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S.C.S Chapter 143: Ice Vs Fire
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While speaking, half of Aokiji’s body has begun to crystallize.

In the sound of the clicking ice, the chilling cold began to spread around. Around Aokiji’s body, a kind of light fog began to spread, which was formed by the differential temperature between Aokiji’s body and the surrounding air temperature.

Ian was standing face to face with Aokiji, not far away, so he was the one who could most feel this chill most.

The extreme chill did not only numb Ian’s hands and feet, but it started freezing his mind.

“Hurry up, get out of here, we have to evacuate the place!”

Seeing that Aokiji was going to engage in a serious fight, some marine officers immediately realized that it won’t be good. They hurriedly called on the rest of the soldiers to back away from the battle site, for fear of being affected by Aokiji’s powerful abilities.

Ian also looked back at the slaves who were still digging the ice under the ship, so he said to Aokiji, “Let’s go ashore and fight?”

“Alright!!” Aokiji didn’t refuse, and jumped back to the shore.

Ian also followed, and when he reached the shore, stepping on the solid ground, he was slightly relieved. It has to be said that the real strength of Aokiji’s Fruit, the Ice-Ice Fruit, lies in the ability to create a battlefield environment suitable for him at will. Ian has just experienced it. How can a person exert his strength when he can’t stand stably?

When he came to the shore, Ian didn’t rush to start, but first tied up the Devil Fruit wrapped on his back with his own clothes. This precious thing can’t be lost in the battle.

However, this movement attracted Aokiji’s attention and asked, “What’s on your back? The Identity Chip?”

Ian laughed and said: “The identity chip is just a small crystal ball. It’s not that big!”

After hearing what he said, Aokiji didn’t ask more, but he also confirmed that Ian had truly seen the identity chip of Celestial Dragon.

After tying up the fruit, Ian pulled out the Devil’s Blade Yamato, wrapped it with Haki, which turned the blade black again, and then he rushed forward Aokiji.

Because his feet weren’t slipping anymore, Ian’s speed finally broke out, and with a flash, he came to Aokiji’s side, cutting across his waist.

“Oh! You are fast!” Aokiji was slightly startled. He dodged to the side, letting Ian’s sword brush his shirt and cut it. With a gentle swipe, Aokiji’s suit vest was cut open.

Seeing that he didn’t hit him, Ian moved at will instantly, his wrists flipped, and his sword thrust forward!

This change was extremely fast. He predicted the escape direction of Aokiji. It can be said that this stab was really fast and accurate! Immediately then, it was inserted Aokiji’s chest.

However, it was clear that Aokiji was hit, but Ian still did not it.

At this moment, Aokiji raised his leg and kicked towards Ian’s head!

He was tall and had very long legs. Even if Ian stepped back, he would not avoid the kick. In a hurry, he could only raise his left hand to block the attack.

From the powerful kick, Ian felt a sharp pain in his wrist, as if his wrist bone was about to break, but the next second, a sense of numbness followed!

Boom! Ian was kicked off by Aokiji and hit the ground on the other side like a shell.

Although Aokiji occasionally used his Ice Saber as a means of attack, if he thought that he could only use swordsmanship, he would be very wrong. Kuzan’s physical prowess was extremely high!

Ian gritted his teeth and stood up, only to find that he has no control over his left hand. When he looked at it, he found that his whole wrist was frozen!

“How is that possible? I just defended while using Haki!” Ian said with a little surprise.

Aokiji walked towards him step by step and said, “What’s so strange? That’s my Ability. Haki can capture my entity, but it doesn’t mean it can invalidate my Ability! ”

“But… I just stabbed you, and it didn’t cause any harm?” Ian asked.

“Of course!” Aokiji nodded: “Don’t look at my body as an ice statue, but I can also ‘flowing!”

Ian immediately understood that the Logia Fruit Users have a relatively special performance. That is, their bodies can be manipulated at will. Although this guy, Aokiji, looks like he was transformed into ice crystals, how does the ice come in essence?

When Ian stabbed him just a moment ago, he actively “flowed” his body and scattered the structure of that position. Ian saw that he was stabbed at the time, but in fact, the stabbing was basically in a mesh cavity.

‘So that was just related to his reaction speed?’ Ian thought of it this way, and then a flame burst out from his frozen wrist.

People who have experienced frostbite know that the frozen position of the human body can not be thawed by a violent high temperature, but it better be slowly relieved at a lower temperature.

But at the moment, Ian didn’t care. As soon as The Fist of the Mortal Flame was launched, it directly melted the ice on the left wrist.

“Yo!” When Aokiji saw this, he was amazed.

But before that, Ian had put the Devil’s Blade Yamato back into its sheath, and then he held the scabbard by his left hand, grasped the handle with his right hand, lowered his back and prepared himself for the next move!

“Ittoryu iai · Blazing Flash!”

“Not good!” When Ian’s figure disappeared instantly, Aokiji was inwardly frightened, and then disappeared from his place too.

Ian’s figure appeared behind the position where Aokiji was standing, and his sword was re-sheathed, but he didn’t hit him.

When Ian launched the Ittoryu iai technique, Aokiji also used the “Soru” to leave his position immediately.

When Aokiji’s figure reappeared on the ground, he said with a surprised look, “That’s terrible. You can use fire moves?”

“Yeah!” Ian turned to look at him and said. “I can’t keep up with you, so I have to consider using my abilities to restrain you.”

There are three ways to deal with the Logia Devil Fruit User: one is Kairoseki. Needless to say, the second is Haki. But if its speed and power were not as good as the opponent, then the Haki could be useless. As for the third way, it’s the opposite nature capability of each fruit, which can restraint it.

To be honest, Ian really should be glad that they send out Aokiji instead of the other two Admirals.

His current card abilities were better at using moves with high-temperature flames, which was exactly the ability to restrain Aokiji’s frost.

The strength of Aokiji’s ability was derived from the intensely cold ice, which can make people lose their combat effectiveness by freezing them. So Ian’s current Flame Abilities will definitely lose against Aokiji’s frost, but anyway, facing his ice abilities, Ian would be able to resist his blow and melt some of it…

“What a headache!” Aokiji scratched his head and said: “Are you the commander of the 15th division of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fossa? But your figure doesn’t look like him! “
( Fossa )

‘Who is that?’ Ian was shocked for a while, but he didn’t answer, then he rushed forwards again.

He knew that Aokiji was trying to guess his identity, but Ian wasn’t worried at all. There were too many strange abilities in this world. Many people were capable of using flaming swordsmanship.

Coming to Aokiji, the Raging Flames were attached to Ian’s blade, and he slashed his sword towards Aokiji.

He had thought that Aokiji wouldn’t dare to resist his strike, so he was sure that he would dodge away. However, what he didn’t expect was that Aokiji stood still and didn’t react.

Swish! The blade with the Raging Flames cut through Aokiji’s body very smoothly. Ian could see the cut part, and the ice was melting into water…

But… after Ian’s slash, Aokiji’s entire body collapsed!

His body turned into countless pieces of ice and collapsed on the ground. Ian was stunned. ‘What happened?’

While he was thinking about it, suddenly he felt something behind him. He was shocked. He turned around and saw that Aokiji, which had already collapsed, reappeared behind him!

At this time, Aokiji had only the upper half of his body, but he was covered all over with ice. With open arms, he hugged Ian from behind.

“Ice Time!!!”

Looking at the movement of Aokiji, Ian only felt that a sudden hunch of death came. He knew that if he was hugged by Aokiji, it would be the END!

That extreme cold will make him lose all consciousness and movement instantly!

In the midst of life and death, Ian’s reaction exceeded his usual limit, he turned around abruptly, and launched 100 Shiki: Oniyaki immediately!

Holding the sword and the scabbard with his hands, Ian rose up and waved a circle of purple flames around him.

When Aokiji rushed over, the first thing it came into contact with was the ball of purple flames.

The purple fire of Iori was a very high-temperature flame, but when it used by Ian, it was limited by his Nen and cannot last for too long, so that the cold frost of Aokiji quickly extinguished Ian’s Purple flame.

The cold breeze and the flames canceled each other out, and Aokiji also felt a violent pain, but his movement was not affected, and he hugged him firmly!

However, because of the jumping action of the 100 Shiki: Oniyaki, Ian’s figure has risen, which made Aokiji only embrace Ian’s legs.

With that, Ian was caught by Aokiji in mid-air. When Aokiji’s arms touched his legs, the frost began to spread upwards quickly.


Under the strong sense of threat, Ian couldn’t care less. With a loud roar, Ian used his injured left hand and directly launched the Reverse Style 108° – Eight Wine Glasses~ in place. (Ura 108 Shiki: Ya Sakazuki.)

The pillar of the Raging Flames started to emerge under them, and when Aokiji saw it, he let go of Ian’s legs.

Regardless of the energy consumption, Ian finally got out of this huge impasse. The frozen part of his legs also thawed because of the high-temperature flames.

After escaping the inevitable death, Ian felt that his heart was beating too fast. Just as any of his actions were a little slower, he would probably fall here…