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S.C.S Chapter 271: Ancient weapons!

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Seeing that the Thunder Cannon has turned into a piece of junk, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group gathered around and surrounded Varua’s tank.

However, the rebel miners, because of the previous shot, were a little scared and didn’t dare to move forward.

Varua knew that his tank won’t protect him anymore. The enormous strength of the Dragon Hunters’ cadres could still reach him through such hull, so he had to open the lid and come out.

Due to the sudden release of gravitational suppression, Varua spat some blood. At this time, his spirit was already weakened. After crawling out, he fell directly and hit the ground.

He struggled to stand up, folded his hands, and wanted to use his ability and continue resisting. However, Ian shook his head and instantly flashed behind him and kicked the back of his knee. With this blow, Varua collapsed and knelt on the ground.

“You need to learn when to stop resisting… With such a physical condition, even if you still have a powerful devil fruit, what will you do?” Ian said.

Varua’s tear fruit is indeed very horrible. He has developed it to the awakening stage, how can it not be powerful? But the problem is that such a powerful ability fell on the hands of a weakling, so it could be considered as a waste of powerful fruit.

Although he has only seen its ability several times, Ian has long discovered the weakness of Varua’s moves.

The first one is that when he activates his fruit ability, it seems that he needs to do a specific gesture, that is, the tearing action. This reminds Ian of Uncle Kuma’s fruit, his abilities need a specific gesture to be performed. In that case, it was embarrassingly easy to judge his attacking path, and to avoid it.

As for the second weakness, it is his Stamina. When a Devil Fruit User uses his skills, he consumes his own physical strength. But this fellow, Varua, is just a scientist after all. What kind of physical power can they expect from him?

This scientist has never focused on improving his physical condition, so he only used his ability a few times before he got exhausted, and Ian noticed that he was a little short of breath. Plus coupled with his current age, his body long passed its peak.

It’s no wonder that Varua put all his hopes on the Thunder Cannon. It is estimated that he himself understands that he has no hope of reaching his goals by just using his devil fruit ability.

After hearing Ian’s words, Varua smiled at Ian and said, “Go on, finish me! My life should have ended many years ago.”

Ian shook his head. In fact, he didn’t have any deep hatred toward Varua, he had no intention to kill him. The real enemies of Varua were the rebel miners who many of them have died because of him. Ian didn’t plan to act on their behalf.

So he crouched down and asked, “Did you make this Neo Armstrong Cannon?”

“It’s called Thunder Cannon!” Varua couldn’t help retorting: “What the hell is this Neo Armstrong Cannon you are talking about!?”

“Don’t bother!” Ian was too lazy to entangle with him again about the name and said, “this cannon is quite powerful. Is it powered by the thunderstone?”

“Of course!” Varua said with some pride: “The current Thunder Cannon is just an unfinished product. Only when it gets installed on a ship can it show its real power!”

“So, what you want to develop is actually a naval cannon?” Ian said: “What do you want to use this weapon for? Dominate the world? Or be the Pirate King?”

Varua’s facial muscles twitched, which was a painful thing to do… His face was already densely covered with scars, and just now, Ian’s Senbonzakura Shikai added countless ones… At this time, Varua looked scary.

“Dominate the world?” Varua said with a sneer: “Such conjecture is an insult!”

“Oh, really!?” Ian said in a funny way: “It’s that bad to dominate the world? Do you instead want to dominate the whole solar system?”

In a few words, Ian provoked Varua’s anger. So he roared: “Who said it’s about dominance. What do pirates like you know!?”

“What the hell do you want to do with such a weapon? Tell me!” Ian smiled and said, “You must have a strong reason to study and research for years then make such a powerful weapon?”

Varua coughed violently because of his emotional roar. After a couple of seconds, he said with frustration: “I wanted to use this thunder cannon to take down the world government for bombarding my colleagues and almost killing me, but now I understand that this is not what I really want…”

Ian and Nana looked at each other. After Varua said this, his face looked much older. He was already in his fifties, and now he seems to have lost his spiritual support… He was so despaired!

So Ian asked cautiously: “Then what do you want?”

Varua looked up at Ian and said with a bitter smile, “Why are you asking so many questions? You won, so you can do whatever you want with me. “

“I’m just curious!” Ian said seriously: “I have witnessed the power of your creation. If you can make such a weapon, you should be a very smart scientist, right? So I’m very curious about what do you want to achieve?”

Varua laid back and leaned his head against the hull of the thunder in the rear, sighed, and said: “You are right. I was indeed a well-respected scientist back then. I was originally working in a research institute with some brilliant people. However, one day, because of the miraculous research achievement of my colleagues, the World Government listed our facility as an illegal Research Institute, closed it and bombed our laboratory, and captured most of my colleagues… I was lucky enough to survive the explosion, but take a look at my face and see the shameless result, after that, I had to sail the sea as a pirate.”

Sure enough, the reason why Ian kept asking these questions was that he wanted to crack Varua and get some valuable information. Since Nana found out about Varua’s identity, Ian has been very concerned. He wanted to know what happened in those years and what kind of person Vegapunk was.

Vegapunk is a mysterious person. Ian has always heard of his name but never saw him. Although this talented scientist works with the marines, Ian has always felt that there might something strange about all of this.

After all, uncle Kuma is a cadre of the revolutionary army, and he was still Shichibukai at the time. There is no reason why he would voluntarily cooperate with Vegapunk’s transformation experiment. Even if he wants to get the technology of the Cyborgs for the Revolutionary Army, once the transformation is completed, uncle Kuma will lose consciousness. How will he give them the technology? Since Uncle Kuma knew about this, why was he still willing to cooperate with the transformation…

This is where his doubts lie. Ian thought about it and found that the key may be Dr. Vegapunk… So now that he finally caught one of his former colleagues, Ian had to dig more in the past and learn more about that guy.

Fortunately, thanks to Ian’s efforts, the vicissitudes of Varua’s memory were finally evoked, so he listened carefully.

“I have a grudge against the world government. So I studied the Thunderstone and made the Thunder Cannon. What I thought about at the beginning was to shell Marijoa and avenge the souls of my dead colleagues…” What Varua babbled about made Ian and the others feel a little frightened.

Shelling the Holy Land Marijoa!? This old man is more ruthless than Ian! Ian had the balls to only set Marijoa on fire, and this guy Varua wanted to bombard the whole place with his Neo Armstrong Cannon!?

How many Celestial Dragons will die if this happens!?

Hearing this, a Chibi figure of Ian appeared above his shoulder and gave Varua a thumbs up, but Ian himself remained calm and serious, and kept listening!

“But now, I have discovered that my real intention for making thunder cannon seems to be more than revenge!” Varua smiled bitterly: “I’m afraid my real intention is to complete an idea of my colleagues in the Research Institute and build a weapon comparable to ancient weapons…”

Bang! When this sentence was said, a bolt of lightning seemed to strike Ian, he immediately whispered to Walnut beside him: “Use your ability now and cover us with a Soundproof barrier! Don’t let Arion and the others hear the following conversation!”

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