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S.C.S Chapter 280: Twin

Even Ian would not have thought that Zoro’s advanced swordsmanship inspiration was actually derived from Kuina’s Devil Fruit figure…

Now, he has to admit that since the moment he became Shichibukai, the path of the original story has indeed undergone major changes.

The butterfly effect does not lead to a certain result change. If the original causality has been generated, so even if other influences are inserted, it will only make the change gain momentum little by little, instead of directly changing it.

Ian’s influence on Kuina’s fate was like this, little by little, and then under the joint promotion of various influences, the original causality has been biased and it has moved to another result.

As for the places that he didn’t affect, just like Luffy’s hometown, because Ian and he don’t have any intersection, Luffy will go out to the sea just like the original story, which seed was planted by Red-haired Shanks a long time ago.

Ian’s guess was correct. After he became Shichibukai, his influence expanded. This is the impact of his identity and status. No matter how human beings develop, the influence of power and rank has always been huge. Just like World Government’s Five Elder Stars, any decision they make can affect thousands of people, and their influence is completely different from that of an ordinary civilian.

With the plumpness and enlargement of Ian’s wings, more and more people will be affected. Kuina is not the only one to be affected, nor will she be the last one…

Now, as Kuina leaves the island, the disturbance she will cause will slowly manifest itself, and the first thing that will be impacted is the marine base of Loguetown!

Captain Smoker is the highest-ranking officer in the Loguetown Base, but to be honest, Smoker’s arrival here was actually a disguised derogation. The East Blue, known as the weakest blue, leads to the fact that the Marines here have nothing to do most of the time.

Smoker, the problem maker, was accustomed to confronting his boss, which caused his transformation from the Marine Headquarter to Loguetown Base. It is simply that the person above him wants him out of his sight.

However, if Ian didn’t show up, maybe Smoker would be stuck in Loguetown for a long time, until the arrival of Luffy, he would rise his ambition and chase Luffy into the Grand Line.

Now, with the appearance of Ian, not only has he become a great pirate with a bounty of up to 650 million, he has also become Shichibukai. As a result, more and more pirates emerged in the East Blue, which increased Smoker’s workload.

So, recently, Smoker has been rarely seen idle, starting to recruit new soldiers and training them.

On a normal day, Smoker, who was reviewing the information of recruits, suddenly received a report from his Lieutenant, saying that ‘there was a girl who just came, willing to be a marine, and she’s beating up our soldiers.’

“What’s the matter?” Smoker was very confused about this, because he saw that the soldier who came to report, his face was red, and his eyes also revealed a kind of infatuation.

“The girl… she looks exactly like Sergeant Tashigi!” The Lieutenant said: “But…but this girl is more charming…!”

This time, even Smoker was interested, took his Kairoseki large Jitte, said: “let’s go and have a look!”

When he came to the marine training grounds, from a long distance, Smoker saw that the field was surrounded by a group of soldiers, not only recruits, but also the old soldiers.

These guys weren’t practicing, they were all around the field, asking a lot of questions. After Smoker came closer, he heard: “Sergeant Tashigi, she isn’t really your twin sister…”

“Sergeant, your sister is more beautiful!”

Smoker was at a loss, does this new girl really look like Tashigi?

Before he separated the crowd, he heard an angry voice coming from the field, “I will say it again, stay away from me!”

With a rumble, the surrounding soldiers quickly moved away, and with this sudden retreat, Smoker saw the two girls standing in the field.

Identical! They look so alike! Tashigi and the girl were standing in the field, they are exactly the same, they both have short black hair, both carrying a katana around their waists, and their height was almost the same!

Of course, there are also differences between them, that is, their clothes and the color of the scabbard. Besides, Tashigi is short-sighted, so she always wears a pair of glasses, while the new girl doesn’t…

However, aside from this, Smoker thinks that the biggest difference between them may be their temperament. Tashigi is always a bit clumsy because of her myopia, and sometimes she looks nervous and reserved.

However, this girl gave the feeling of an unsheathed sword, sharp eyes, toughness, and full of aura, such temperament, coupled with her beautiful face made her look very attractive, it is no wonder that these marine soldiers mistakenly thought of her as Tashigi’s twin sister.

“Who are you?” Smoker asked.

The girl, holding the handle of the katana, leaned slightly and said. “I am Kuina. I heard that this base is recruiting new soldiers, so I came to sign up!”

Smoker glanced at the surrounding marine soldiers. Several of them had swollen faces. It is estimated that they were beaten because they got too close to the new girl, however, even while they were laying on the ground, their gaze was still locked at Kuina with admiration and affection.

However, how to describe it correctly… the eyes of these soldiers are not the kind of amorous feelings, because Kuina’s temperament is not the sultry charm of Pirate Empress Boa Hancock. She is like a beautiful white lotus with long thorns! The difference between the two can only be comprehended through meeting them.

Not to mention others, even Tashigi was blushing while looking at Kuina. Seeing Kuina and her look so similar, she seems to find the most perfect version of herself, Tashigi actually wants to achieve such a figure and aspect.

So, she held her glasses frame and nervously said to Kuina: “He… hello, I am Tashigi, you… you are planning on joining the marines? That’s great, in the future… we will be companions!”

Kuina looked at Tashigi, but she was also curious. She didn’t expect when coming to Loguetown and registering for Marines’ recruitment, that she would meet a girl who looks exactly like her, so when she saw Tashigi, she couldn’t help but feel a little fond of Tashigi. The other soldiers who got too close were kicked away by her, leaving only Tashigi by her side.

Smoker glanced at Tashigi with disappointment! Did this foolish subordinate actually said this!? This girl named Kuina has not passed the registration review yet, so why was she treating her as a companion?

However, Smoker wasn’t a fool to say something like that immediately. He took a cigar and glanced at the katana at Kuina’s waist, and asked, “So, you are a swordswoman?”

“Yes!” Kuina gently raised the sword in her hand.

As a result, before Smoker continued to ask, Tashigi suddenly screamed!

She excitedly moved towards Kuina and touched her sword, saying, “Oh, my God! What in your hand…Is the Wado Ichimonji!?” (Straight Line through the Path of Harmony!)

Kuina was taken aback, watching Tashigi fixing her glasses carefully and observing her katana, then curiously said: “How did you know?”

One of the changes caused by Ian was that after Kuina woke up, she left with the Wado Ichimonji that was originally given to Zoro, after her “Death”! However, Kuina did not tell anyone the name of her sword, so she was surprised when Tashigi uttered the name.

“I can distinguish it easily!” Tashigi rubbed the scabbard and said: “I have studied all the sword illustrated books. Although its scabbard is unremarkable, it is easy to see the unique direction of the pattern on it… There is also the handle, a unique hilt with a circular hand-guard, this Meito is one of 21 Ō Wazamono (21 Great Grade Swords)!”

Looking at Tashigi’s glowing eyes, Kuina didn’t know how to answer.

Fortunately, at this time, Smoker start to talk and said: “Don’t mind her, when it comes to great swords, she’s a maniac! However, she is quite familiar with all the famous swords.”

“I see, you’re so amazing!” Kuina couldn’t help saying this.

“It’s okay…” Tashigi was praised by Kuina, and couldn’t help blushing and shyly waved her hand: “Actually, there are some swords that I still didn’t know anything about. Just like the one the Shichibukai Ian’s holding, I couldn’t figure out which one was it from his photo…”

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