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S.C.S Chapter 277: Growing up

The figure that they thought may never see again suddenly appeared in front of them, so that both Koshiro and Zoro felt that they were hallucinating.

However, it was indeed Kuina who stood in front of them. She seems to have just got up from bed. She was wearing only a dress, and her body didn’t look very weak. However, the little girl who had been giving the impression of a young boy at the time has turned into a graceful lady.

“Ku… Kuina, is it really you?” Koshiro’s round glasses were uncleaned. He tremblingly stretched out his hand, trying to touch Kuina’s face, but he was scared that this will turn to be an illusion, and she would disappear when he touches her, so he hesitated and did not dare to do so.

Kuina pushed open the sliding door and slowly walked over. Her eyes were filled with tears. She rushed to her father and placed his hand on her cheek. “Father… it’s me! I’m sorry, i made you worry all these years! “

“Kuina!!” Koshiro couldn’t help anymore, he has been suppressing the fatherly love of many years, and he suddenly collapsed at this moment. He held Kuina in his arms and pressed her head into his chest. He was so thrilled to see his daughter waking up after nearly a decade, so he held her so tightly, fearing that she would disappear as soon as he let go.

Koshiro has been under the greatest psychological pressure over the years, because when Kuina had the accident, it was just after he had a fight with her and told her that girls could not be the strongest, so he kept blaming himself for her incident.

Over the years, it was rarely seeing him smiling, and his hair has turned gray quickly. He was worried that she may never wake up again.

Now, Kuina woke up miraculously, and Koshiro’s repressed feelings were finally released.

While the father and the daughter were hugging each other and crying in relief, Zoro was stunned in his place with a wide opened mouth, and he couldn’t process the situation for a long time.

Over the years, he has been accustomed to the Kuina who is lying quietly on the bed, with closed eyes. Now suddenly, she stood in front of him vigorously, and he could not understand anything for a while.

In particular, when he massages the muscles of Kuina’s arms and feet every day, he didn’t think much of it. But now that she’s up in front of him, she has truly grown into a beautiful girl. So, when he connected the dots, he blushed!

Now looking at Kuina’s beautiful long hair, his old impression of the little girl has totally changed!?

The most interesting thing is that when Kuina let go of Koshiro, she came up and hugged Zoro, and said softly: “Zoro, thank you for your care all these years!”, Zoro, the algae-headed fool, was petrified!

Then Koshiro followed her, and the three sat down, but Zoro was still frozen in place…

“Kuina, you… how did you wake up?” After the excitement went slightly down, Koshiro finally started to talk and asked curiously.

Kuina lightly smiled and said: “Actually, although I was in a coma, it seems that sometimes I could pick up some information from the outside world…”

As Kuina spoke slowly, Koshiro and Zoro learned a bit more about what she went through.

In fact, Kuina’s state was quite strange. Her consciousness seems to be trapped in a weird dream. According to her memory, she seemed to be living a very long dream. In that world, she was stuck in darkness, sitting motionless with crossed her arms and feet in a quiet place!

From time to time, some light and sound appear in this nightmare, which should be simultaneous to the time when Koshiro and Zoro were taking care of her and telling her stories.

For this blessing, Kuina has been desperately reminiscing about who she is and what is her desire. However, she seemed to have a dim understanding of this dream.

Gradually, she stood up in the darkness and wanted to find a way out. She could not receive much information from the outside world, only in some special situations, which is when Zoro recited some words such as “Becoming a strong swordsman” “Ian”, and so on. At this time, Kuina would find a glimmer of light in her nightmare.

What really made Kuina overcome this dark dream was when the Village received Ian’s news of becoming a Shichibukai, two days ago, Zoro was holding a newspaper and bitterly reading the news beside Kuina’s bed.

At that time, Zoro said: “Big Brother Ian has become a strong man recognized by the World Government, but I am still stuck here!”

With such a sentence, Kuina in the darkness suddenly remembered everything. She remembered who she was, the promise she had made with Zoro, and the words Ian encouraged her with.

The dark dreams shattered at that moment, and then Kuina’s consciousness began to recover little by little. And the straw that broke the camel’s back was the conversation between Koshiro and Zoro just now, Kuina opened her eyes and woke up.

Over the years, Ian and Zoro have taken great care of her. Although Kuina has been lying for a long time, her muscles haven’t atrophied due to the continuous massage. When she opened her eyes, she could barely stand up, but as soon as she got used to it, she slowly walked out of her room and entered the Dojo. After hearing the conversation between Koshiro and Zoro, she couldn’t help speaking out.

After Kuina slowly talked about her nightmare, Koshiro couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, he pulled her over, checked her physical condition, and then laughed.

Why did he laugh? Because… Both of his disciples have grown up by a lot, and his only daughter has finally woken up, he couldn’t be any happier, he felt that even if he dies now, he can rest in peace.

However, at this time, Zoro bitterly punched the floor, causing Koshiro and Kuina to look at him strangely.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kuina asked him.

As a result, Zoro pointed to her and said, “Are you stupid! Can’t you see that I’m mad?”

“What could make you angry at this moment?” Koshiro asked with a smile on his face.

“I’m frustrated!” Zoro yelled: “Ian… Ian has found a Devil Fruit for Kuina. He took care of that part, so I thought when I go out to sea, I must look for a way to help her recover. But now… Kuina woke up because she discovered that Ian became a Shichibukai… It’s like he has done everything, then what purpose should I have when I start sailing!”

“Hahaha!” Koshiro heard this and laughed happily.

Sure enough, both Ian and Zoro were deeply concerned about Kuina’s well-being, Zoro was upset because he wasn’t of great use. And that made Koshiro feel blessed.

However, the fool will always be a fool, and he didn’t consider what Kuina would think when she hears this.

Although she looks slim now, Kuina’s old character has not changed, she can’t help but shout loudly at Zoro: “You Baka, did you just get angry because I woke up from the coma?”

“Aa… I didn’t mean that!” Zoro’s face was red, then he turned his head and hummed coldly: “I’m just thinking, since you woke up, I won’t have a peaceful and quiet day in the future!”

“Do you want me to kick your A$$ just like the old days?” Kuina stretched out her hand and poked Zoro’s forehead.

Seeing this scene, Koshiro smiled happily again. As expected, the two still had such a special relationship, and they started quarreling after a minute from seeing each other…

Zoro clasped both hands, gritted his teeth, and said: “You are the one who wants to quarrel! Right? Ah… I forgot, what do you mean by your previous words, what do you mean my boat will be used by you?”

“Humph!” Kuina snorted coldly and said: “I am older than you, have you forgotten this?”

“So what?” Zoro asked.

“Being older than you means that I will turn 18 before you!” Kuina poked Zoro’s head again, with a malicious smile on her face, saying, “In other words, I can go out to sea before you! So, you must give your boat to me! “

Bang! Zoro was suddenly stroke by a thunderbolt!

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