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S.C.S Chapter 279: Kuina’s Luck

About two weeks later, when Ian settled down in Travolta, a small boat was about to leave the beach of frost moon village in the East Blue…

“Kuina, here are all the things you may need!” Koshiro took a bag and placed it on the boat. “After you set off, keep sailing to the east and you will reach Loguetown. But you should pay attention to the weather, you have already eaten the Devil Fruit, so don’t forget that you can’t swim now and be careful not to fall into the water.”

“Yes, I understand father!” Kuina nodded.

Compared to the previous little girl, the current Kuina has changed a bit. Now, she looks remarkably beautiful, but her style still had some masculinity, which brings her a more exotic charm.

The entire Isshin Dojo Disciple came to see Kuina off, not only the Disciples of the same age group as her, but even the newly added Juniors looked at Kuina with admiration. Whenever they saw her face, they couldn’t help but blush and have strong heartbeats.

Among them, there is only one exception, that is, the algae head Zoro. At this time, he was carrying a long sword on his waist, holding his hands up on his chest, with a depressed expression on his face.

“I am leaving, Zoro!” Kuina moved towards, and told him her farewell: “Whenever you plan to leave this island, you must find another boat!”

“Haven’t you prepared everything, then just leave… go ahead!” Zoro said angrily: “I have had enough of you!”

“Hey! big man, it has been so long, are you still thinking about it?” Kuina stared at him.

As soon as he heard this, Zoro felt a burst of anger. On the second day after Kuina ate her Devil Fruit, they quarreled about who’s taking the boat. She jumped in line and stole his boat, and now she’s setting off with it, which annoyed him to the extreme!

At that time, Kuina proposed an idea, the two should have a spar and the winner gets the boat…

Zoro agreed immediately, although he knew that Kuina had just woken up from the coma and her body had not fully recovered. However, it was still a furious fight, and he was not victorious, but the temptation to defeat Kuina made him foolishly agree.

However, after the event, Zoro’s intestines were aching from regret.

After so many years, Kuina woke up and had another clash with Zoro, but still, she kept her record of winning all the matches!

On that day, Zoro finally saw what a Devil Fruit is, and for the first time saw Kuina’s new Ability!

No one thought that the Devil Fruit that Ian had found for her turned out to be an extremely Rare, Mythical Zoan Type, which gives the user Asura/Ashura form!

This is the first time that it has appeared, and it’s not even mentioned on the Devil Fruit Encyclopedia.

Of course, due to the devil fruit illustrated book collected by scholars on the Grand Line, there is no record of the devil fruits that appeared in the more distant history, so no one knows whether this fruit has appeared before. But there is no doubt that this fruit is an extremely rare type.

The special thing about this Asura fruit is that when a man eats it, it does not show the same effect as when a woman eats it!

If this fruit was eaten by a man or a male mink, his appearance will become very ugly and rough! It is no exaggeration to say that it is a disfiguring fruit!

But if it was eaten by a girl or a female mink, it will grant her the beauty of a Goddess! So, this was what happened with Kuina. When she ate the fruit, her skin became smoother and more delicate, and her hair was lustrous! Although her appearance had not changed much, she looked so gorgeous.

It feels like another Slip-Slip Fruit… Alvida’s fruit!

However, after consuming this fruit, the effect was not as simple as beauty. All the Zoan fruits have the characteristics of triple transformation. This fruit creature was of course Asura. When she fought against Zoro, she used her transformation for the first time.

It turned out to be a demon with three heads and six arms!

This Mythical Type fruit refers to the creature in the mythology Legend, so does the fruit of Sengoku: Buddha, and the same goes for Marco’s Phoenix Fruit. The fruit Kuina got, granted her the powers of the Demon God Asura!

Asura is the so-called God of Wrath and possesses seemingly and essentially boundless levels of superhuman strength! Kuina actually comprehended the fruit’s Ability at the moment she munched on the fruit, which was the power of a hundred people!

In other words, when she transforms into Asura form, she reaches a hundred times of her original strength!

If Kuina’s normal chopping power can reach 60kg, then after the transformation, she can reach 6000kg, which is 6 tons of a Slashing force. This kind of strength is simply terrifying!

Moreover, due to the three-headed six-armed form, Kuina can not only hold more weapons, but also her defense can be said to be perfect without dead angles!

When Zoro challenged her, Kuina easily blocked all Zoro’s blows, then with a spare hand, she crossed below the hilt, gently… really gently landing a blow on Zoro’s stomach, which ejected him for tens of meters in an instant…

It was a terrible loss! It took him a long time to recover after that, and he was about to take over Kuina’s spot… in her old bed!

It can be said that in this fight, Kuina’s figure in Asura Form left a deep impression on Zoro!

It’s also a great coincidence that Kuina was originally worried about being unable to reach the peak due to her female body. As a result, the devil fruit that Ian found for him just made up for Kuina’s biggest shortcoming!

Therefore, when Kuina realised her newly acquired ability, she almost flew from happiness, and at this moment, she was extremely grateful to Ian.

The fruit of Asura is not like the Buddha fruit, which can turn into a titan and launches golden shockwaves, nor can it grand the ability to be reborned from ashes like the Phoenix Fruit. The Asura fruit is a very pure fighting fruit, but this was exactly what Kuina needs most.

Zoro suffered trauma after the defeat, but he would never break his promise. The boat was given to Kuina. They both had unyielding characters, so they are used to quarreling. After hearing Kuina’s words, Zoro could not help replying: “Hey you… wait and see, I will defeat you in the future, even without getting a Devil Fruit’s Ability, I will not lose to you again!”

“Good! I’ll wait for you!” Kuina said.

After a moment of hesitation, Zoro said to Kuina: “If you met big brother Ian in your journey, tell him that no matter what he does, I will support him!”

“… So do I!” Kuina glanced at Zoro, and said, “But no, when you go out, tell him yourself. I don’t want to repeat a sentence twice!”

After saying goodbye to Koshiro again, Kuina stood on the boat, waving her hands and sailing away. A sea breeze came and drove her boat farther and farther.

Koshiro and Zoro slowly walked back! Seeing that the teen remained silent along the way, Koshiro thought for a while and said: “Zoro, although Kuina has the devil fruit’s power and her strength has leaped in an instant, it doesn’t mean that you will never be able to defeat her. Did you know that Hawk Eyes, Dracule Mihawk, known as the Greatest Swordsman in the World, hasn’t eaten a Devil Fruit, but still not many people in the entire world can beat him!”

“Hawk Eyes?” This was the first time Zoro has heard this name. In fact, Frost Moon Village is still quite closed. Although he saw the news that Ian became Shichibukai, he really didn’t know who the other Shichibukai were! What this knucklehead does every day is exercising and getting stronger.

“Yes, if you pay attention to the other Shichibukai, you will find him!” Koshiro smiled and said: “Now your elder Brother Ian, like the Hawk Eyes Mihawk, is a Shichibukai, but in terms of swordsmanship, Ian can’t beat him!”

“Hawk Eyes, Mihawk, how strong is he?” After listening to Koshiro, Zoro’s eyes began to shine: “The Greatest Swordsman in the World? This title is interesting. If I want to be the world’s strongest Swordsman, all I got to do is defeating him?”

“Yes, so… don’t stop pushing further and further!” Koshiro said: “As long as you don’t die, you will always get stronger, so that one day you can become the strongest swordsman in the world!”

Zoro suddenly bent down and bowed to Koshiro: “Well then, Koshiro-Sensei, I am leaving now, I am going to study some new skills.”

Koshiro didn’t reply, and he kept looking at him quietly.

As he left, Zoro walked towards the forest, holding his right elbow in his left hand, rubbing his chin, and pondering.

“Kuina’s figure in Asura’s form looks so powerful! Maybe my moves should be named after Asura, since I wield three swords?”

“What are the best names I should use? Asura Slash? Well, it doesn’t sound good, too common…”

“Asura…Asura · Ichibugin (One Mist Silver)? Ah, this is good… Ok, it’s decided, and now it’s time to practice!”

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