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S.C.S Chapter 141: Escape

Five or six minutes ago, Mjosgard’s Father, who had been cut down by Ian in the treasure trove, woke up from an operating table.

Since the Celestial Dragons did not have any Fighting Capacity, when he was in the treasure trove, Ian treated him as a weak chicken at the time, and slashed him with a normal blow.

Although it was a casual blow, with Ian’s power that cut was able to deal with significant damage! This blow came from the front, and a huge wound emerged on the chest of the Father, which made the bone of his chest visible.

If it was an ordinary person in that case, with such a wound he would die soon, but… Ian underestimated the medical capabilities of the Celestial Dragons.

As the nobles of the world, no one can disobey them. Everything in the world can be easily taken by them, everything was theirs. So what do these Celestial Dragons fear?

Of course, DEATH!

Even though they call themselves Gods, they are still human beings. They will, for sure, be old and get sick, so in order to prolong their life span as much as possible, the Celestial Dragons, who were greedy for life and fears death, usually have the top-notch medical team in each family.

Ian has neglected this. After all, he didn’t know much about them. When he rushed out of the treasure trove and went to the slave prison to rescue the slaves, an armored guard entered the treasure trove, found the Father, and quickly took him to the doctors.

In the process of rescue, the Father was in a coma because of the heavy injury. He was the current head of the family, so that the employees in black and the armored guards were in a panic at that time. If the rescue failed and Mjosgard’s Father died, they would all be executed together.

It was in this state that these people forgot to inform the Marines of what happened to the Donquixote family.

This was also the reason why the Marines received information about someone freeing the slaves in Marijoa and they started a riot.

However, after the treatments and the stimulation, Mjosgard’s Father was finally out of danger and woke up from the coma.

The first thing the Father did when he woke up was to contact other Celestial Dragon families and inform them about this.

The Celestial Dragons were extravagant, lecherous and arrogant. When they see a beautiful woman, they would take it back directly to be his wife. A Celestial Dragon can even marry one or two hundred wives.

However, such wives were the only nominal, but in essence, they were their plaything. The Celestial Dragons attach great importance to bloodlines. These women who were forced to marry these nobles will not be allowed to give birth even if they got pregnant. Hybrids of impure blood will not be recognized by the Celestial Dragons and will be executed directly with their mother!

This kind of thing was not a secret for the residents who know about the Celestial Dragons on Sabaody Archipelago…

The blood that was truly recognized by them comes from the offspring born from the intermarriage among the various families of the Celestial Dragons. Through such marriage, they not only strengthen the relationship between the families, but also maintain the purity of the bloodline.

The silly son, Mjosgard, was a direct descendant of pure blood.

However, his dumb son was killed by Ian…

When the Father woke up, he thought of the previous scenes, he felt that his blood pressure was rising, his heart was pumping like a truck engine, his direct descendants were hard-won, and every family cherished it.

His son’s death certainly made him sad, but there was one more thing that made him even more alarmed. That was what he saw at that time, the man in black took away his most precious thing!

That was the identity chip of the Donquixote Mjosgard family. It has been handed down since 800 years ago. It represents the identification of the whole Donquixote family as a Celestial Dragon family!

Originally, this thing had been well hidden in the treasure trove. The secret room mechanism could only be opened by relying on the pure lineage factor of Celestial Dragons. However, it was wrongly opened because Ian killed the son.

Their identity chip was stolen, which was even more serious than killing his son, because once the identity chip is lost, the Mjosgard family will not be recognized by other Celestial Dragons, and it is likely to be expelled from Marijoa!

He already accustomed to the noble life, once he was expelled from Marijoa, what kind of tragedy would it be?

He doesn’t have to think about it. There was a real example of that. His relatives, the Saint Donquixote Homing’s family were a true lesson! (Doflamingo’s family)

And more than that, the identity chip seems to have something to do with the Celestial Dragons’ “national treasure”, so no matter what, the identity chip must be recovered!

The reason why Mjosgard’s Father didn’t contact the World Government for the first time, instead, he contacted other Celestial Dragon Patriarchs in order to seek their support. Due to the marriage between them, the relationship between Celestial Dragons was intricate and hard to shake. After learning that the identity chip of the Mjosgard family had been stolen, other families were very angry, but they agreed to help him by putting pressure on the World Government.

This was why Aokiji just received a call and was informed of this.

The bounty of 500 million Berries and the requirement of catching him alive were made by the Celestial Dragons because they were afraid that the man in black would hide the identity chip, so they wanted to catch him and torture till he gets the chip back.

After hearing the whole story, Aokiji straightened, stood up from the ground, shook his hands, put on his jacket, looked at the ice coffin beside, and said to himself in a low voice, “That’s really bold. I wanted to stay here, watch this girl and let you go ahead a little, but since you’ve done such a thing, you can’t blame me!”

Among the three Admirals of the Marines, there may be only Aokiji’s justice, which was the most “rational” one. At the time of the O’Hara incident, Aokiji chose to let go of the only survivor, Nicole Robin, and this time, when he saw that the slave girl couldn’t trust the Marines and shot herself, Aokiji made another choice. He stopped the chase and wanted to give the slaves a little escape time.

However, the time that the slave girl bought for the rest was disrupted by such a phone call.

It has evolved from a simple slave uprising to an attack on the Celestial Dragons, so Aokiji can’t lazy anymore. Although he was compassionate, his position as an Admiral of the Marines forced him to make a corresponding response.

“However, you really got a good amulet…” Aokiji murmured, quickened his pace and rushed forward.

Indeed, the identity chip was not only a life-saving token, but also a talisman for Ian at this moment. Under the demand of capture, Aokiji can’t kill Ian.

Because they must first ensure the whereabouts of the Celestial Dragon chip…

Ian didn’t know what happened. In fact, he didn’t even figure out what was the thing in his pocket.

At this time, he had rushed to the wharf with the group of slaves. It was actually a relatively placid riverbank. Far away, Ian could hear the roar of the water. It was the so-called waterfall of Marijoa.

This riverbank was used as a dock, where many ships were moored, but if he went a little further, he could see the river going down diagonally.

The employees in black and the armored guards, who were down on the ground by the side of the wharf, seemed to be beaten by the guys from the Longleg tribe who went ahead of them.

Sure enough, when Ian and the rest finally came, they saw the guys from the Longleg tribe waving their arms at them on a big ship. They seemed to have suffered some injuries, but they were in high spirits.

A rope ladder had been placed on the side of the ship. Seeing this, the running slaves were crying with joy.

“We are saved, finally salvation!”


“Get on board! We are close to our freedom!”

The Marines have followed and started shooting at their side. The slaves, including the fighting force, have taken the initiative to stay to face these marine soldiers, and delay them until the weak and ordinary people get on board.

It took some time for more than 500 people to get on the boat. Ian also stayed with the fighters to hold back the marine soldiers. He knew that it was very likely that he would fight with some very powerful Marines, so he didn’t use any skill to attack these normal soldiers. At the same time, he tried his best to save his Stamina by cutting down his opponents with a simple move.

The Marines formed a wall of soldiers and fired at the crowd, but the slaves who remained in the rear were strong, and the bullets had little effect on them. As a last resort, the marine soldiers could only start setting up mortars and then shoot at them.

Among the crowd, the Giant warrior was the most conspicuous target. He was tall and muscular, so after the Marine’s mortars were set up, he was attacked by several shots.

The shells exploded on him and made his whole body blackened. However, even if he was injured, he still roared and rushed into the soldiers to crash them.

Ian naturally saw this scene, and was shocked by the combat power of the giant tribe. At this time, he saw a marine Captain, moving to slash the giant’s ankle.

The Giant was unstable after that, fell to the ground, and made a huge sound, and the colonel took this opportunity to jump up, holding a sword in his hands and chopped towards the giant’s neck, trying to kill this big guy.

Seeing the captain’s intention, at this time, Ian’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

Ian slashed and blocked the captain’s sword, the blade of Ian’s sword was imbued with Haki, and he immediately cut the opponent’s sword directly into two pieces! At the same time, a huge scar was left in the captain’s chest.

The captain fell to the ground in disbelief. He didn’t expect that he would be defeated by one move!

But Ian ignored the captain and turned to the giant’s huge head and said, “Are you ok?”

“Benefactor, I’m fine!” The giant struggled to stand up and said, “The warriors of Elbaf can not be defeated so easy!”

“Oh!! I didn’t expect you to be from Elbaf?” Ian was slightly surprised.

The giant just wanted to answer him with something, but there was a cry from the rear: “Savior, everyone has got on the boat!”