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S.C.S Chapter 282: Tons of money

Ian didn’t know anything about Kuina’s recovery, or her eating the Devil Fruit, and joining the Loguetown Marines.

Even if he was now in New World, in the second half of the Grand Line, he was very close to East Blue, and only separated by the Calm Belt. (Plus the Red Line)

What he was busy with recently is the extraction of Thunderstones.

Because of Ian’s request, Arion did not sentence Varua to death, but got punished with 50 years of imprisonment. If it wasn’t for Ian, Varua may be jailed until he dies of old age. However, because of his agreement with Ian, he was temporarily released after he entered the prison, assisting Ian in extracting the Thunderstone and repairing the Thunder Cannon for him, and installing it on his ship.

Ian has always been very envious of Luffy’s ship (The Thousand Sunny) that they will acquire in the future. The Gaon Cannon on their ship was quite powerful. Now that Ian has got his hands on this thunder cannon, he naturally wants to install it on his ship.

However, there is a big difference between the thunder cannon and the Gaon Cannon. They are mainly used for combat, however, their method of functioning was different from that of the Thousand Sunny.

Ian was busy these days, and Nana did not take long to return. She quietly went to the island according to Ian’s instructions, found a place to bury the fake chip made by the revolutionary army, and then called him.

Later, Doflamingo’s people also went to the island. After contacting Ian, he told him about the exact location of the fake chip.

As for the fake chip taken away by Doflamingo, Ian was not worried that he would see the flaws, because it was a replica of the original made by the revolutionary army. Although Doflamingo is a Celestial Dragon, he has not been in Marijoa for a long time, he has no way to verify its authenticity.

Moreover, even though Ian knows that Doflamingo was still in contact with Marijoa’s nobles, according to his estimate, Doflamingo will never go to the Celestial Dragons for verification, if he dares to do so, they will definitely be wary of him, and he will be in bad luck at that time.

It was because of this that Ian dared to give him the replica.

But for the chip that should be handed over to the Celestial Dragons, Ian was in a bit of a dilemma. After thinking about it for days, he made a bold decision to return the real chip to the world nobles!

The reason why Ian made this decision was that he felt that they might have the means to verify the authenticity of the chip. If he tries to make a fake fool of them, and they detected his trick, they will become agitated and revoke Ian’s Shichibukai identity, which will be troublesome. Ian needs some quiet time, and he doesn’t want to fight the Marines endlessly.

And holding the real identity chip, although it can be regarded as a talisman, but to be honest, it doesn’t have much value for Ian. He still doesn’t know what the chip is used for…

Although the revolutionary army has studied it for a long period, Ian doesn’t have any idea about their results. If the identity chip is something that the Celestial Dragons uses to open special devices or channels, even if the Revolutionary Army discovered that, how can they verify this…? By taking a trip to the holy land?

A chip with an unknown purpose, even if it was important, but now for Ian, at this stage, its role has reached its limit. It has successfully and smoothly made Ian become a Shichibukai, and it is unwise to keep it when there is no clear follow-up role.

So Ian felt that perhaps it was time to return the identity chip, at least to let the Celestial Dragons and the World Government relax their vigilance.

And if something happens in the future and the identity chip needs to be used again, then Ian can always sneak into Marijoa to steal another one, because he already knows how to open the secret room.

Even if they change the security measures for this time, he believes that it can’t be separated from the means of blood factor verification, and here comes the privilege of being a Shichibukai. Ian’s chances of approaching Marineford and Marijoa will be even greater.

In summary, Ian made this decision, so after Nana came back, he told Nana about his plan, and then asked her to take the real identity chip and go back to the deserted island again.

During this period, Doflamingo made a more delicate replica according to the fake one that Ian gave him, which then was buried in the original location they dug up, and informed Ian that the job was done, but in fact, Nana replaced it with the real chip so that it gets received by the government. (Confused or not yet!!??)

In other words, in this way, Doflamingo would think that the fake chip he made was poached by the government, but in fact, Ian has already returned the real one. At that time, neither Doflamingo nor the nobles will find any flaws, because none of them will verify with the other party, then the Celestial Dragons will be satisfied with Ian’s deeds after the verification.

It will take nearly two months to accomplish this task. By then, Ian’s Shichibukai status has been stabilized and there is no fear that World Government will go back on their promise.

Although it took a long time, it was a success after all! When Nana reported that the person who received the real one was one of the CP agents, Ian knew that it was finally over.

So he was in the Republic of Travolta, waiting for the arrival of people from the world government, who would bring the promised money, and at the same time, Ian can also negotiate with them on the deal of the thunderstone. (T/N: NOOoo… did he just give them the chip before collecting the money, I’m scared now!)

Ian can’t use all the resources of the thunderstone, so he has to find a great buyer, and the world government should be the best client, but Ian guessed that they won’t agree to sell two of their cyborgs to him, let alone that the transformation of Uncle Kuma has not been completed. In other words, the trust level of the world government and Marines in him was a big issue.

This matter needs time…

After staying on the island of Travolta for three months, the World Government ship finally arrived late.

Three Battleships, one with the World Government’s cross flag, and the other two were Marine’s frigates. When he saw this line-up, Ian sighed in relief! He was afraid that the world government would foolishly send only one ship. In that case, if it was robbed by the audacious Pirates, it would be a hassle, because the ship should be carrying an amount of 10 billion Berries, which is all Ian’s money!

How much is 10 billion Berries? Let’s talk with a bit of intuitive data. The highest denomination of Belly is the 10.000 one! One hundred thousand of these banknotes are only 1 billion Berries, and Ian’s amount is 10 billion, which are one million banknotes!

On the escorted ship, an iron cabinet comparable to the size of a container was used to transport the money!

When he saw this big iron cabinet, even Ian was shocked. The 5.7 billion Berries he found in the Celestial Dragon Chamber was piled up in disorder, so it covered a larger area, which didn’t give him such a feeling. After he saw these banknotes, he realized how much money it was!

The iron cabinet was brought up by two World Government Giant soldiers. In the stronghold of Ian and the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, the iron cabinet was opened, and the banknotes streamed out like a flood, and the members of his crew were all dazzled!

They were even more stunned than Ian. he had seen 5 Billion Berries piled up together, but for the others, it was their first time seeing an amount higher than 20 Million.

To say that the only person, who was relatively calm, maybe Fujitora, because he can’t see it with his own eyes, so he can’t feel the tension…

“10 billion Berries, can this amount buy a small country?” Ian sighed loudly.

The man who was in charge of negotiating with Ian was the same masked man, but as always, he changed his mask. He told Ian: “Mr. Ian, now that your transaction with World Government has been achieved, the Five Stars asked me to deliver a message… they are hoping that you will perform your duties as a Shichibukai in a professional way.”

In this case, Ian showed an indifferent expression, Ian himself knows that a Shichibukai doesn’t have to respond to every announcement, unless it’s a mandatory call, otherwise the World Government’s order won’t be a necessity.

Of course, Ian still nodded vigorously to the masked man, because the other party had worked so hard to transport his money.

Then, after hearing Ian mentioning the trade of Thunderstone, the agent said that as long as a sufficient supply is available, the World Government does not care whether to trade with the king or the new Shichibukai. In other words, there is no problem with such transactions, but the world government hopes not to change the price. (T/N: they are getting used to Ian’s actions xD)

Ian, of course, asked about this matter. According to the original price, if he can supply the World Government with two tons of Thunderstone every month, then he can get a payment of about 700 million Berries. Ian has calculated it, and it was still a very good deal.

According to the agreement with Arion, even if Ian doesn’t do anything, as long as he leads the transaction, he can get 40% every month, which is 280 million Berries. In one year, he would gain another 3 billion from this deal, which is more than enough to make all the members of the Dragon hunter Pirate Group settle down…

When the CP0 agents were leaving, the masked man said casually: “Yeah, by the way, Ian, your friend Fire Fist Ace, has been very active recently. I heard that he went to Wano! If possible, the World Government would like you to tell him that his previous offer to join the Shichibukai is still available, if he’s willing to…!”

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