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S.C.S Chapter 273: Lightning Strike

“Humph, of course, it works!” Varua sneered: “But… You want to use my Thunder Cannon?”

“Why, you’re not going to give it up?” Ian asked with a smile.

“We are enemies. Don’t expect me to fix it for you!” Varua turned his face.

Ian really wanted this cannon. Although its shape was a little bit disturbing, it was really powerful. The reason why Varua’s cannon was easily destroyed by Ian and his team was that he was fighting with them on land. If it was installed on a warship, it would be more different to deal with it.

He could shoot at their ship from a long distance. At that time, Ian would have a problem resisting such blows!

Imagine that plasma-like projectiles hit the ship. In the entire Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, apart from Ian who can deflect it with the Three Sacred Links Shield, there was no one else who can block this attack!

Such a special weapon should either be in his own hands, or be completely destroyed. In this world, naval battles are the most common way of conflicts, Ian doesn’t want someone to attack his ship with this cannon in the future, he hopes to be the one using it to attack others!

However, if he really needs this weapon, he has to rely on Varua to repair it. He is the one who designed it after all, and only he knows how this cannon works. Now if Varua refuses to cooperate, that would be a problem.

After thinking about it, Ian laughed and said, “Do you think your cannon is that powerful?”

“Humph, that’s a fact!” Varua said proudly.

“Well then, let me show you something!” Ian was noncommittal, then turned to the surrounding members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group and said, “Everyone, scatter around, get out of the way.”

Fujitora knew what Ian was going to do, so he smiled slightly and took Raideen and the others away, giving Ian a large open space, but Nana and Walnut didn’t know what Ian meant, so they could only step back with some doubts.

After retreating, Ian stood in the middle and unleashed his Nen.

In Varua’s puzzled eyes, Ian’s clothes suddenly began to flutter gently, and then with a burst, an electric arc suddenly flashed from the ground and crossed Ian’s forehead.

This jumping arc was not the end move, but the beginning of it. After it disappeared, more arcs began to appear!

Crisp noises sounded one after another, and a large number of arcs burst out from Ian’s body and spilled into the surrounding air. The brightness of the lightning currents was getting higher and higher, and its length became longer and longer, and Ian’s entire body started glowing.

Varua looked at Ian dumbfounded, but then he saw Ian open his right hand and moved it across his forehead. A large number of electric arcs began to converge towards his right hand. As Ian waved his right hand, a glittering intense lightning current was pulled by him and condensed into a bright white light in his palm!

“Look closely…! Lightning strike!” Ian shouted at Varua, and then hurled the light out in a slant towards the sky!

Bang! The moment this light left Ian’s palm, it immediately turned into a rapid lightning strike, which instantly broke through the darkness of the night, leaving a straight ray track in the sky!

It was incomparably fast, because the air also has some resistance, the speed of the lightning strike was sub-light speed, but in the eyes of people around, it was just a thick shining ray of light. After being thrown out by Ian, the lightning strike immediately hit a cloud over the island!

Everyone saw that the lightning strike disappeared into the clouds, and then countless electric currents flashed in the clouds, and a loud bang filled the island.

The sound was deafening, louder than normal thunder! This phenomenon only appears in thunderstorms! Because the burst was very sudden, walnut and the other girls couldn’t help being scared, immediately screamed, and quickly covered their ears.

The rebels who watched this scene looked at Ian in horror. They knew that the huge lightning strike was ejected by Ian. After experiencing Varua’s tank blow, Ian came out with a more terrifying technique, which really scared them, especially Arion.

Although he knew that Ian has recently become a Shichibukai, he had no idea about how strong he was. He was still very vague, and it was not until he saw Ian launch a breath-taking strike that he really knew what kind of existence the rebel army was cooperating with…

In fact, Ian himself was quite surprised. The lightning strike he just threw at a random direction unexpectedly hit the clouds above, causing a discharge phenomenon in the clouds and uttering a thunderstorm.

However, this effect was extraordinary, Varua really did not expect that Ian could rely on his strength to exert a powerful lightning power, this lightning strike and his thunder cannon attack were very similar!

“What do you think?” Ian turned his head and said to Varua, “Your thunder cannon is technically identical to my attack, so do still you think your weapon is that powerful?”

Varua didn’t speak, and his face covered with scars had a frustrated expression, but then he said angrily, “That’s because my thunder cannon has not been completed!”

“But do you think that you have time to finish it?” Ian stretched out his hand, showed him the scene around, and said, “Have you seen these uprising miners? Because of you, many of them have died. And now you have been defeated and captured. If I hand you over, what do you think will happen to you? “

Varua looked around with a shudder, he could see the livid eyes of the miners around him.

He lowered his head and said, “What do you want?”

“Fix this cannon for me and install it on my ship!” Ian said, “if you do this, then I can ask for a favor and let them spare your life!”

When Nana heard this, she pulled Ian’s clothes and said, “Are you asking him for what I’m thinking about!? This guy, Varua is not only a Devil Fruit User, but also a remarkable scientist. You are thinking about pulling him into the group?”

“Yeah! Why not!” Ian replied in a low voice: “But this guy’s mood is too wayward, too taken for granted. He not only needs to be restrained, but also needs to behave. Throw him to the rebel army and let them imprison him for a period of time. Let him understand his situation, and then he will be ready to join us!”

Nana pondered then nodded.

“Moreover, his deeds resulted in the death of many innocent people!” Ian continued: “I always think that people should be responsible for their actions. He must make a certain amount of atonement. We also need to cooperate with these miners. If we don’t let them vent their wrath against Varua, it will cause estrangement!”

Ian doesn’t want Varua to join at this period. Although he can make it happen, even if he can protect Varua in his current status, but in this way, it will not only make Varua feel that he’s so important and needed, but also make Arion and his people feel betrayed.

The communication between the two was in a low voice, which didn’t allow Varua to hear a thing, plus his mind at this time was in a mess. No one really wants to die, and he knew that if he fell in the hands of these miners, they will “tear” his body apart… the irony!

At that time, many of his great ideas and all the years of researching would be in vain, and he would no longer be able to carry out his researches!

And all of this was in the hands of the young man in front of him.

So Varua gritted his teeth and said, “Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll fix the Thunder Cannon, but you have to keep your promise!”

“I’m a man of my words!” Ian nodded and said.

However, at this moment, the little girl, Walnut, suddenly raised her hand and said, “Captain! I object!”

Ian was taken aback, and said, “To what!?”

“I object to this cannon being installed on our ship!” Walnut puffed her cheek and said: “This cannon is too ugly. I don’t mind installing one on our ship, but its design must be changed!”

Being reminded by Walnut, the other members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group also reacted, so they said in a unit: “Yes, Captain, we agree with what she said. If we are going to install this cannon on our ship, he’d better change the shape of it!”

In any case, Ian also thought that if this Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon was going to be installed on his own ship, his group reputation would be ruined. They would be the laughing-stock of the world!

So Ian looked at Varua and asked, “Can you modify it?”

Varua was so upset: “Is the appearance of the Thunder Cannon really that ugly? I think it’s very majestic!”

As soon as this was said, everyone was speechless…

It seems that Varua not only has to accept an ideological transformation, but also aesthetic transformation…

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