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S.C.S Chapter 18: Pit of Money!

Finally, after treating the bruises on Kuina’s body and head, the doctor left, and his medical skills were powerless for a patient with such a strong concussion.

In the dojo, a group of young disciples surrounded Kuina. Several ones had already cried out, Master Koshiro said something, and finally, he persuaded them to go home.

After the bunch of reluctance, the children had finally felt, only Ian and Zoro remained at Kuina’s side.

Master Koshiro came in and said to them, “Thank you for taking care of her. Go and have a rest. I’ll stay with her.”

“No!” Zoro gritted his teeth and said, “I’m waiting for her to wake up!”

But Ian thought for a moment and said to Koshiro, “Sensei excuse me! I’m going to my room!”

Without waiting for Koshiro to nod, Ian hurried back to his room.

Apart from eating, the Den Den Mushi was dozing off most of the time, but when Ian picked up the shell on its back, it suddenly came to its spirit and opened its big eyes wide.

Ian dialed the number of Ivankov, and the Den Den Mushi immediately made a “Puru… Puru…” sound, as if waiting for a call.

It didn’t take long before the other side was finally connected, and Ian’s Den Den Mushi suddenly became the appearance of Ivankov, with long eyelashes on its big eyes and purple lipstick on its lips. This scene was quite magical, but Ian didn’t care much.

Iva’s voice came over the Den Den Mushi: “Heehaw! Who is calling? Is it you Kuma?”

No wonder why Ivankov made such a wrong guess. It was estimated that the Den Den Mushi of Ivankov would simulate Ian’s appearance… In other words, it simulates the original appearance of Ian’s Den Den Mushi, and Ian has been wearing Kuma’s ear cap, Ivankov did not think of it and mistook Ian with Kuma.

“Not Kuma, it’s me, Ian!” Ian said.

The Den Den Mushi on the desk was stunned and simulated Ivankov’s expression: “It turned out to be you, Ian little candy. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I didn’t expect you to call me.”

“Iva, stop gossiping!” Ian said urgently, “On the boat that day, I saw you giving Sabo first aid. You should be a doctor, right? Something happened to Kuina in the dojo! You have to help me!”

“Kuina?” Ivankov doubted for a moment, and then suddenly said, “Is she Mr. Koshiro’s daughter? What’s wrong with her?”

Ian told him the story and said, “Where are you now? Can you come back to Frost Moon Village?”

“I’m sorry, Ian boy!” Ivankov said regretfully. “I’m in the Kamabakka Kingdom now. It’s on the Grand Line. I don’t know how long it will take me to get there!”

As soon as Ian listened, his heart sank.

“But don’t worry!” Ivankov suddenly changed his tone: “I know her situation as you said. Kuina, the little candy, has no trauma, so it is estimated that there is congestion in her skull, which leads to her coma. Although I can’t come, I can tell you what medication to use.”

“Ah, that’s great. Tell me, I’ll write it down!” Ian hurried to find a pen and paper.

When Ivankov told Ian about the drugs he was going to use, he went on to say, “One more thing, Ian Boy, you should pay attention, the drugs can only be auxiliary, even if they can dispel the congestion in her skull, but they do not necessarily wake her up! The doctor in your village is right. Whether she can wake up is unknown!”

“What should I do?” Ian hurriedly asked.

“It can only be stimulated by external forces!” Ivankov thought for a moment and said, “You should casually talk to her more in your free time.”

Soon, the consultation was over. Although Ian contacted the doctor Ivankov, as he said, the only way she could wake up is if God wills it.


Late at night, Ian and Zoro were still guarding Kuina, the medicine that Ivankov ordered, had commissioned the teacher Sosuke to look for it in a nearby town.

“How could this be!” Zoro was still muttering, “Weren’t you fine yesterday? As soon as you made a deal with me, you…”

Master Koshiro knelt opposite and whispered to Zoro, “Zoro, sometimes people are very vulnerable…”

“Sensei! What if she can’t wake up, what should I do?” Zoro rubbed his eyes and asked Koshiro.

“You have to believe in her!” Koshiro smiled slightly and said, “Kuina is a strong child. She won’t be defeated like that. But you, Zoro! If she wakes up and finds that you have not progressed, she’ll probably make fun of you!”

“This period, who has a mind to practice!” Zoro said.

“You can’t say that!” Koshiro said, “Didn’t you make a deal with her? Don’t you want to surprise her when she wakes up?”

Zoro stared at Kuina’s face while she was laying on the ground. After a while, he nodded and said, “I see, I’ll go and train hard!”

Koshiro nodded gratefully.

Ian was on the side and had not spoken. He was checking the system in his mind.

According to Ivankov, for the case of Kuina, simple medical skills do not have much effect, so he wanted to find out if there were any cards with mental skills in the card system!

After more than a year in this world, Ian saved enough time to draw three more times besides drawing his first card ‘Samanosuke Akechi.’

However, these three draws made Ian understand how helpless those pay-to-win games for a player who doesn’t recharge.

The free draw in the card store does not mean that he can get a character card every time he draws, it just has a little chance! Because there are other items in the process of card drawing.

Among the three draw cards in the back, Ian first got five advanced stones, the second one was a green general-purpose cloth, and the third time, it was better, finally a character, but it turned out to be a fragment! Two fragments of Nakoruru from the game “Samurai Shodown!”

Nakoruru is a two-star card, and it takes twenty card fragments to synthesize a complete card.

In the card store, there are so many cards, and it takes a whole three months to draw once, when will it be possible to collect the remaining 18 fragments of Nakoruru?

And after asking the system, Ian found a bad thing about one-star cards and two-star cards.

According to the system, any card is qualified. The one-star and two-star cards have the lowest qualifications, followed by three-star and four-star card, and the highest five-star card. It should be noted that this refers to the original card!

In other words, the qualification of the original five-star red card is the highest. Even if a four-star card goes through a variety of breakthroughs to the five-star card, the qualification will be worse than the original five-star card.

Qualifications are growth, representing how many attribute values can be obtained per level of card promotion, which represents the improvement of the overall attribute when the card breaks through to +1, +2, +3, and because the final attribute of these cards is added to the host itself, it is also related to the growth of Ian himself.

Even if the one-star and two-star card can eventually be upgraded to a five-star card, it will consume a lot of resources in the process, so the system does not recommend Ian to cultivate them. The most important use of this type of card is to add up to the high-star cards, and at the same time, it can be decomposed to obtain souls, souls can buy card fragments they want in the exclusive soul store. The card that is really worth cultivating should start at least from the three-star card.

The odds of getting the whole card are very low when the time is accumulated for a single extraction, so he can only rely on ten consecutive draws. It is said that the odds are higher, but if Ian wants to make the ten consecutive draws, he must have enough money to recharge…

Ian was somewhat lucky. Fortunately, when he came to this world, he found that he has a system supporting him to survive, but unfortunately, this system is a bottomless pit of money…

All of this is counted, but what makes Ian complain was that most of the functions of the system are all complete, the only error is the plot part.

Anyone who has played a card game knows that card games have almost a fixed pattern, That is to say, the plot, commonly known as the deduction map, when a chapter is finished, the players will be given the opportunity to open the treasure box according to the number of stars they get. The treasure box will usually have diamond rewards, which is the main source of diamonds for non-recharger players.

However, this damn system did not have any plot illustration at all and sent Ian with an unknown error…

In other words, if Ian wants diamonds to draw cards, then he must recharge, and that is the only way.

When faced with this kind of demonic card game that seems to be always hungry for money, and when it comes to this seemingly expensive situation, Ian can only say that it hurts…

“Systems, is there any character card that has mental strength or spiritual power?” Ian asked.

“Yes!” The system responded simply.

“Oh!” Ian was overjoyed, he asked, “Who are these characters? How many stars do they have?”

“Card character: Yuri! Four-Star Orange Class Card. Card Character: Blade Queen Kerrigan: Five Star Red Class Card!…”

Just listening to the system listing two names, Ian’s heart was cold, and he instantly understood, this kind of character card with mental strength, are almost all of the high-level rare cards!

It was not what he could get at this stage!