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S.C.S Chapter 272: Learning More

Hearing Ian’s words, Walnut nodded, and the Silent ability was immediately activated. The sound-proof barrier isolated the nearby sound and prevented it from spreading out. The members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group also closed the area up in a tacit way, and kept the insurgents from approaching.

Ian did this to protect Arion and the others. To be honest, he didn’t expect that a big bomb like ancient weapons would suddenly pop up from Varua’s mouth. Hearing this kind of thing won’t be beneficial…

Fortunately, Arion and his people were searching in the wreckage of the palace at this time to see if there were survivors in need of help, and they didn’t pay attention to the sudden disappearance of Varua’s voice.

Varua grinned, looked at Ian, and said, “It looks like you also know what ancient weapons are!”

“Indubitably!” Ian nodded and said: “Of course, I’ve heard about the ancient weapons.”

“Knowing the names does not mean understanding their true power!” Varua said: “In fact, even we don’t know exactly what the three ancient weapons look like. The only one that is relatively certain is Pluto, which is the most destructive warship created in the history of shipbuilding. It is said to be powerful enough to annihilate an island in a single shot. Most importantly, it seems that this warship still exists, buried deep somewhere in the globe…”

Ian nodded. He knew about this warship, and about its shipwright, Tom, who lived in the Capital of Water 7 a long time ago. Precisely because this battleship still exists that Crocodile far away in Alabasta was searching for its location. He wanted to seize Alabasta, just for its Poneglyph, which he thought that it contained the location of Pluto.

“Interestingly, when we were still in the Research Institute, we got some scattered information about Pluto!” Varua then said: “Although it’s only a few pieces of information, we can see that it’s definitely a weapon beyond human imagination. When we received such information, we were extremely shocked… You know what, it’s a weapon made hundreds of years ago, which has surpassed our current technology!”

“As scientists, even though we were so surprised, we are more unconvinced!” Varua sighed and said, “So at that time, some people suggested that maybe we could concentrate the power of the research institute to build a weapon comparable to or even more powerful than the ancient weapons. But at that time, the opinions of our group were not very unified. Some were against it, some agreed, and those who supported the idea felt that if Pluto still exists, so we might need a weapon that could counter it… However, those who oppose it believed that a new weapon shouldn’t be developed because of fear of Pluto’s reappearance. If this cycle continues, there will be no end to it.”

“So, you are one of those who were in favor?” Ian asked him.

“Of course!” Varua nodded proudly: “I always thought that we are not inferior to the ancient people. Since they have made such powerful weapons so long ago, it makes no sense that we are behind them. Right?”

After hearing these words, Fujitora shook his head and said: “Not necessary! If because of this difference, a weapon that can destroy the world is born again, then you may become a malefactor of the whole world!”

Varua said unconvincingly: “But, with this weapon as a deterrent, it may actually prevent a war that can truly destroy the world!”

“No, it’s different!” Ian shook his head. These so-called ancient weapons that are powerful enough to destroy the world actually remind Ian of the nuclear missiles in his world. Indeed, nuclear bombs are terrible, but precisely because they are too terrifying that countries dare not use them carelessly to fight wars. Varua’s idea may be similar to this.

But the problem is that it’s only useful when we maintain our sense and ability to restrict each other. In this world, there wasn’t a shortage of unpredictable people in this world. If Varua could really build weapons comparable to Pluto, but the real Pluto has not yet been discovered, it may be a real disaster if it falls into the hands of ambitious people.

This world is so different from Ian’s original world. This is a world in which the government is dominant and had an unimaginable power, but this world is still unbalanced. The situation here is quite dangerous. Even if what he said sounds good, who knows what the world government will do after getting their hands on this kind of weapon!?

Ian felt that it was unreliable to talk about the so-called checks and balances before the real ancient weapons were discovered!

So his thoughts were leaning towards Fujitora’s. Varua’s idea is very dangerous, but he himself doesn’t realize this.

Ian took advantage of this and asked, “What about Vegapunk? Did he support or disagree with this idea at the time?”

“Huh? How did you know that Vegapunk and I were in the same research institute?” Varua asked Ian strangely.

Ian smiled and didn’t speak, but Nana talked instead of him, “Your research institute was the only one who was forced to disband and got blown up by the world government, right? Vegapunk was arrested later, so he must have been in the same research facility with you!”

Varua nodded but didn’t say much. It was well-known that Vegapunk was a genius, so he opened his mouth and said: “Vegapunk… he was indeed against it! He is a real brilliant scientist, so in the institute, his opinions were supported by most people.”

Ian immediately frowned. Strangely, from Varua’s narration, they can see that Vegapunk did not seem to be very keen on weapons research. But why did he think of developing Cyborgs after he joined the Marine science force? Was he simply mandated by the world government, or was it voluntary?

After thinking about it for a while, Ian felt that he would be more inclined to the former. First of all, Vegapunk was arrested at that time! This is extremely important. After getting arrested, he joined the Naval Science forces. In other words, any normal person would not really cooperate with a group of people who captured him, would they?

As for the second point, it’s naturally uncle Kuma’s tone. His transformation project has lasted for a long time. Although it’s not clear about the specific period, it also shows that uncle Kuma and Vegapunk should’ve spent a long time together. While accepting the transformation, they have certainly communicated with each other, and he should have some understanding of Vegapunk. Ian once asked uncle Kuma about his transformation, but Kuma used the word “Doctor” to address Vegapunk!

This only shows respect. Although it was only mentioned once, Ian always felt that Uncle Kuma has a lot of respect towards this scientist. Although Kuma is a revolutionary cadre, his apparent identity was a Warlord, and still a great pirate with the nickname of the tyrant. If he didn’t really respect Vegapunk, with his personality, he would not cooperate much and let Vegapunk experiment on his body voluntarily!

Therefore, Ian feels that there is something else hidden in Kuma’s transformation project! He might be working with Vegapunk on a bigger plan!

At the thought of this, Ian was relieved. Uncle Kuma was really a very important person for Ian. He selflessly helped Ian a lot, so it was hard for him to accept that he was going to be transformed into a weapon. He once thought that maybe he could use Orihime’s ability to restore his body or stop the transformation project. Now, after learning a little about Vegapunk from this guy, Ian can only comply with Kuma’s own wishes. Although he didn’t figure out what he is planning, he knows that he can’t disturb his plan.

At this point, Ian understands what he should do. He raised his head, looked at the thunder cannon, and couldn’t help making complaints about its design: “Seriously, how didn’t you notice such a shape?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Varua was somewhat puzzled. He didn’t seem to realize that his thunder cannon looks inappropriate.

Ian took a look at him and found that although this guy looks a bit fierce and cruel, but in fact, his mind wasn’t in the right place. This is probably a common problem for most scientists.

Before that, Ian had guessed that he was a character like Dr. Evil, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Can this cannon still be used?” Ian asked him. [Vegapunk should be a good person. This is the author’s speculation. In his hometown, we can see that he wants to benefit his hometown people. Such a person should not be bad. Of course, this is just the author’s personal view!]

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