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S.C.S Chapter 235: Sengoku’s Premonition

Sengoku knows very well that the reasons for this defeat were multifaceted and no one was mainly responsible for it.

Even he himself did not consider such outcomes, originally by sending Kizaru and Zephyr, two Admirals together, Sengoku was very optimistic, although Momonga and Doberman provoked the Whitebeard pirates by invading one of his territories, but in Sengoku’s perspective, with Whitebeard’s personality, he should consider the determination of Marines…

However, no one thought that he would bring out all of his forces to this country.

Because the marines didn’t understand the relationship between Ace and Ian, Sengoku did not realize the role Ace played in this. Such results shocked Sengoku, and made him think that the Whitebeard was planning to go all in and start a war with the marines.

He was fortunate that he did not send Akainu out. Kizaru and Zephyr will judge the situation and consider the outcomes, but if Akainu was in charge, the consequences… let’s not talk about it…

The Whitebeard will definitely kill him… the Whitebeard really hates Akainu…

Forget this now, the most surprising thing to Sengoku was the strength Ian and Fujitora showed!

In his mind, he had given a high appraisal to the Dragon Hunter pirates, otherwise, he would not dispatch two admirals at the same time. However, it turns out that his evaluation was still a little low.

This was why Sengoku, after hearing Kizaru’s report, glared at the eyes of the intelligence officer, now was not the time to attack each other and pursue accountability.

On Sengoku’s desk, there were three documents: one is the investigation report of the CP intelligence organization on Ian and Fujitora, and the other is from Zephyr, the report about his two detained students, as for the last one, it was from the World Government, insisting about accelerating the process of inviting the captain of the dragon hunters, Ian, and making him a Shichibukai.

On Salamis Island, there was an intern reporter, Pritz, who covered the entire battle. This made Sengoku very surprised. It is because of this reporter, not only the marines, but also the World Government witnessed that Kizaru was badly injured by Ian, and Zephyr was barely holding his ground against the other monster, Fujitora, they knew now that it was impossible for the Marines to retrieve the identity chip within a month.

During this period, the Celestial Dragons have been constantly putting pressure on the World Government, which made the Five Elders very annoyed. They tried to delay this outcome as much as possible and make the Marines get their revenge by taking this pirate group down, then after seeing the whole fight, they began to seriously think about this matter.

There was no doubt that the strength Ian showed in the fight against Kizaru was enough to make him a Shichibukai. The 500 million Berries reward given by Celestial Dragons at the beginning seemed too high, but now, everything changed…

If they had Ian by their side, the world government and the Marines will have another powerful ally.

So, they sent this latter to Sengoku in advance.

However, Sengoku looked at this report, but he was unable to make a decision. Regarding the CP’s investigation report on Ian, this young man grew up in a small village in the East Blue, and went out as a Pirate hunter and caught several famous Pirates in his area.

At the time, Sengoku once suspected that this young man called Ian had something to do with the tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma. After all, the two men wore the same hat.

However, according to CP’s report, Ian and Kuma did not have any involvement. On the contrary, when he was in the Sabaody Archipelago, Kuma did have a huge fight with Ian, and there was evidence of the battle.

From this point of view, this young man was indeed an object that can be won over. Even if it was possible, Sengoku thought about turning him into a marine, because Sengoku can see from the analysis report that Ian does have a sense of justice.

It’s just that… Because of this sense of justice, Ian, a young man who encountered the Celestial Dragons, completely fell to the opposite side…

In response to this situation, Sengoku have seen many similar cases in his career along the years. Sometimes he feels that the Celestial Dragons were a group of filthy nobles who force many good people to the opposite side of justice… Unfortunately, due to the pressure of the Government, the Marines were forced to help the Celestial Dragons by doing unjust deeds such as bringing back slaves…

Although he was very upset that Ian killed the base commander of the G5 branch base, the Marines resolutely dispatched their Admirals to hunt him down, however, now the one-month deadline was coming soon, and the pursuit operation has failed. Therefore, Sengoku had to allow this and send the invitation to Ian…

Now, with the battle scenes on Salamis Island, Sengoku has an intuitive understanding of Ian’s strength, and it was still so difficult for him to accept the fact that he killed a marine Vice Admiral.

According to these investigation reports, Sengoku had to accept no matter what, but… Sengoku had to think more before acting… there was still one uncertain thing in his mind.

That is Whitebeard!

It is mentioned in Kizaru’s report that the newcomer of the Whitebeard Pirates, Fire Fist Ace, appeared during the battle and fought side by side with Ian, and then Whitebeard appeared.

Now that’s what Sengoku isn’t sure about. He doesn’t know what is the relationship between Ian and the whitebeard pirates!?

Everyone knows that the Shichibukai were a group of seven powerful and notorious pirates allied to the World Government. As a group, they were one of the Three Great Powers that kept the balance of the world.

Generally speaking, as long as the strength and reputation were sufficient, then there was no problem in becoming a Shichibukai. With the strength that Ian showed, Sengoku didn’t mind him becoming one of them.

But the problem was that Shichibukai shouldn’t be allied with the Emperors. If Ian and the Whitebeard were cooperating and he let him be Shichibukai, wouldn’t that be “Conflict of interests”?

He could be letting an undercover person from the Yonko turn to Shichibukai!?

“No, I have to hold back for the time being!” Sengoku thought of it and put the World Government report file into the drawer.

He wanted to continue investigating and confirm their relationship. Besides, if they just sent out the invitation to Ian, and then he turned around and joined the Whitebeard Pirates, the Marines would become the laughing stock of the whole world.

After pressing down this document, Sengoku picked up a wanted poster, which has a picture of Fire Fist Ace.

If Sengoku didn’t care much about Fire Fist Ace before, then he had to pay attention when he learned that he had joined the Whitebeard Pirates.

“Portgas D. Ace?” According to CP’s investigation, Sengoku now knows the real name of Ace. After seeing the D in Ace’s name, Sengoku was a little worried.

“He turned out to be like that old guy Garp… is he related to him?” Sengoku looked puzzled at Ace’s photo: “The clan of D?”

There were so many things that arouse Sengoku’s concern. The position of marine Fleet Admiral is not an easy job. After making the decision to increase the bounty for fire fist Ace and intensify the investigation on him, Sengoku picked up Zephyr’s report again.

As an old friend, and a comrade of the same generation, Sengoku has always respected Zephyr. When he came forward and asked for Zephyr’s help, the retired Marine, the Former Admiral, Zephyr without the slightest hesitation agreed. It can be said that Sengoku owed him for this, and now two close students of Zephyr were detained by the Whitebeard, and Sengoku should help rescue them.

However, Sengoku also knows that this report must be handed over to the World Government, to the Five Elders, because to exchange these two students, they must compensate the Principality of Salamis. These things were the responsibilities of the world government, and the marines can’t overstep its authority.

According to Sengoku’s estimate, if this report was handed over to World Government, it is very likely that no response will be received!

Sengoku knows that the two detained students were the two survivors from that incident. These two students are very important to Zephyr, but this won’t necessarily affect the reaction of the World Government, because these two were only soldiers with just captain ranks. It won’t be worth it to make any compensation for Salamis, a non-participating country, for these two recruits.

Therefore, in Sengoku’s view, it can only be approved if he used the name of the Whitebeard. It is impossible to compensate a non-participating country, but it is possible to compensate for a Yonko who they just provoked.

There is no doubt that this kind of compromise by the world government has happened many times…

Of course, such compromises can’t be brought to the surface. They are all carried out in the dark. The Marines can’t get involved in these matters. The world government will secretly send CP agents to contact the whitebeard.

“I hope I could rescue the students of Zephyr…” Sengoku sighed softly, leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes, and calmed down.

He knew that his own affairs had not been dealt with yet, because the next thing that bothered him most was the pressure from the Celestial Dragons. If the identity chip could not be recovered soon, Sengoku would have to endure the questioning of his superiors.

“What is his relationship with the Whitebeard?” Sengoku thought: “It doesn’t seem like he is one of his kids…”

Thinking about it, Sengoku didn’t know from where to start, and suddenly he came up with a thought: “If only this young man called Ian and the Whitebeard turn against each other… huh!”

Sengoku couldn’t help but be startled by his own thoughts, laughing at himself and saying, “What am I talking about, this is unlikely!”

However, what Sengoku didn’t know was that his reverie became a reality one month later…



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