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S.C.S Chapter 285: A Falling Object


Ian looks at this package, stared at the name of this Stamina potion, and he went silent for a while.

He did not expect the Stamina potion to appear in the form of a wine bottle, it seemed that it had been made by systematic reference to the wine he had the deepest impression of.

Ian’s use of skills in battle was limited by his Nen value, but with the continuous improvement of his Nen Talent, this limitation was gradually decreasing, and it began to be linked with his physical strength. Similarly, Ian’s physical Talent was also steadily improving. Although his physical condition today is not as good as that of Aokiji and Akainu, which have been practicing for decades, and can’t fight for days and nights like them, but after all, it also plays a significant role in the recovery of his Nen…

For example, judging by Ian’s current physical and mental strength, even if he uses the Black Dragon wave with a value of three thousand points, he can launch another one in about 15 minutes or so!

Of course, he could only do this under the conditions of training, not in battle, in the case of very abundant physical strength, Ian can now recover 3000 Nen points in 15 minutes!

And now, he can collect these Stamina potions in the trump tower, although a bottle can only give him 5%, and its shape was still so strange, but in any case, it is still a huge supplement to his strength!

Although there is only one way to obtain it, as long as Ian keeps smashing it in the trump tower and accumulates more Stamina potion. Then if he encounters high-intensity battles in the future, even if he got exhausted during the fights, then by consuming 20 bottles of Red Star Erguotou, he will immediately be able to recover his stamina like a wild (drunk) beast…

What the Heck, why no one told me about these Stamina potions, they are equivalent to injecting steroids or consuming strong energy drinks!

Don’t know why, but Ian suddenly thought of the deadly Energy Steroids that Hody Jones took on the Fishman Island. Ian’s Stamina potion didn’t seem to have any side effects, but it still didn’t seem to match Hody Jones’s pills…

But… 20 bottles of Red Star Erguotou… Is the system planning to turn me into a drunkard?

“hey System, can you change it to juice!” Ian couldn’t help asking: “Otherwise, Coke and the like will do!”

However, the System replied that once the items were manifested, they could not be changed…

“Well, seamen really have a strong desire to drink, right!” Ian unscrewed the lid of the bottle and tried to drink it.

Fortunately, although it looks like Erguotou, the stuff inside was not alcohol, and the sour feeling in his mouth made Ian suddenly relieved. What he feared most is that when he wants to replenish his Stamina, he would drink too much. How can he fight then!?

After drinking it, Ian felt a little energetic. He could not help but think that he could use it in his physical training. In this way, he could practice for a longer period under the gravity of Uncle Fujitora.

Now that there is such a good thing as the Stamina potion, Ian can’t wait to go deeper into the trump tower, he wants to see if there are any other good items.

However, when Ian continued to break through the levels, he found that the card combinations drawn by the system began gaining strength. Relying only on four cards, Ian struggled to defeat level 19, then he failed three times at the floor N.20…

Fortunately, Ian has five opportunities to enter a stage, that is, five chances to adjust his cards. He could only try to modify his card combination. Finally, after switching and using Orihime’s card, with her healing ability, he was able to pass level 20!

The big treasure chest at level 20 gave him an orange piece of equipment, which belongs to advanced items. Such a thing won’t appear in the ten consecutive draws, but it still made Ian a little disappointed. He wanted to get another Stamina potion…

Then, after passing 20 levels, Ian wasn’t able to beat the next one, the current combat power of his four cards wasn’t enough…

The tries he had were all used, so he had to start all over, but when Ian asked how to reset the trump tower, he found that he fell into another pit of the system!

Because the System told him that after losing to the tower, it takes 48 hours or 5 million Diamond to reset the trump tower!

“You piece of $hit! Do you think I have a tree that grows money!?” Ian scolded angrily.

Although Ian recharged so much money all at once, he risked his life to earn this amount from the Celestial Dragons. And for this reason, he has been hunted down by the Marines for so long. Collecting such an amount is not that easy!

However, all the mobile games in this genre are like this. It began to feel useless for players to protest anymore… These games always trick people to pay for legendary loot and new features, but even after recharging tons of money, the player will always find himself short on diamonds or cash!

Ian was depressed for a while, but then he saw it. Although he was a little annoyed, he felt that no matter how much money he recharged, his greedy system will always be a bottomless pit… but anyway, the System has its kindness. At least, he gave Ian an admirable amount of strength and tons of abilities, which allowed him to protect himself in this dangerous World. This is the biggest benefit. If it weren’t for his System, Ian wouldn’t have made it this far…

The Trump Tower Game is temporarily unavailable, and Ian had to look towards the other two new features!

According to the name of the library/illustration feature, this Function is for collecting cards. If all cards from the same franchise were collected, then as long as a card of the series is equipped in one card slot, then this character would give Ian extra attribute bonuses.

The System said that these Attribute bonuses are quite high, which can reach 20%! For example, Hiei’s Card from YuYu Hakusho’s world, If Ian collects all the cards of the show. Not only would he unlock the bonuses related to the character (Hiei) [Like the additional Nen he gains after unlocking the card of his sister or the speed and power from his friends], but also gain the bonus of illustrated books, which will increase the Attribute of the Hiei’s Card by 20%!

But having that said, it is not easy to collect all the cards from that show, because there are quite some original five-star cards in the series. Ian estimated that there should be cards like Raizen and Shinobu Sensui. And collecting them from the card store would take a lot of time and resources.

After all, the poor guy still has to spend a lot of diamonds…

Ian felt like a deserted dog for a while and quickly shifted his attention to the weapon spectrum function.

Similar to the illustration function, this weapon spectrum Function is a collection of exclusive treasures, but the difference is that the activation of the weapon spectrum does not add attributes to the exclusive treasure, but it can facilitate the switching process between items of the same level!

Now, on Ian’s weapon spectrum, several pieces of exclusive treasure’s pictures have been unlocked. From his first weapon, Samuro’s large sword, to the Yamato, Senbonzakura, the special bandage, and to Orihime’s hairpins, all the exclusive treasures Ian has obtained have been unlocked. In other words, Ian can now freely retake the exclusive treasures he has used, and no longer has to rely on the random exchange.

Of course, if Ian wants to have more exclusive treats to exchange, he still has to collect the exclusive treasure fragments, just like the Yasakani Jewel of Iori he is collecting now, he can buy its pieces through the card store, or use the replacement function to constantly exchange an item and unlocked once and for all. Of course, it will cost him a lot of diamonds, which is no doubt.

This function is quite useful. For example, Ian can purchase enough cards of the Yamato Sword and upgrade it to five stars. Then he can directly switch out between the Yamato and the Senbonzakura. This means that he can use many different Swords even if he can only equip a single weapon!

Sure enough, even if it was bold, it was wise of him to ask for the 10 billion Berries. Although he started a business of Thunderstone on Travolta and has a fixed input every month, if he relied on this business to collect this amount, it will take him a long time even without eating or drinking. But now, he got the supreme VIP class, and opened the remaining functions of the System, so he could be stronger earlier.

So next, Ian had something to do. During the day, he borrowed “Fujitora” to exercise on the island. In the evening, he was alone in his room, constantly refreshing the card store, and buying all useful things. At the same time, every two days, he reset the trump tower to carry out the challenges.

To his surprise, in the big treasure chests, there was a chance to get experience books, which is a prop that gives Ian’s personal card a respectable amount of experience, although a single book does not improve much, it is a good supplement. In the absence of battles, Ian can rely on them to slowly increase his own level.

In this way, two months passed by…

One day, in the resident of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, a huge purple pillar of flames suddenly burst into the sky. Although this huge flaming pillar lasted a second, it ushered in a strong scorching sensation in the air of the resident!

Regarding this fire pillar that suddenly popped up, the members of the Dragon Hunters, even when they saw it, they were not surprised at all, nor did they stopped drinking and playing.

“Uncle Fujitora, the captain is experimenting with a new ability… Humm, I don’t know the name of this ability. Shall I go and ask him? Please!” Walnut sat in front of a square table, blinking her big cute eyes, and begged.

At this moment, Fujitora was holding the little girl and teaching her how to play Mahjong. Ever since he became obsessed with this game, Fujitora wanted to teach everyone in the group and turn them into great Mahjong players. In this way, he could find multiple adversaries at any time.

But helplessly, Walnut has no love for Mahjong, so she kept on looking for ways to dodge him.

Margaret has become familiar with Walnut’s personality and the others’ during this period. Hearing her voice, she glanced at Walnut and said: “There is no need to go to the captain, I heard him say that this ability is called “Saia”, you better stay and play mahjong with us!”

The resident of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group now has opened its own tavern, and when they were done with their jobs, most of the crewmates gather around in the pub and play mahjong… at this moment, Margaret, Nana, plus baby-5, and uncle Fujitora were all guiding Walnut.

If Walnut goes now, she will leave her spot to Fujitora, and with his current skills, no one could defeat him, so the girls insisted that she stays, otherwise, they would lose their money…

Therefore, Walnut could only stay pouting, and reluctantly continue to draw the pieces…

At this time, Fujitora suddenly frowned, raised his head, and looked at the roof of the tavern.

Boom! Everyone was caught off guard, and a black object smashed through the roof and fell down, breaking a big hole in the roof of the tavern. Looking at the falling direction, it happened to be the mahjong table where Margaret and the others were playing…

The girls were at a loss at this time, only Fujitora reacted and pulled his sword at a critical moment…

The black object that should have pierced the table suddenly stopped falling, and hovered in the air!

Fujitora had previously noticed something was falling from the sky in their direction through his Observation Haki, so he directly used his gravity to stop the fallen object.

“Are you all right?” Fujitora asked the four girls.

“Huh!? Ah! Yes, we are okay!” Margaret and the others came back to their senses, shook their heads quickly, and at the same time, they looked curiously at what was floating above them.

Which turned out to be… a cannonball!?

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