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S.C.S Chapter 283: The Truth

Ian didn’t respond to the words of the masked man, with a blank expression on his face. Seeing his expression, the masked man left without saying another word.

After he left, Fujitora said: “He is in Wano? Isn’t it a closed country in the New World, which never accepts outsiders, and does not want to join the World Government?”

“That’s right!” Nana said: “I heard that there is a special occupation called “samurai warriors” in that country. However, he suddenly mentioned this, what do they want to achieve by this?”

Ian coldly snorted said: “there are many meanings, the first content is that World Government has already learned about my relationship with Ace. Maybe they are investigating the origin and background of Ace at the moment. The second meaning is that they want to use my relationship with Ace to see if I can attract a Captain from the Whitebeard ranks and make him join the World Government through the Shichibukai’s title!”

“It seems that they have discovered your fall out with the Whitebeard Pirates!” Fujitora said: “Your current position is very complicated!”

“Well, it is indeed!” Ian nodded.

Ian’s current position was a bit special. First, he is Shichibukai, nominally a member of the world government and the marines. Secondly, he is a close friend of the commander of the second division… Third, he happened to part ways with the Whitebeard Pirates because of his attempt to assassinate Teach, a veteran member of this group!

This incident led to Ian get into a very delicate situation. Therefore, the world government wanted to use this matter to their advantage by pulling Ace to their lines and weaken the whitebeard pirates.

However, they were destined to be disappointed, because there is still another meaning that Ian did mention, that is, the Wano country is like muddy water, and Ian will never get involved.

As for what he meant by muddy water, now that the beast Kaido is located there, the whole place will turn into living hell!

Ian heard from Whitebeard last time that Kaido didn’t appear in the confrontation of Salamis island war, but sent out his three disasters. Ian faintly understood that Kaido was in Wano at that time, so he didn’t make it!

In his memories, Ian knew that Ace had indeed been to Wano once. He seems to have learned how to make a Kasa there (one of several traditional Japanese hats). Later, he even made one for the Little Oars of the Whitebeard Pirates. They used it to protect themselves from the sun and the rain… Ace is indeed a gentle person!

There should be nothing wrong with him visiting Wano, because he is a son of the whitebeard, even if Kaido was in the country, he won’t do anything to Ace, unless he wants to start an endless war with the Whitebeard Pirates… However, things won’t be the same, if Ian went there!

Kaido should be located in the country now, planning to seize the country. At this time, Wano, because of Kaido’s involvement, should be in the midst of conspiracy and war, and if Ian, a Shichibukai, appears in the country, it will definitely cause big trouble.

The World Government probably also knows about the relationship between the Poneglyph and the Kozuki Family. After all, the ancestors of the royal family created the Poneglyphs during the end of the Void Century, and the World Government has been strictly guarded against people who research and seek Poneglyph for various reasons.

Ian estimated that they may have learned that Kaido has entered the Wano country, so their only way to arose chaos there was by sending someone to disrupt the situation…

However, Ace went to Wano at this time, and the world government used the CP0 agent to inadvertently reveal some information to Ian, hoping to see if Ian would go there.

But they are destined to be disappointed. Ian was not a fool. As a transmigrator, how could he look for Ace so recklessly when he knew the chaos in that land?

And he has Ace’s Den Den Mushi number. If there are any major troubles there, couldn’t he just call him?

However, in any case, Ian understood from this matter why all the Shichibukai doesn’t trust the Government. Although they granted them a lot of privileges, they still used them as tools and try to take advantage of them all the time.

So, as the last situation, the World Government doesn’t trust these pirates very much, and the same goes with the Shichibukai. The relationship between the two sides is just to use each other, but they are on guard against each other at every moment!

As for Ian, the newly joined Shichibukai, because he is the youngest, the World Government would definitely test him to see if he act impulsively, but Ian was equally shrewd. He has studied the way of acting in the position of Shichibukai. It’s just that he should ignore every useless information given by the World Government! In this way, to the greatest extent, he can be sure that he will not fall into an easy trap made by World Government.

Ian knows that nothing will happen to Ace in the near future. Even as he is so active with the Whitebeard Pirates, the only thing that would change is the amount of his bounty, so Ian doesn’t need to pay close attention to Ace for the time being.

Now the 10 billion Bailey has arrived. The most important thing for him is to recharge the whole amount.

However, with so much money, Ian didn’t want to cause misunderstandings among his crew, because in any case, the whole pirate Group is unified, and a part of the money should belong to them. However, in order to successfully achieve the conditions of the supreme VIP, the Platinum VIP, Ian had to charge all the money at once, and could not give part of it to his crewmembers.

Therefore, he must explain to everyone.

Thinking of this, Ian clapped his hands and let all the members gather around.

“Captain, what can we do for you?” Doroni and the rest asked.

“We, our Pirate Group, have known each other for almost a year!” Ian looked at the crowd and said: “All the People in this pirate group, whether they followed me from the beginning or joined later, are all on the same boat now. We don’t need to be separated from each other. We are all companions, so naturally, we should all have one mind and one beating heart, we are on this together…”

Among the crowd, Zick and others had followed Ian since the start, While King, Fujitora, and Nana, Walnut, and Yardi joined in a later stage… When Ian suddenly mentioned this, they knew that he might have something important to say, so they all gathered together to listen attentively.

This time, baby-5 was not deliberately pushed away by Ian, so she was fortunate enough to listen and see Ian talking so arrogantly, baby-5 suddenly had a strange feeling that “We are all on the same boat now” mentioned by Ian seemed to include her, which made her feel complicated.

“Since I’m one of you guys, then I won’t hide this certain matter from you anymore.” Ian said: “Because we were being hunted down for a long time, and we didn’t have time to talk openly and frankly, but now we have settled down, so it’s time to tell everyone about my strange abilities.”

The crowd didn’t interrupt him and listened quietly, they heard Ian once casually mention the name of his fruit, the fruit exchange, but really, they still don’t know anything about it.

“The matter actually started with Marijoa’s incident!” Ian pondered his words and said: “In fact, before that, I was just a normal swordsman. At that time, I sneaked into the Holy Land because I heard that the pear blossom country from the South Blue would tribute two Devil Fruits to the Celestial Dragons. Among them, there is an extremely Rare Devil Fruit.”

Nana and the others nodded slightly, they knew about this.

“After reaching Marijoa, I ate the Rare Devil Fruit!” Ian told a white lie here, after all, his card system is too weird to explain, and can only use this excuse to cover up…

Walnut tilted her head and asked: “So, do your abilities come from this rare fruit?”

“that’s right!” Ian nodded, then said: “Everyone has seen my battles, so you all should know that my skills were not limited to swordsmanship, there are many other special abilities, right?”

The crowd nodded, they were actually a bit confused about this from a long time ago, because Devil Fruits usually grand only one type of skills, and there has never been a situation like Ian, but they found it hard to keep on asking about the same matter all the time.

“Actually, the true Ability of my fruit is like this…” Ian pulled out a stack of Berries banknotes from his pocket and said, “Let me demonstrate it to everyone!”

After that said, Ian placed the stack of banknotes in the palm of his hand so that everyone could see it. Under the gazes of everyone, he said in a low voice: “Recharge!”

Then, the stack of banknotes disappeared from Ian’s hand.

The crowd was amazed, Walnut grabbed Ian and searched him, thinking that he did a magic trick to hide the money.

“There is no need to search me, it’s already gone!” Ian smiled and rubbed her head, causing Walnut to be dissatisfied. He said: “My real Ability is to transform money into special abilities! The more money I sacrifice, the more powerful abilities i gain!”

Everyone heard a sudden realization after hearing this, then Nana said: “No wonder why you asked the world government for 10 billion Berries. I thought you just wanted to be a billionaire!”

Ian said: “So what I want to tell you is that whether it is my swimming capability after eating the fruit, or the other abilities I have displayed, it all came from the offered money, and the 10 billion that I demanded from the government are also for the sake of Improve myself! I need to use this money and transform it into strength and power!”

After listening to this, Fujitora shook his head with a smile and said: “What a weird devil fruit, It’s really something unheard of, but maybe because of this that it is an extremely rare devil fruit!”

Everyone nodded, and Nana asked curiously: “So, can you also neglect the effect of Kairoseki (Seastone), did you gain such capability?”

“Indubitably!” Ian nodded: “The exchange ability is very weird. Although there are certain rules and restrictions, I have reached a point where I won’t be afraid of Kairoseki!”

“This is the most powerful devil fruit, isn’t it?” Yardi said succinctly: “This is the first time I have seen a devil fruit user that is not afraid of Kairoseki and seawater!”

Fujitora laughed and said: “Not so. If it is really the strongest Devil Fruit, then our captain should have beaten Kizaru at the time!”

They all laughed, but they were so happy to finally understood the source of Ian’s power. After such an open and honest conversation today, they were sure that Ian won’t be able to surprise them anymore if he showed any new unique Abilities.

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