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S.C.S Chapter 274: Fake IDs

Up to now, the rebel army has completely captured the palace. They set up their own flag on the ruins of the palace!

Varua was handed over to Arion by Ian. Arion promised Ian that during the trial, Varua would not be sentenced to death. At that time, he would only be imprisoned, and Ian could bring him out of the prison and let Varua repair the Thunder cannon.

When Varua occupied the country before, the original royal family fled. It’s a pity that these royal family members who have never left the island did not know how fickle the New World’s climate was. Not long after they went out to the sea, they encountered a huge storm and their ship sank. No one in the royal family survived.

So after the overthrow of Varua’s dominance, Arion and the others could no longer establish an imperial country. They renamed this country the “Republic of Travolta”!

Early the next morning, the news of founding the new country spread all over the island. After hearing the news, all the residents of the island got out of their homes, cheering and celebrating.

The two previous careers of Varua, one was a scientist and the other was a pirate. He didn’t expect himself to be a king at all. During his ruling years, he only forced the miners on the island to work for him, while he focused on his researches and he never paid attention to the people’s livelihood Exhibition. Therefore, no one on the whole island liked him as a king.

When the new country was established, Ian naturally became the hero of the island. At the celebration banquet, the dragon Hunter Pirates were the guests of honor and were well-treated by the people.

Arion was elected as the first leader of the Republic of Travolta, but he found that he didn’t have any idea about governing the country. Moreover, because this country had always been a member of the alliance, whether it was the former royal family or Varua, they all had experience in dealing with the world government.

Now that Arion has come to power, the name of the country has also changed. He was a bit indecisive, he didn’t know whether they should continue being a member of the alliance or not.

So, at the banquet, Arion found Ian and asked for advices.

It stands to reason that Ian has already joined the revolutionary army, and he certainly shouldn’t advice another country to join the arms of the world government. However, when he was in Salamis, he saw the marines’ treatment towards the people of the non-participating countries. Now his apparent identity has become Shichibukai, so after thinking about it, he suggested that Travolta should stay under the protection of the world government. In this case, in the future, it will be better whether to use Thunderstones or to trade them with the outside world.

However, for such a small country, it is estimated that the world government may not pay attention to… At this time, Ian’s identity would be handy. Arion has not dealt with the world government, but Ian, the Shichibukai, is an already-made communication bridge. As long as he is stationed on this island, the world government will take this country seriously.

Arion thought a lot during this period. He understood that the Republic of Travolta needed Ian’s power, so he directly proposed that he wanted to hire Ian as a national consultant, and Ian agreed to it.

So, after the celebration, the pirate flag of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group was erected all over the island.

This means that from now on, the banner of the Shichibukai, the Black Dragon Ian, will protect this island…

Seeing the flags of their pirate Group fluttering everywhere on the island, the members of the Dragon Hunter Pirate regiment couldn’t help but feel excited. It wasn’t easy to reach such a step. They used to be a bunch of slaves who escaped from Marijoa. Now they can hang their pirate flag in a country and provide it with protection…

From being chased by the Government’s dogs, to becoming normal people again with no bounty of their heads and no fear over their shoulders, was really a dream come true.

When the news that their benefactor became a Shichibukai came out, the slaves who were sent away by the Fishman Pirates all over the world were very excited…

As for the residents of the island, they are very proud to be able to use the banner of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group. They must know that not every country can have a Shichibukai protecting it.

People in this world are really strange. The emergence of the Great Age of Pirates has indeed brought suffering to many countries and islands. Those pirates who wantonly burn, kill and plunder are hated by all people. However, there are many places where they have to rely on pirates to develop their countries’ economies. They need pirates to consume, to travel safely, and to give them shelter. It’s really an interesting phenomenon.

As a reward, Ian got a large area of land, which was assigned to him by Arion, and sent people to build houses for his crew. The members of the Dragon Hunter pirate group were very popular on the island. As soon as Zick and the others appear in the streets, they found themselves surrounded by the beautiful girls who don’t stop screaming… Even Doroni, the Mink, was so loved……………….. by children.

During this time, Ian was not idle. He and Arion have negotiated the issue of Thunderstone’s transaction.

Because of his Shichibukai’s identity, and the Thunderstone current largest customer is the world government, the miners will start working the regular hours and the ores will pass over to the smeltery, and then the final product will be handed over to Ian for trading it with the world government. Ian keeps 40% of the money, and gave the rest to Arion.

In other words, even if Ian sits still, he can get 40% of the income, which is equivalent to collecting money falling from the sky, and the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group has since then received a steady stream of income support.

After the negotiation, what is left was to wait for the world government to send over the money. The world government announced Ian’s rank in the newspaper as scheduled, but the conditions of both sides have not been fulfilled yet!

The 10 billion Berries that Ian squeezed from the Celestial Dragons have not yet been delivered. It is estimated that it won’t take any longer. At that time, when he receives the goods, he will talk with the world government about the business of the thunderstone.

Moreover, there is another thing, that is, at the same time the money was brought, it is estimated that the identity chip must be retrieved from Ian.

Ian and Nana stayed in a room alone. There were three boxes on his bed in front of them. Among the three boxes, one of them was sent by BaBy-5, and the other two were given to him by Nana. After the battle, she took out the buried chip.

Ian first opened the box containing the real identity chip and took out the glass bubble containing the identity chip.

It looked exactly the same as when he stole it from Marijoa. It hasn’t changed at all, so Ian couldn’t help but ask a little strangely: “Haven’t you taken it out for research?”

“No, we have already studied it!” Nana said: “This is what it looks like after being repackaged. The glass bubble is just to prevent the identity chip from being exposed to the air and corroded. There is nothing unusual in this process. It’s easy to package.”

“Then tell me, what has been discovered?” Ian turned to ask her, “What is the use of this identity chip?”

“I don’t know!” Nana shook her head: “I was only ordered to bring it back to you. No matter what they have discovered, it should be confidential, not something I should be aware of!”

Ian nodded and did not speak. At the beginning, the identity chip was given to Uncle Kuma. It is estimated that only senior cadres like him have the authority to know more about this matter. Although Nana was an old agent in the revolutionary army, she does not necessarily have such authority.

Putting down the real identity chip, Ian opened the box containing the copy made by the Revolutionary Army. It was now an identical glass bubble with an identical identity chip inside.

Ian observed it carefully for a while through the glass bubble, and said, “Looking at it this way, I really don’t see any flaws, but is this replica really reliable?”

“Don’t worry, it’s definitely the same material, carved out bit by bit by counterfeiting experts!” Nana smiled and said, “Unless the real identity chip has some unknown function, otherwise, it is absolutely the same!”

Ian said nothing more about the matter, put down the identical copy, turned his head, and picked up the identity chip that BaBy-5 had brought.

Compared with the one made by the revolutionary army, the one brought by baby-5 looked like a knockoff. Few people in the world have seen the identity chip. However, Doflamingo had only seen it when he was a child. Relying on his impression for modeling it, the final product had many flaws…

At first, Ian was planning to take the fake identity chip given by Doflamingo to the Celestial Dragons, and give the replica made by the Revolutionary Army to Doflamingo. Looking at the situation now, things weren’t going as planned…

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