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S.C.S Chapter 284: Huh!?

Following Ian’s demonstration, everyone has a better understanding of his ability, and they know what he meant. This 10 billion was the result of Captain Ian’s request from the world government, which was to enhance and boost his Strength.

In fact, as the captain, Ian is the highest authority in the whole Pirate Group. Even if he didn’t tell them this story and dominated the 10 billion Berries alone, the crew can’t say a word, but Ian used this opportunity to explain everything to them, which made his crew feel moved. They knew that Ian went through all of this just to show them how much he respects and values them.

“Captain, what is the name of your Devil Fruit?” Zick asked curiously: “Since you know its ability, you should be able to give it a specific name, right?”

Ian didn’t think much about it before, and casually said the name of the exchange fruit. But now, the audience once again mentioned it, so he felt that it is better to officially name his “fruit”. Maybe one day, the virtual fruit he named will be on the Devil Fruit illustration…

After thinking about it, Ian said: “If I use a more accurate word to describe it, my Devil Fruit should be called the Cryptocurrency fruit?”

This word is a unique term brought by Ian. After all, there is no such thing as computers or video-games in this world. However, since Ian named it this, everyone nodded as if they understand what it meant, they only know the meaning of currency…

Ever since, his Devil Fruit, the Cryptocurrency fruit, has gradually spread out after this day. Perhaps after years, when Ian dies, there will probably be many people in this World who will start looking for it…

Ian didn’t have to think of this now. But as for the 10 billion Berries, Ian did not recharge them in front of everyone for the time being. Instead, he asked them to work together to get the money into the warehouse.

In the evening, Ian came to the warehouse alone, opened the cabinet full of money, and looked at the stacked piles of money, put his hand on it, and said: “Topup!”

The next second, in front of him, the more than one cubic meter of money has disappeared instantly, and Ian opened the System interface in his mind: “You recharged 10 billion Berries, received 50 million diamonds, recharge extra 10%, you have got a total of 55 million diamonds.”

“You have recharged an amount of 10 billion Berries at one time, and unlocked the supreme VIP! The card store is upgraded to the highest level, now, you can use the trump tower System, the illustration system, and the weapon spectrum System!”

A series of prompts came all at once, which made Ian a little confused.

He had heard the system mention that there was a supreme VIP before, but at that time, he only knew that after unlocking the Platinum VIP, the card store could bring out some five-star cards in the reshuffling goods, but did not know that it could activate other functions.

After one-click to check it out, Ian found that the current refresh cost of the new card store has indeed increased, becoming 2000 diamonds the shuffle.

In this regard, Ian has lost his desire to scold the greedy system, he had anticipated this a long time ago, so he was not surprised at all. Even if this system would give him better things, it would always make modifications to waste his diamonds.

He got 55 million diamonds in one go, which looks like a lot, but Ian knows that this damned System will always make him spend tons of it on meaningless things.

The cost of one refresh is 2000 diamonds, but that’s not the whole image, he still needs to spend much more to buy the fragments of the cards. Moreover, according to the nature of the system, the chance of the five-star card’s appearance is also very small. Ian may have to prepare for a long-term war of resistance, because if he is planning on collecting the true five-star cards, he must constantly refresh the store again and again, and then buy them piece by piece. It will take him a long time to gather up a complete card.

Therefore, Ian, who got used to this, temporarily put down the card store and turned to open the new System Functions.

Due to the abnormal changes in the system, the so-called mainline task, that is, the training adventuring function has disappeared, causing Ian’s level to be unable to grow through the usual means. Before getting the supreme VIP, Ian thought that the system only had the function of drawing cards and collecting them, he did not expect it to be upgraded again because of the improvement of the VIP level.

After checking the system of the Trump Tower system, Ian found that this is a function similar to the level-breaking type. When entering, Ian will use his collected cards to form a team and fight opponents.

How to say it… this tower is a game Function. In this trump tower, there are a total of 100 levels. The system will randomly extract six cards from the card library as a combination to fight with Ian’s cards. If Ian’s cards can defeat the system set of cards, then he will win and enter the next level.

As for the System card combination, their strength naturally comes from low to high. Whenever he passes a level, Ian would get a small treasure chest in which reward items can be randomly drawn out. It may be a fragment of a card, a piece of an exclusive treasure, some card experience books, or advanced stones, and so on! These things can also be obtained with the 10 consecutive draws. However, every time he passes 10 levels, the reword of the trump Tower will be a big treasure chest, and the things that can be opened are different!

Ian thought of trying it once. Among his current card slots, there are only four cards that can be equipped. He placed his best four cards, Hiei, Iori, Misaka Mikoto, and Yasuo, to fight with the card combination of the system.

Although he only had four slots, it is not difficult to defeat the first level because all the card combinations drawn by the system were all one-star.

Ian himself didn’t participate in the battle. However, his own proficiency determined the abilities that the cards can use in combat. For example, Iori’s card can’t use its ultimate skill.

The four cards entered the battle, making Ian watch them fight as small characters, which were the most familiar figures of Ian. However, in the system interface, they were cartoon characters, which arose Ian’s interest. He felt that he finally found a way of entertainment…

The card combinations generated by the system looked the same, due to their low level, these cards were all one-star after all, but, although the number of Ian’s cards didn’t match theirs, they were all powerful high-upgraded four-star cards…

Now, the strength of his cards represents their damage, the speed represents how faster they can attack, the Vitality represents their health, and their Nen represents their Mana, which with time allows them to use their skills, not their basic attack…

These features are the same as many mobile games, so Ian inexplicably won 10 levels with these four cards!

After opening the small treasure chests along the way, in the big treasure chest of level 10, he suddenly got something unexpected!

Stamina potion!

Anyone who has played a mobile game in this genre (Like: Raid Shadow Legends, the best mobile game… not sponsored by the way! Plz Raid Shadow Legends sponsors me!!!! xD hahaha) may know what this Stamina potion represents.

In the adventure mode, Stamina potion means that you can exchange it for action power. After winning a round, the player can get the corresponding experience value of the characters. Ian has never seen this kind of thing before in his system and thought it didn’t exist. He didn’t expect it to be given through the big treasure chest of this trump tower!

The Heck, what does this mean? Is this the ultimate upgrade and concealed goods that the system hid from me which has just appeared with the recharge of 10 billion!?

Ian wanted to scold the system again, but he didn’t and just asked: “What’s the use of this stamina potion?”

The System replied: “it’s for the host to replenish his physical strength in the real world!”

Upon hearing this answer, Ian was stunned for a moment and then asked in amazement: “You mean, this stamina potion can actually be manifested in reality like an exclusive treasure!?”

“Yes! The Stamina potion can only be obtained randomly in the trump tower, each Stamina potion can restore 5% of your physical strength!” System said.

At this moment, Ian could not sit still. He quickly withdrew his consciousness from the system, opened his eyes, looked around, and found that he was still in the warehouse. After that, he silently said: “Draw the Stamina potion!”

In the next second, a glass bottle appeared in his hand!

Ian was very familiar with the appearance of such bottles. When he looked at it, he saw three words written on it.

“Red Star Erguotou!” (Erguotou is a Chinese liquor. It is a type of light-aroma baijiu made from sorghum. The most famous brands are Red Star and Niulanshan)

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