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S.C.S Chapter 276: Pair of Eyes

The changes of Ian over the past year have made people feel dizzy, especially those who know him.

In the Loguetown marine Base, the White Hunter, Captain Smoker and Tashigi were shocked to death when the masked man’s identity was exposed.

Smoker’s anticipation became true! When he got to know Ian, he felt that this kid would eventually be a great enemy of the Marines, and may turn to a pirate.

Now, as expected, Ian was not the kind that enters this path step by step, like other pirates who start from nothing and get bigger… Instead, as soon as he decided to change paths, he started by setting the world on fire, with a slave liberation movement in the Holy Land and killing a Celestial Dragon.

At first, Smoker thought that Ian might be caught by an admiral and sent to jail, but when the news that he became Shichibukai was published in the newspaper, Smoker was dumbfounded.

The same was true for Tashigi. Ian left a deep impression on her. When he was at East Blue, Ian dared to take a Marine ship and some soldiers to help him catch pirates under the guise of an exercise.

Tashigi thought that Ian was so brave to do such a thing. However, Ian’s recent deeds awed the masses due to his bottomless audacity, which made her feel a little frightened!

However, such a person, in the end, became a Warlord recognized by the World Government, so that for a moment, both Smoker or Tashigi wavered in their own concept of justice.

What was the reason for an original Pirate hunter to become a wanted criminal, and how could a wanted criminal become a special Pirate with amnesty?

I don’t understand, I can’t understand…

But this didn’t prevent Smoker from asking for reinforcement in the East Blue.

The recent recruitment of a Shichibukai from the East Blue has led to an explosive growth of pirates in the East Blue waters. Moreover, these pirates were eager to enter the Grand Line, and following Ian’s path, dreaming that one day they will be famous, and get invited by World Government to join the Shichibukai.

The Loguetown marine Base is the last place guarding the entrance of the Grand Line. Under such circumstances, the marine forces of the island have once again had a huge gap. After reporting to the Marine Headquarter, Smoker got a respectful number of recruits, so he began to expand his manpower.

The consequence of this incident was that a very special person joined the Marines…


East Blue, Frostmoon Village, Isshin Dojo.

After the disciples of Ian and Zoro gradually grew into young adults, Koshiro did not stay idle, he once again accepted a group of new disciples. These disciples were all about eight to ten years old, and they were all children with runny noses!

However, these children were carefully taught by Koshiro’s senior students. At this time, in the Dojo, these children are doing their daily sword exercises. Zoro, the moss head, as their Sensei, was standing at the forefront and leading the practice.

Koshiro was watching while sitting cross-legged. He was smiling, but Zoro was gnashing his teeth.

As for why? Everyone can see that the little kids behind him, without exception, have torn off the sleeves of their GI suits. It’s not that they were poor and didn’t have the money to buy a new one or sew theirs, they deliberately cut off the sleeves.

More than that, many of them even wore a weird hat. They made two ears out of leaves on both sides!

That’s right, these little kids were all imitating Ian’s look at this time! It’s just that they didn’t find a store that sells bear ears hats similar to Ian’s, so they used all kinds of hats and manually added the ear part!

Since Ian became the newest Shichibukai, and such news was delivered to Frostmoon Village by the news birds. The disciples of Isshin Dojo, after hearing that the person in the photo was their Senior, the situation got out of control!

And this is what made Zoro feel uncomfortable. Now the Little juniors of the Dojo were all worshipping Ian. But he, the younger Senior of the three stars, was forced to stay in the village, and kept on training these little kids with runny noses every day…

What annoys Zoro the most was that after every practice, these boys will pester Master Koshiro and Zoro to tell them stories of Ian.

Today is no exception. After Master Koshiro shouted out the words that the practice is over, Zoro was immediately surrounded by brats.

“Big Brother, Zoro, can you please tell us more about big brother Ian!?”

“Yeah, yesterday, you mentioned that you two have encountered a wild boar in the forest, you didn’t tell us what happened after that, please, let’s finish that story today?”

What these kids want to hear is something that makes them surprised and interested, but the problem is that the Frost Moon Village is so peaceful. During the years they stayed together in the Dojo, what they did those years was practicing and training all day long.

He really can’t remember many interesting stories together… most of their time together passes while Ian keeps searching for his lost younger brother.

So, in the last days, Zoro kept on making stories on his own…

“Hmm…Hmmmmm!” Seeing that he couldn’t make up any more stories, Zoro couldn’t help blushing and yelling at the group of kids: “Yeah! By following this method, you can do 500 sword-wielding exercises easily!”

“Big brother Zoro, you are so boring!”

“Yeah! That’s right!”


The little kids yelled one after another, which made Zoro’s forehead turn blue.

After he managed to get rid of these annoying kids, Zoro walked into the Dojo, panting, to find Koshiro drinking tea alone.

“Sensei, I can’t bear this anymore, I want out!” As soon as Zoro saw Koshiro, he started talking.

When Koshiro heard this, he laughed and said, “Zoro, this is the 192nd time you have said the same thing to me. In a few months, you will turn 18! So, can’t you wait a little longer?”

“But, brother Ian has already passed me by stages, and he’s getting farther and farther!” Zoro said unwillingly: “If this delay continues, when will I be able to catch up with him?”

“I can see that Ian’s progress is impressive. He is diligent and he was able to make up for his weaknesses, but you shouldn’t belittle yourself. Your talent in kendo is higher than Ian’s… So I’m sure that it won’t take that long for you to catch up with him!” Koshiro said with a smile.

Zoro slammed the ground in annoyance, and said: “But big brother Ian has already found a Devil Fruit for Kuina. Now I must start looking for a way to cure Kuina, but how could I do such a thing while I’m still stuck on this island, I can’t do anything here, I… I……”

Koshiro smiled and looked at Zoro. Whether it was Ian or Zoro, Koshiro was very pleased with both of them. Among so many of his disciples, only these two can be regarded as his own children. Although they were quarreling from time to time, their bond was unbreakable, and both of them have been caring about Kuina and treated her as their own sister. Even if there was no blood relationship between the three, they were almost like siblings.

Although the frost moon village is peaceful, it is only suitable for elders like him, not for ambitious teens. Ian was just like Zoro, however, Koshiro didn’t intend to stop any of them, but as a master and father, Koshiro still insisted that they can only go out and roam after they reach adulthood.

However, Koshiro also understood Zoro’s mood very well. The closer it gets to his birthday, the more impatient to go out Zoro gets, so he smiled and said: “Well, kiddo, since you are so urgent, then I will allow you to prepare in advance. From now on, you can start looking for a ship, compasses, etc. Don’t forget, your sense of direction is terrible. It’s good for you to prepare early!” (T/N: I’m sure he’s going to celebrate his birthday on the boat!!)

“Really?” When Zoro heard this, he was immediately overjoyed and exclaimed excitedly: “Then I must leave with a boat full of wine!”

Perhaps this so-called extreme joy will turn to sorrow, Zoro has just started drinking (T/N: due to the sadness caused by watching Ian grow while he was idle… xD), but he only dared to drink secretly, so now, he mis-said this in front of Koshiro, which directly made Koshiro slam his head with the bamboo sword.

Rubbing the bag on his head, Zoro realized that he had let his words slip by. Looking at Koshiro’s angry expression, Zoro quickly said: “Sensei, I’m joking. I’ll prepare a boat without any booze! Don’t worry!”

Koshiro wasn’t really angry, however, just when he wanted to tell Zoro something, he suddenly heard a voice behind him.

“Sorry, Zoro, but I may take your boat!”

Hearing this voice, the two turned back and looked at the rear. They saw the dojo’s door slowly pulled open, and a figure appeared in their sight.

This figure, with a beautiful shoulder body, looked a little tired, but she had a pair of black eyes full of energy.

And as soon as they saw these eyes, Koshiro and Zoro were both struck by lightning, and they stood up instantly!

“Ku… Kuina!?” (WOOHOO, Finally!!!!!)

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