most appropriate to let Aokiji go there. As long as he can quickly extinguish the huge fire and make Marijoa’s losses less serious, then whether it was the World Government or the marines, it can be preserved…

And most importantly, with Aokiji’s character and the “lazy justice” he pursues, the poor slaves may have more hope to escape, right?

Both of Garp and Tsuru understood the deep thinking of Sengoku, but said nothing tacitly.

Of course, there are merciless people in the Marines, but they are only a few. But also there are still a lot of good people among them…

The order was quickly conveyed to Marijoa’s Marines by the Den Den Mushi. When Marijoa was on fire, the Marines’ side didn’t help with a thing. Although the information obtained so far was that there was a slave riot, but they didn’t know who was behind it, and this was the period of the World Council, so Marijoa was filled with the leaders and kings. If the Marine forces were moved to suppress the slaves’ riot without authorization, and that could accidentally lead to hurt or damage one of these leaders, then the World Council might come to an end.

Therefore, only after receiving the orders from the Marine Headquarters did the marine soldiers run to find Aokiji and notified him.

Although Aokiji was in his office at this time, he was leaning on the chair, wearing his sleep mask while he was sleeping. After waking him up, he yawned angrily: “What!! What’s the matter? Why do you want me to go out?”

The marine soldier who reported the news was saluting: “I’m… Very sorry! Admiral Kuzan, but this is an order from the Fleet Admiral, Sengoku!”

“Okay, okay!” Aokiji waved and said, “I will go!”

With that, he got up from the chair and stretched out.

Aokiji was thin and incredibly tall, he looked like a bamboo pole, he has black curly hair, but no one can doubt his strength.

“Yeah, right, what’s my objective?” Aokiji asked after stretching his waist.

“According to the existing information, the person who caused the riot is a man in black. No one has seen his real face yet!” The Marine Soldier reported: “And we don’t know how he got into Marjorie…”

“Troublesome…” Aokiji said, scratching his scalp: “Well, forget it, I will catch him…”

After that, he opened his office window and jumped straight down.

At the height of seven or eight floors, nothing happened to him for fell, and with his appearance, a large number of Marine soldiers gathered there waiting, followed him, and swarmed towards the city center of Marijoa.

In this scene, many reporters waiting outside took photos of them, with continuous flashes.

In this World Council, not only the leaders and their entourage came to Marjorie, but also a large number of journalists came to report this news. Of course, these journalists were all approved by the World Government before they entered. But unexpectedly, before they could cover the World Council, they witnessed the scene where Marijoa was on fire.

Although the reporters knew very well that this time’s news was likely to be suppressed under the control of the World Government and not to be mentioned, this does not hinder the journalists’ excited mood, especially when they saw that the Marines had sent out the Admiral, Aokiji, to suppress the riot.

In such a big battle, not only the journalists but also the leaders attending the meeting must conceal. When they saw this scene through the window above the hotel, they could not help shaking their heads.

“Now, it’s boring. Let’s go back and rest!” They said so.

Nana was also watching the movement of the Marines. When she saw Aokiji coming out of the base, she contacted Ian and informed him about the situation.

At this time, they have raided the fourth Celestial Dragon’s manor. After emancipating the slaves there, they have joined Ian’s riot, so the army behind him has exceeded the 500 people!

“They have sent Aokiji?” After receiving the news from Nana, Ian was worried. Although he had already expected that an Admiral would be dispatched, he could not help but sweat when he heard the news.

“Savior, what’s the matter?” A slave following Ian was holding a long sword with blood dripping from it, and wearing an armor of the Celestial Dragons’ guards. They had endured torture for a long time, so they vent their anger on these tyrants who helped and abused.

“The Marines have finally dispatched!” Ian said in a low voice: “It’s Admiral Aokiji, our riot must end now!”

Although there were still many slaves who could be liberated, they all understood the seriousness of the matter and nodded understandably.

“Some of whom can run fast must go fast to the waterway and rob a ship!” Ian said in a loud voice.

So immediately several Longlegs slaves stood out. Due to their long legs, they were good runners. It would be more appropriate for them to prepare the boat first.

Ian had inquired with the slaves before that there was a huge waterfall at the other end of Marijoa. Because of the perennial waterfall, it had formed a downward channel flow like the Reverse Mountain. There was a wharf where many ships were moored, and people who wanted to cross the Red Line to the New World would change boats there.

Ian asked some of the slaves to go there and seize a ship in advance. By then, as long as they follow the downhill channel, they could cross to the Red Line and enter the ocean of the New World.

Looking at the people from the Longlegs Tribe who left with some others, Ian shouted to the rest of them, “All the rest, flee in the direction of the dock together, and use all your power!”