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S.C.S Chapter 270: Army vs Tank

At this time, Ian wanted to equip Shinpachi Shimura’s card to show off his tsukkomi Divine skills.

He really wanted to grasp Varua’s collar and ask him about his aesthetic conceptions…

Not only Ian, but even the members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group could not help bursting out laughing when they saw this Raikōhō cannon. No one can blame them, the problem was that this cannon looked inappropriate…

This shape really doesn’t match the name of thunder cannon, so Ian insisted to call it Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon!

However, Varua was confused. He couldn’t understand why Ian emphasized the name to him so seriously.


It was at this time that a large number of rebel miners gradually flooded into the palace.

After conquering the mine and liberating their partners, the uprising army turned back and surrounded the palace. Varua looked at the crowd of people, which their eyes were full of hatred. He did not dare to keep tangling with Ian about the name of his tank anymore.

“You asked for this!” Varua looked at Ian bitterly, and said, “Habs, prepare to fire the Thunder Cannon!”

“Stop them! We can’t let them fire it!” Arion shouted, and immediately led the rebel miners and rushed towards the tank!

These guys’ sudden appearance really caught Ian off guard. They arrived here later, so they didn’t know what had happened before. Varua didn’t hesitate to face the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, because he wanted to cover Habs’ escape, and the fact that they ran to the basement shows that this is their last card…

Arion and his guys didn’t know anything, so they rushed up immediately. Did they really think that it was just a normal cannon!?

“Stop! What are you doing, don’t rush over!” Ian grabbed Arion, but he couldn’t stop the other rebels alone.

They probably saw Varua right in front of them, so they were blinded with rage. They couldn’t forget the fact that this bastard hired a lot of thugs to kill hundreds of their people and lead to a massacre. Their hatred toward Varua was as deep as the sea.

When Arion was pulled and got dragged to the ground by Ian, the other rebels had already rushed to the tank. However, facing these red-eyed people who wanted to kill him, Varua laughed scornfully, slammed his hands together, and launched a tearing projectile around!

Those who rushed to the front were immediately cut by his blow. With the strong effect of his fruit ability, their bodies were immediately torn in halves!

“Sh!t..” Seeing this horrible scene, Ian jumped up with anger and pulled out the Senbonzakura in midair, black flames condensed on his sword, and then he bounced towards Varua head-on!

When Varua noticed Ian’s figure in the air, he immediately ejected another blow at him. Ian was not sure whether the Busoshoku Kōka could resist this kind of ability, so he acted carefully, twisted in mid-air, and avoided Varua’s attack, and then while rotating, he threw a huge blazing Flying Slash at the king!

Seeing the upcoming attack, Varua quickly crouched and hid in the chassis of the tank.

Then, Ian’s flying slash landed on the tank’s hull. The huge surging force made the tank shake slightly, but then an unexpected thing happened. The tank wasn’t damaged at all!

‘No way!?’ Ian was very surprised. His current Flying Slash can easily cut through steel. Why isn’t it effective against this tank?

“Hahaha!” Varua got out of the hatch again, and laughed at Ian: “This babe is made entirely of Ferrite, and its hardness is second only to Kairoseki, It won’t be that easy to even scratch it!”

“Ferrite!?” Ian was a little confused when he heard this word, but seeing the arrogant look of this Varua, Ian raised his hand when he landed and hit the tank with 108 Shiki: Dark Hook.

The raging purple flame slid to the tank and immediately wrapped it up. The temperature of this unique flame was extremely high. Inside the tank, Varua’s horrified cry filled the area, yelling: “it’s hot! It’s hot! So hot!”

Ian sneered coldly, and moved towards the tank again. Although the hardness of this material was quite high, since it was basically a metal, it will naturally absorb the heat so fast. Ian found an easy way to deal with Varua.

However, what Ian did not expect was that even with the swift increasement of internal temperature of the tank due to the surrounding purple flames, the tank’s hull didn’t melt, and Varua didn’t even come out to cool-down.

He just controlled the tank, and aimed the muzzle at Ian who was in front of him!

While making complaints about the shape of the cannon, Ian saw a huge electric current rising. What amazed the crowd was that the gathering currents were merging in a spiral form, and it kept spinning at the same time…

Afterward, in a very short time, the muzzle has condensed a strong electric ball!

Ian was shocked and immediately flashed away. However, when Ian’s figure moved, the muzzle followed simultaneously and fired at him!

After all, Varua is a former colleague of Vegapunk, and he is a great scientist himself. In addition, he learned a lot about Vegapunk’s technology during the period when they worked together. The instantaneous following technology of the muzzle was actually the locking technology used by Vegapunk in his cyborg project.

Varua has just locked Ian as the target, however, because the mobility of the muzzle still can’t keep up with Ian’s speed, so although the cannon has fired, it missed Ian.

It was an extremely hot, high-pressure shot. At the moment it was launched, the incandescent rays of light almost blinded everyone present.

Since Ian was right in front of the tank, the muzzle was fired at him with a lowered launch angle. A strong flash of electric current hit the ground behind Ian as soon as it ejected the blow.

A burnt black round hole immediately appeared on the ground, but it was not over. The next second, the energy contained in the shot suddenly burst out. A group of composed lightning exploded from the ground, and the diffuse power of lightning also spread instantly, causing a deafening sound, and affecting a large area.

The members of the Dragon Hunter pirate Group were not too close because they were cautious, but the dense rebel troops were all damaged. In the area where the electric current exploded, more than a dozen people were swept in by the electric currents. This attack often carries a kind of pulling force. The moment the close people were dragged in, they were directly burned by the powerful electric current!

Seeing this scene, Ian couldn’t help gasping. He had witnessed the power of Kizaru’s Laser shots, but Varua’s Thunder Cannon seemed to be more powerful!

“Retreat, all of you back off now!” Arian was originally angry because Ian dragged him a while ago, but after seeing this scene, he realized that Ian was just saving his life. Now there were too many rebels gathering around the palace, and it’s too easy to bombard and cause a lot of casualties to a crowd in such formations. So he reacted and desperately told the rebels to disperse quickly.

The other members of Ian’s Group knew that they can’t help much, so they also retreated. Only Fujitora and Nana stayed there.

“The captain’s flames failed to force that guy out!” Nana said, “I’m afraid there is some cooling equipment in the tank’s hull!”

“Then I’ll crush it!” Fujitora took a step forward and pulled out his sword. An insane amount of gravity was immediately applied to the tank.

A crashing sound was heard. Under such heavy pressure, even steel can be bent, but it did only make Varua’s tank compress a little bit. The tank’s material was so rigid beyond imagination, even Fujitora’s ability didn’t cause a lot of damage…

Inside the tank, Habs was under enormous pressure, so he started vomiting blood, but Varua gritted his teeth and borne it. At this time, his eyes turned red, but he still shook it off and reached out to flip the internal switch and continue charging the thunder cannon, but this was also his limit.

However, at this time, he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from above. In doubt, he raised his head and looked up, only to see a sword tip ignited with black flames, which was penetrating the upper part of the hull, slowly piercing in…

Outside the tank, taking advantage of Fujitora’s distraction, Ian jumped up and used the Black Dragon flames to slowly penetrate the tank with his sword!

The flame of the black dragon was concentrated on the sword’s tip, which brought a high piercing power. After getting to this part, the rest would be easy to handle.

“Scatter (chire), Senbonzakura!”

Standing on top of the tank, Ian held the hilt of his katana in one hand, and said this sentence coldly.

Inside the tank, Varua was surprised to find that the thrusting blade turned into cherry blossom petals and filled the interior space.

With Ian’s control, Senbonzakura’s petals immediately began to wreak havoc inside the tank, and the small sharp blades not only did they slash every part of Varua’s body, but also cut a large number of cables inside the tank.

Humph! A high-pitched sound came, and then it went down, and the lights inside the tank went out.

Varua’s final weapon wasn’t that easy to defeat!

It has to be said that Varua’s tank was indeed firm and had a powerful defense mechanism, but the barriers were breached from within, and this time, the tank was completely wrecked.

The thunder cannon that Varua placed high hopes on was finally destroyed by Ian.

Countless petals squirted out of the gap, gathered above the handle, and reverted to Senbonzakura’s blade. After that, Ian squatted near the gap, looking inside, and shouted: “Come out, you have nowhere to go now!”

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