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S.C.S Chapter 19: Wearing A Hat Won’t Make You Strong Enough!

Let’s say that Ian has the money to draw cards, whether he would draw cards was another matter.

Because the system said, all the cards he would draw will have a high priority of matching with the host skills! In other words, according to the swordsmanship skills Ian has learned now when he draws cards, he will have a higher chance to draw character cards which are users of the sword, and a smaller chance on the other type of cards.

Ian sighed. It seems that he could not help her now. Whether Kuina could wake up or not depended only on herself.

Looking back, Ian watched Zoro still staring at Kuina, wondering what he was thinking. Master Koshiro had already left to rest.

“Let’s go!” Ian patted Zoro’s shoulder and said, “We should not stay like this, let’s wait for Master Sosuke to come back with the medicine, and then we’ll come back for her!”

Zoro looked up and said, “Brother Ian, will you still practice with me tomorrow?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded and said, “What’s wrong?”

Zoro stood up, clenched his fist, and said, “Master Koshiro is right. Even if Kuina can’t wake up now, my agreement with her is still there. I don’t want her to wake up and find that I wasted a lot of time. I have to work harder than ever to become the strongest Swordsman in the world!”

Ian wanted to say something to Zoro, but what he didn’t expect was that at this time, the corner of his eyes caught a slight movement of Kuina while she was lying down.

So he immediately turned his head and saw that Kuina’s eyelids seem to move twice!

For a moment, Ian called out in surprise, hurriedly went over and whispered, “Kuina? Kuina!”

After shouting twice, Ian found that Kuina did not wake up. He had some doubts. He had heard that when people were dreaming, their eyelids would indeed move. Could it be that Kuina was dreaming?

But why hasn’t it moved before?

Ian looked up at Zoro, as if… Is it because what the idiot just said now triggered Kuina’s reaction?

“What happened to you, Brother Ian?” Zoro did not know what was going on. He asked curiously, “Why did you suddenly shout for Kuina? She can’t hear you!”

“Zoro, repeat what you said just now!” Ian ignored him and commanded him directly.


“Just do it!” Ian wasn’t in a good mood. And why was this fool talking so much at this time?

So Zoro had to repeat it again.

This time, Ian stared into Kuina’s eyes tightly. At first, Zoro’s words did not stimulate her. But in the end, when Zoro uttered the phrase “Become the strongest swordsman in the world,” Ian suddenly found that Kuina’s eyelids actually moved twice!

That’s the sentence! Ian patted his thigh excitedly. What Ivankov said was true. The external stimulation would indeed affect Kuina.

As for what Zoro said, Ian found it not difficult to understand. It seemed to become the strongest swordsman in the world was Kuina’s obsession, even if she was in a coma, her subconscious still remember this idea!

Obviously, Zoro also saw Kuina’s reaction this time, although it was very slight, it was indeed observed, and even Zoro was happy for a while.

“Effective! Brother Ian, it really works!” Zoro pulled Ian’s sleeve and said excitedly, “It looks like Kuina could really wake up!”

Ian grabbed Zoro’s neck with his arm, drilled his fist on his green algae head twice, and said, “It appears that you idiot, is really useful!”

Zoro smiled slightly, and at this time, he did not mind Ian’s bullying him.

“Remember, you have to come and say these few words to Kuina every day in the future!” Ian told him, “And be sure to mention this sentence, no matter how long it takes, until the day when Kuina wakes up!”

“Alright!” Zoro nodded solemnly.


So, in the following days, they began their routine exercises as usual, which seems to be influenced by Kuina’s persistence. Both Ian and Zoro worked harder and harder.

Under the advice of Master Koshiro, they have changed into real swords to practice.

Ian was holding an ordinary samurai sword, which was made by the blacksmith in the village. The workmanship and materials were not that good, but in terms of weight and handle, it can achieve the purpose of practice.

Pushing the stone hanging from the branch so hard that it swung back at a faster rate, while Ian was holding the sword, staring at the stone swinging back.

When the stone was about to hit him, Ian moved, and he quickly placed his long sword in front of him!

The crisp sound “Dang” came out, the stone hit the sword, causing Ian’s body to be slightly shocked.

Then the next second, Ian moved quickly! With the strength of the moment when the parry succeeded, Ian pulled his sword in an arc shape, from bottom to top, and swung it violently!!

Shua! Quickly the blade cut the air, making a slight noise and leaving a black scratch in sight!

The stone that swung over, under this fast attack, was cut open from the middle, turned into two halves and fell on the ground behind Ian…

“Hoo!” Ian sighed and turned to look at the smooth cut stone surface. Ian knew that his blow had finally been launched successfully.

After more than a year of persistent sword practice every day, Ian’s swordsmanship proficiency has finally increased to one million, and successfully advanced to intermediate swordsmanship. After he reached the intermediate level, Ian has become able to use another skill of Samanosuke Akechi’s card, Bullet Flash!!

Compared to the previous True Flash, the launch of the Bullet Flash was relatively simple. It’s about launching at the moment when the opponent is attacked.

At the same time, Ian found that after he advanced to intermediate swordsmanship, he could choose to freely launch the bullet flash in any position. As he had just done, his body’s residual remain motionless, concentrating all his Nen on the sword, and the chop that he had just made could even cut the stone!!

Of course, this stone was not that hard of a material. If it were replaced by granite, Ian would not be able to cut it off, yet.

It’s just that… Looking at the sword in his hand, Ian found that after this cut, a slight crack appeared on the edge of the sword. Such a sword was estimated to be damaged only after several combats and a lot of practice time.

“You… Did you actually split open that stone!?!” Zoro stared at Ian in a daze: “Is really wearing that hat makes you this powerful!?”

“What do you say?” Ian said with a smile.

“But it’s still stupid…” Zoro said.

Ian was too lazy to beat him. The bear boy just couldn’t talk.

“Wait for me!” Zoro seemed to think of something, turned and ran down the hill. After a while, he came back panting, holding a black square scarf in his hand.

Then, without waiting for Ian to say a word, he put his scarf on his head and tied a knot behind his head covering his green algae head.

“How about it! This is my cap!” Zoro stood proudly holding his waist and said, “Now can I also understand that swordsmanship?”

After that, the little fellow waved his sword twice and said, “Ah, it’s really different! There’s a wonderful feeling that everything around you is getting dark! Is this the higher state of swordsmanship?”

Ian spit out “Pui!” @-@. ‘What higher state of swordsmanship are you talking about? That is your black scarf covering your eyes?’

This psychological hint was really outrageous enough.

However, the most irritating thing for Ian was that this fool would rather wear a square scarf casually than his hat. Does his bear ear hat really cast a great psychological shadow on him?

What the F*ck! The bear ear hat is very cute!

Watching Zoro feel good about himself, he embarked on his path of understanding swordsmanship. Ian turned his eyes, squatted down and looked at Zoro, and said, “Well, is it better to wear a cap?”

“Not bad!” Zoro nodded with satisfaction.

Ian raised his index finger and shook him: “You probably don’t know, wearing a hat is not the best way to get tough!”

“Oh!?” Zoro widened his eyes. “What! There are other methods to become more powerful?”

“Baldness!” Ian said solemnly, “If your head goes bald, that’s awesome. You’ll straight become invincible!”

“Really?” Zoro looked at him unbelievably.

“Truer than pearls!” Ian said, “Invincible! Whatever the enemy is, you will defeat him with one punch!”

Zoro thought foolishly for a while, then suddenly became angry and said, “But… Damn it! You think I’m a kid, you’re a liar!? How could there be such a person?!”

Ian laughed and felt that Zoro’s expression made him so happy.

He almost believed it just now…

Ian’s face was red with laughter, and Zoro couldn’t help it anymore. He rushed over to Ian with his sword: “Damn you! Let’s fight it out!”

Ian stops Zoro’s chopping, smiled and said, “Well, before Kuina wakes up, let me be your opponent! But you have to be careful, I can beat people more powerful than Kuina! “

Subsequently, on the back hill of Frost Moon Village, there were two figures fighting behind…
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