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S.C.S Chapter 140: Identity chip

Ian, this time, done it a little different from Fisher Tiger.

In the beginning, Fisher Tiger climbed by bare hands and quietly entered into Marijoa. At that time, Marijoa was unprepared and unguarded, and there was no marine station around. So when the Marines came from Marineford, it was too late. At that time, most of Marijoa was on fire. After a huge fight, Fisher Tiger had enough time to save thousands of slaves.

But Ian can’t the same now. His time was even more urgent. Because of the World Council, the Marines were now stationed in Marijoa. Although it was impossible to send too much manpower because of the need to protect the leaders and kings, an Admiral was rushing there much faster.

The Celestial Dragons can’t directly issue orders to the Marines, so they all pass their requirements to the World Government. After requesting help, the World Government contacts Sengoku, the Fleet Admiral, and then it’s up to him to decide who to send out, so all of this causes a lot of delay time.

With that, the rescue of the more than 500 slaves was already the limit. If they go for more, then it will be too late for them to escape.

Ian knew that the slaves of the Celestial Dragons were living in miserable torture. Otherwise, they would not fight or die for Ian, when he appeared to help them.

But even so, Ian can’t save any more people. If he gets trapped when saving others, that won’t be good for anyone. As Ian said before, ‘I never felt that I’m a saint or a hero.’ His anger against the Celestial Dragons came from the conflict between this cruel slavery and his values. So he just rescued the limits before things go south.

He can’t go beyond his ability, the rest should forgive him, because he’s really helpless now. Even if he knows that there were many other slaves, they have to wait for someone else to rescue them, but Ian felt sorry for them.

‘I’m still lacking strength.’ Ian sighed, if he was strong enough, even if an Admiral came after him, he wouldn’t care that much…

With so many slaves, Ian began to flee.

At the same time, the Marines rushed into the city center. Although they came in later because they were waiting for orders, once the action was taken, the executive power of the Marines was still very high.

At this time, the fire has spread for many blocks, burning wildly. Many employees in black and armored guards were busy trying to put out the fire. After seeing this scene, The Marine soldiers asked Aokiji, “Admiral Kuzan, what shall we do? We are waiting for your orders!”

“Go and chase them!” Aokiji’s left hand was in his trouser pocket, and his right hand was carrying his coat behind his shoulder. Even if he was on a mission, he looked casual.

After receiving the orders, the marine soldiers saluted and went to pursue the escaped slaves, while Aokiji stopped, took out his left hand from his trouser pocket, and opened his hand pointing towards the fire in front.

From his fingers, a cold air burst out, and then a wave of ice along the ground was sent forward!

“Ice Time Capsule!!!”

After this Ice technique hit a building, countless cold chills suddenly erupted, and a clicking sound came out. The building suddenly began to freeze, and the ice spread up, and soon wrapped the whole building.

After being covered by the ice, the flames naturally disappeared.

The people who were fighting the fire were stunned by this scene. How can he quickly turn the blazing buildings into a lump of ice in a twinkling of an eye!

“Oh, not good!” Aokiji patted his head and said, “I don’t know if there were people inside…”

He scratched his scalp, then said lazily, “Forget it, that doesn’t matter much!”

As a result, a large number of ice waves were sent out from his palms, shooting at all the surrounding objects that were still on fire. With his projectiles, the original hot weather was quickly cooled down and instantly got replaced by a piercing cold air, due to a large number of frozen objects.

Aokiji walked slowly and went further, leaving only a group of guards at a loss.

In fact, when the fire broke out, those aristocrats of Celestial Dragons had been escorted away from their residences and taken to a refuge.

All the way forward, when Aokiji encountered a place with a raging fire, he will use its own ability to freeze it and put out the fire. Sengoku made the right decision to send him on this mission. If Aokiji was replaced by Kizaru, he will probably use his light and blow up the burning building directly, so as to stop the fire. If Akainu was out, his Magma Fruit will add fuel to the fire…

At this time, Aokiji heard a noise coming from the front, went to have a look, and found a group of marine soldiers, surrounding a young girl.

The girl’s whole body was stained with blood and her clothes were ruined. She fell to the ground and her right ankle was red by the blood.

Needless to say, this was a slave of the Celestial Dragons.

Ian had more than 500 slaves. Although they fled at this time, after all, there were too many people, some of them were left behind, because they couldn’t keep up. The girl was stumbled on a stone on her way to escape, so her ankle was injured and that affected her movements. Other slaves didn’t pay attention to her because they concentrated on escaping, which led to her being caught up by the Marines. (Poor girl T-T)

In the face of such runaway slaves, the marine soldiers must arrest them all, but unexpectedly, the girl fought back desperately.

(Put on this music )

A marine soldier went around the girl’s back and hugged her from the back, but the girl bit his hand fiercely, and she almost took off his flesh.

The marine soldier screamed, and was overwhelmed by the girl on the ground. During the tumbling, the girl didn’t know what to do, so she took the gun on the back of the marine soldier.

At the sight of her holding a weapon, the Marines suddenly became nervous and took up their guns to surround the girl.

“Drop your weapon!” A marine Commander shouted to the girl, “Stop resisting. Your resistance is pointless! Come with us obediently!”

The girl stood up, gasping for breath, clutching the gun, and looked at the Commander with resentful eyes.

Her body was thin, and when she stood with the gun, she was trembling all over, and her lips were dry and chapped. She seemed to have not eaten or drunk for several days. However, in a hoarse voice, she shouted to the Commander, “The running dogs of Celestial Dragons! You want me to go back with you. And then you will bring me back to the Celestial Dragons as a slave again…!!?” (Running dog is a pejorative term for an unprincipled person who helps or flatters those more powerful and often evil… Wikipedia)

The anger in her voice was so strong that for a moment the Commander was speechless.

The girl looked around and found that she was surrounded and could not escape, so she looked at the rifle in her hand, gritted her teeth, put the muzzle of the gun on her mouth, and put her other hand on the trigger. (FFS)

Seeing this scene, the Commander was shocked and waved his hand hurriedly: “Don’t be impulsive, listen to me! If you don’t want to go back, then we can let you go!”

However, the girl said, “I will never trust you again or even believe anything you say! When I was tortured by the Celestial Dragons, where were you, the Marines, the ABSOLUTE JUSTICE?”

Tears welled down in her eyes. The girl cried and left her last words: “I… Don’t want to be a slave anymore…”

BANG! With a gunshot, the girl pulled the trigger, and the bullet that flew from the muzzle burst through her head…

Her body fell softly, blood seeped out under her body, like the memorial flowers…

The Marines around looked at this scene in a daze, no one made any sound for a long time. The girl seemed to be in her twenties, still at a young age, but she shot herself in front of the crowd and ended her life…

For the Marine soldiers, this scene really shocked them all…

“…” Aokiji stood at the back and witnessed the whole scene in silence. He could have saved the girl. However, he felt the girl’s determination to die, so he didn’t…

Aokiji felt so dispirited. He walked over, squatted down, put his hands on the girl, and the freezing cold air came out. He immediately sealed the girl’s body and formed an ice coffin…

“Admiral Kuzan…” The commander looked at Aokiji in a complex way.

“Keep on chasing them. I’m tired. I need to take a rest here!” Aokiji laid on his side and fell asleep on the ground.

“… Hai, sir!” The commander answered and took the rest of the Marines forward.

After witnessing such a thing, it became like a Phantom. These marine soldiers have slowed down a lot…

Aokiji was lying alone on the ground, looking at the ice coffin in front of him, expressionless, and dived in his thoughts…

At this time, suddenly a “Purr Purr” sound came, Aokiji froze and took out a small Den Den Mushi from his trouser pocket.

“Admiral… Admiral Aokiji!” As soon as the call was connected, there was a voice of a marine intelligence officer on the other side of the call, anxiously saying: “Just got the news, one of the World Nobles, Saint Mjosgard, was attacked, he just woke up from a coma and immediately contacted the Five Elders, say… saying…”

“Saying what?” Aokiji asked with a frown.

“Saying that the Donquixote Mjosgard family, are willing to offer 500 million Berries as a bounty to the mastermind of the riot!” The marine intelligence officer said: “That is the man in black, but… But he demanded to be caught alive… only alive!”

“Huh? Must be captured alive? Why?” Aokiji asked curiously.

Assaulting a Celestial Dragon is a major crime. In general, they would be executed directly to frighten the whole world. So Aokiji felt very strange. Why did the Donquixote Mjosgard family put forward such a request?

“Because… Because I heard that the man in black took the identity chip of the Donquixote Mjosgard family!”