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S.C.S Chapter 275: To the East Blue

Not only does Doflamingo’s chip have no glass bubble, but there is also a big problem with the material of the identity chip. If this piece was handed over to the Celestial Dragons, they will immediately distinguish that it’s a replica!

Ian thought for a while, and after counting the time, he felt that it should be too late now to ask for another copy from the revolutionary army, so he summoned Nana over and whispered in her ear his plan.

“Great Idea, I’ll go now!” After hearing this, Nana immediately accepted her mission, then picked up the fake identity chip made by the revolutionary army and went out.

After walking out, she quietly found a boat and left the island of Travolta.


Two weeks later, Ian called for baby-5.

“Did you ask for me?” Baby-5 was still placing a cigarette in her mouth, dressed as a maid, with an arrogant expression. But when she came in, she carried Ian a plate of biscuits.

Ian looked funny, picked a biscuit, took a bite, then said, “Doflamingo asked you to bring me the supply of weapons. Did he mention when you should come back?”

“No!” BaBy-5 was a little disappointed.

“So, it seems that he wants you to be my liaison with him!” Ian touched his chin and said: “This guy doesn’t think of me as a pervert, right? I think he wants to seduce me with such a beautiful lady!”

“I…I…” BaBy-5 couldn’t help blushing after hearing Ian’s words. She held her face and said, “Am I really beautiful?”

“Of course!” Ian nodded and said, “Be confident! Well now, let’s get down to business. Since he left you here, you should fulfill your mission. Do you have a Den Den Mushi that can contact him?”

Baby-5 hesitated for a moment and pulled a Den Den Mushi out of her apron pocket.

This is a direct-connect Den Den Mushi that doesn’t require dialing. After picking up the handset, the Den Den Mushi hummed immediately.

Soon, the call was linked, and the snail’s expression turned into Doflamingo’s unique face.

“Hello, BaBy-5?” Doflamingo’s voice came from the other end.

“Nah, it’s me!” Ian glanced at BaBy-5, who was a little worried, and smiled.

In fact, BaBy-5 didn’t know what was in the box that Doflamingo asked her to hand over to Ian, she only knows that it’s very important. However, when Ian suddenly contacted Doflamingo, which caused BaBy-5 to think about whether she screwed up something.

“It turned out to be you, Ian!” Doflamingo heard Ian’s voice, and suddenly laughed, and said: “How was it? Are you satisfied with that batch of weapons?”

“Not bad, but I’m not planning on paying for it,” Ian said with a smirk.

“Huh? Why?” Doflamingo’s voice seemed a little gloomy, and continued: “Boy, don’t think that you can break our deal because you became a Shichibukai! Don’t get cocky kid! Do you think I am a cash machine? I gave you hundreds of million before, now your greedy A$$ wants this batch of weapons for free!?”

“This is not the reason!” Ian said: “The object you told baby-5 to give me looked so fake. This made me wonder if you deliberately want to make me irritate the Celestial Dragons!?”

“What do you mean?” Doflamingo was taken aback.

“You haven’t seen the real identity chip, have you?” Ian raised his legs and put them on the table. So, he said in a leisurely manner, “If you want to fool the Celestial Dragons with a replica, you should be more accurate. It can be seen that this thing is fake at a glance. When the Celestial Dragons get this piece, they will think that I fooled them!”

“Then what shall we do?” Doflamingo asked.

Ian kept knocking on the armrest of the chair for a while, pretending to think, and then said: “Well, now that our deal is concluded, then I should give you the real identity chip first, and after you get it, you have to make me another replica as soon as possible, so I can finish my job with the Celestial Dragons!”

“Fuffuffuffuffu! That would be great!” As soon as he heard this, he burst into laughter. He didn’t expect that the fake chip would still have this effect.

“Of course, because of this matter, the money for the batch of weapons will be regarded as an additional expense. How about that?” Ian asked.

“…” Doflamingo was speechless for a while, why is this kid so stingy!? Two things that have nothing to do with each other can be integrated in his logic, the purpose of which was to repudiate!?

the price of this batch of weapons brought by BaBy-5 is 2 hundred million Berries, which is a bit harsh for Ian, but such an amount means nothing to the joker. So, after thinking about it, because Ian was willing to deliver the identity chip in advance, Doflamingo had to tolerate it.

“Well, consider that batch of weapons a final gift from me!” Doflamingo said: “Now! Where is the thing?”

“Fantastic!” Ian patted his thigh happily and said: “I buried the identity chip on a deserted island. It was the first island that I landed on after escaping from Marijoa. Send someone to that area… When you get there, contact me, I’ll tell you where exactly I hid it!”

As soon as Doflamingo heard this, he immediately believed him. He felt that what Ian said was indeed true. After all, he has been paying close attention to Ian. Ian is now in the middle of the new world and has never been back. The identity chip should really be buried on the island where he landed after leaving the Red Line. Put yourself in his place and think about it. Doflamingo himself would do the same.

It’s just that Doflamingo didn’t know Ian’s personality that well. He couldn’t know that Uncle Kuma had already met Ian after he escaped…

However, Ian asked Nana to go there two weeks ago and quietly find a place to bury the fake chip made by the Revolutionary Army, intending to trick Doflamingo.

Dressrosa, where Doflamingo is located, is closer to the deserted island, but because they acted fast and smart, Ian estimated that Nana should reach the island first. In this way, Ian was in the clear and wasn’t obligated to leave Travolta. Doflamingo will trust that the identity chip he dug is the original one.

After saying this, Ian added: “After you get the identity chip, don’t take much time to make an identical one, and then bury it in the same location. Then I will tell the people of the World Government to go there too, you have to be careful, if you make a shoddy copy again, and it gets discovered by Celestial Dragons, don’t blame me for pushing it on you. I’ll tell them everything, I can convince them that I gave you the location and you made a replica by yourself! “

“…” After hearing this, Doflamingo gritted his teeth for a while. He already thought about whether to frame Ian after he got the identity chip. But unexpectedly, Ian had been prepared for such a possibility.

‘What a cunning boy!’ Hatred has been engraved in his heart, but he still said, “Don’t worry, we are allies now. Why will I harm you?”

“Good enough!” Ian snorted and hung up.

After hanging up the call, Ian was relieved. In fact, it was not because of his cunning, but because he had to concentrate on all possible scenarios when communicating with the joker, so as to ensure that he would not have any omissions. So, to be honest, after communicating with the other party, Ian always feels exhausted.

“Huh! Allies!? I’m sure that after taking what you want, you will turn around and stab me in the back” Ian pouted and thought in his heart. After all, he killed Vergo, and Doflamingo must seek revenge, even if he could not kill himself, it was still possible that he will find someone to do the job for him.

“But now I’m also a member of Shichibukai, so Doflamingo should not do it himself?” Ian thought so.

He was absorbed in his thoughts and forgot that baby-5 was still in the room, but now baby-5 at this moment was depressed. When Ian was talking with Doflamingo, the young master, whom she had been worshiping since she was a child, did not mention her at all, and did not care about her current situation at all.

So Ian, who came back to his senses, saw the loneliness on baby-5’s face.

“What’s the matter?” Ian asked her: “Don’t think that you are a loner here? You should find Margaret and the others, go shopping and buy whatever you want, you need to have some fun, too!”

“Hm…” BaBy-5 nodded, turned and left without saying a word, and Ian didn’t know what she was thinking about, so he could only scratch his head and watch her leave.

After that, Ian laid back on his chair again and said to himself, “After solving the problem of identity chip, maybe it’s time to go back to the East Blue… With a marine warship, I can cross the Calm Belt, which would make it a quick trip!? I haven’t heard from Zoro for a long time, is he lost in the jungle again… Hmm. it has been one year and three months since I went to sea. So, Zoro will be 18 years old in a few months. It’s time for him to go out, too… “

Just when Ian was talking like this, what he didn’t know was that Frost Moon Village in East Blue, a major event happened two weeks ago!

Looking back a little, on the third day when Ian became the news of Shichibukai.

At this time, the East Blue can be said to be in the middle of an explosion!

Ian was the man of the year in the East Blue. At first, he went out and became a pirate hunter. He caught three of the most famous pirates there in succession, so the people of that part of the world almost got to know about Ian.

Then, when Ian entered the new world and made a big fuss with Marijoa, many people in the East Blue didn’t recognize him when they saw the masked man’s photo. It was only after his identity was exposed and revealed that people were surprised to find that the famous pirate hunter who had gone out of the East Blue had turned out to be a pirate with a 500 million bounty! A lot of them felt that they have seen and heard some fake news.

What’s more exciting is that not long after Ian’s identity was exposed, the news of the battle between Ian’s Group and the Admirals came out. Because there were few screens in the East Blue, only a few people witnessed the battle. However, rumors about him defeating two Admirals and forcing them to flee spread widely.

This news has caused some pirate groups that have recently emerged in the area to shamelessly claim that their pirate groups are under the Dragon Hunters… During that time, Smoker and the Marines rushed out and arrested a lot of them.

Just when everyone thought that Ian had completely turned into a Great Pirate, the news of the world government stunned them once again, Ian became a member of Shichibukai!

The changes in his identity made many people confused and didn’t know what to believe…

However, people still felt very excited, East Blue has given birth to a figure at the Shichibukai level!? He was even recognized by World Government itself!

The East Blue has always been regarded as the weakest blue. It illustrates the peace in the area from the side, but it also made people get a bit embarrassed. Now, there is a Shichibukai who entered the Grand Line from their side which made most of them thrilled!

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