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S.C.S Chapter 278: A Bite

Among the three siblings, Ian was the oldest, Kuina was the second, and Zoro was the youngest. So, according to the logic of Master Koshiro, if they were to go out to the sea, they would leave in this order.

The saddest thing for Zoro was that it was his turn to leave the island after a few months, but Kuina, who had suddenly awakened, jumped in line!

Kuina wanted to go out since she was a little girl, which Zoro had known for a long time… He and Kuina agreed to do their best and become the strongest Sword Wielder in the world, and it would be impossible to achieve this dream in Frost Moon Village.

Therefore, the idea of going out to explore the world has already been formed in their minds.

So, Zoro was very angry and said: “Why!? That’s my boat!”

“I Want Out🎶 first, so you need to hand it over!” Kuina was not willing to give up: “You still have a long time to turn 18, so in this period, you won’t use this boat?”

“No! This boat is mine!” Zoro got up and placed his head against Kuina’s forehead. “If you want a boat, get one yourself!”

“Is that your attitude towards a friend you haven’t seen for years?” Kuina slapped the floor and yelled.

The two stared at each other’s eyes so inconsistently, making Koshiro have a little cold sweat on the side of his head. He persuaded: “Alright, alright, this thing is not that urgent, Kuina! Do you really want to go out this early? Isn’t your body still exhausted by the long coma?”

“I need a week or two of recovery training!” Kuina said as she tried to move her hands and feet, then found that her long hair was in the way.

Kuina has always had short, masculine hair. Her long black hair grew during her coma, and Koshiro trimmed it for her several times, but he didn’t know when exactly would she wake up.

However, this still made Kuina a little uncomfortable, so she asked Koshiro: “father, do you have a scissor?”

Koshiro didn’t say anything. He brought a scissor and handed it to Kuina, but she looked at it and handed it back to him, saying: “Father, can you cut my hair?”

Koshiro smiled and gently complied, then sat behind her, trimming her hair.

“By the way, can you tell me what happened after Brother Ian went to sea?” Kuina let Koshiro trim her hair and asked.

So, while cutting her hair, Koshiro slowly told Kuina about Ian’s journey.

Zoro couldn’t fight anymore at this time. He could only quietly drop his head low, watching Kuina’s falling hair. In the end, the image of old Kuina had come back again.

For some reason, after seeing Kuina with short hair, Zoro’s heart suddenly calmed down, and he seemed to remember the times when the three kids were together.

After the haircut, Koshiro took up the scissor and said to his daughter, “Kuina, before leaving the island, have you figured out what you want to do?”

Zoro clasped his hands and said: “Yeah, Big Brother Ian is now a big pirate, you are not planning to go after him, do you?”

Kuina shook her head and said: “Ian has his own adventures, how can I become the strongest swordswoman in the world under his wings?”

“But you are a girl, you shouldn’t leave alone, right?” Zoro frowned and asked.

Kuina nodded and said: “That’s why I’m planning to become a marine!”

“What! A marine!?” Koshiro frowned when he heard this.

Zoro may be a fool, so he didn’t realize it immediately, but Koshiro was very clever. Ian had something to do with the revolutionary army. When Kuma and Ivankov visited him a long time ago, Koshiro saw Kuma giving Ian his hat as a gift. Soon after Marijoa’s incident, Ian sent back a devil fruit in a weird way. The Devil Fruit came back flying, and Koshiro knew that it definitely came by Kuma’s Ability. In other words, shortly after saving the slaves, Ian and Kuma met again!

In the next development, Ian took Kuma’s place as a Shichibukai, and Kuma withdrew from this position willingly. Only he, a person who knew Ian well, could see the connections. He guessed that Ian might have already joined the revolutionary army.

So in this case, Kuina’s decision made him a little worried. Could it be that Kuina thought that Ian was on the side of the world government since he became a Shichibukai? That’s why she didn’t mind joining the Marines?

With this in mind, Koshiro asked, “Kuina, why do you suddenly want to join the marines? If you want to explore the sea and gain experience, isn’t it better to be a pirate hunter, just like Ian used to be?”

“It’s not like that!” Kuina shook her head and said. “I can feel that it’s probably just a transition for brother Ian to become a Shichibukai. I know him very well. He is a kindhearted person, so with his personality, one day he will do something similar to Marijoa’s incident, and by that time, he will probably turn hostile to the World Government and Marines again!”

“In that case, why do you still want to join the Marines?” Zoro asked in a puzzled manner: “You are not thinking about arresting him, right?”

Kuina glared at Zoro and said, “Of course not! Ian is my big brother, how could I do that to him…?”

Zoro has a big empty head, and this girl’s mind is hard to guess. So he said madly: “For the love of God, can you finish your sentence without pausing!?”

“It’s very simple. I think brother Ian may need some inside information one day!” Kuina said: “We three grew up together. Even if I can’t join his Pirate Group and help him directly, maybe I can help him in another way!…

I will try my best to become a strong Marine, and then I will work hard to be promoted to one of the highest ranks. In that case, if Ian really falls out with the world government again, to be pursued by marines, then I can at least send him a message! “

When Kuina said these words, she seemed to have a strong aura. She was different from other girls. She didn’t have the kind of softness and indecision of the average girl. Her purpose of joining the Marines was not the old-fashioned grudges. She just wanted to send some critical information to Ian if needed.

When Koshiro told her Ian’s story, Kuina already knew that Ian spared no effort to travel the whole Grand Line, and even took a great risk and offended the Celestial Dragons, he did all of this to obtain a Devil Fruit for her. Kuina was very grateful for all of this. She wanted to repay Ian’s love, nothing more…

“If so, that’s a really good idea!” Zoro rubbed his chin and pondered: “Ian doesn’t have many friends in the Marines, if they thought about acting against him, then it would be bad, so by joining them, he would be grateful for such information.”

Koshiro was also worried about this problem, the brotherhood between Ian and Kuina is deeply ingrained and no one can destroy it. Moreover, letting Kuina go out to sea as a Pirate or a Pirate hunter made Koshiro feel anxious, so after brief speculation, he found it a very good choice.

“Now that you’ve made up your mind, then do as you wish!” Koshiro told Kuina: “Loguetown has recently been in the process of signing new marine soldiers. With your skill, it should not be a problem to join.”

“Right!” Zoro nodded and said: “Loguetown is a good starting place. I’ve heard that it is called the town of the beginning and the end, you can have a great start from there!”

Speaking of this, Zoro suddenly remembered something, got up, and ran out, not long after he came back, he brought a box in his hands.

“This is a gift from big brother Ian!” Zoro put the box down and said: “Listen to his words and eat this Devil Fruit!”

Kuina uncovered the lid of the box and looked at the golden Devil Fruit inside, then said, “Father, is this the devil fruit that you were talking about. Didn’t you say that it was almost eaten by Zoro?”

“Oh…huuh!” Zoro said with some embarrassment: “I didn’t see the message inside the box at the time…!”

Koshiro started to talk: “Kuina, if you think about it, even Ian doesn’t know what kind of Ability this Devil Fruit has, moreover, anyone who eats a Devil Fruit will be cursed by the sea and they will never be able to swim again. Although it grants some strong and weird Ability, those who eats it will probably drown when they fall into the sea.”

Kuina stared at this Devil Fruit, and hesitated. She has always been pursuing her own swordsmanship. She wants to be one of the greatest Sword users. If she eats this Devil Fruit, she will rely a lot on its power. Kuina doesn’t want such a path.

Because of her gender, she can’t catch up with the boys in terms of strength. Especially after growing up, she can feel that she is not as strong as Zoro. Besides, she has been lying in bed for many years and lacked sustainability training, so her strength was far behind…

Koshiro saw Kuina’s struggle, and suddenly said: “Such ability does not affect your kendo, maybe this devil fruit can let you develop your own unique swordsmanship… This is the result of Ian’s hard work, so please don’t waste it!”

Kuina wants to get stronger, she doesn’t want to lose to Zoro, nor does she want to lose to Ian. Her pride hasn’t changed, and as Koshiro said, this is a Devil Fruit that Ian risked his freedom and life to find for her. Kuina felt that she really shouldn’t let Ian down.

So, she nodded with a smile and said, “Well, father, I made up my mind. I will eat this fruit!”

With that, she gently picked out the devil fruit in the box, put it in her hands, observed it for a while, then took a bite…!

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