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S.C.S Chapter 286: Sky Island

Seeing this shell, the first reaction of everyone was that they were under attack!

But on second thought, it’s not the case! The ship of the Dragon hunting Pirate Group is parked at the port, and there are many people on guard duty all the time. If there were suspicious ships coming from the sea, the watchmen will come to inform the rest immediately.

Moreover, apart from anything else, the main opponent of the dragon hunters was the marines, but since Ian became a Shichibukai, it would be impossible for them to start a battle with his crew. Other pirate groups know that Ian is staying on the island, and even if they would to plunder, they will avoid this island, unless…

Unless, it’s a brave pirate group who wants to challenge the new Shichibukai, then they would dare to poke the bear…

Such thoughts flashed through Fujitora and everyone’s minds. However, before they determent the situation, suddenly several loud noises filled the place, and these sounds were coming from the outside.

All of a sudden, everyone couldn’t sit still, quickly opened the tavern door and ran out, only to see a scene that made them stunned!

What The Hell! A wreckage of a ship was falling from the sky!

The shell that hit the roof of the pub came from this ship. Perhaps it fell out of the ship’s ammunition depot. It just happened to fall in the direction of the tavern. Around the tavern, things were falling down one after another, such as the ship’s gunwale, a broken mast and cabin, etc… larger pieces of wreckages fell on the ground, smashed to pieces and made loud noises, while the smaller fragments were splashing like rain.

Near the entire station of the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, it was raining such debris.

When everyone saw such a phenomenal, they screamed and fled the scene.

No one knew how long it took, but the rain of this wreckage finally stopped, and everyone was able to walk out of their hiding place with lingering fear and checked the wreckage.

Ian was originally on the training grounds, but he was alarmed, ran to the tavern and asked, “What is going on?”

In fact, he had already thought of something, but after hearing the story from Fujitora, he became more certain, so he raised his head and looked towards the sky.

Maybe it’s a coincidence. At this time, a huge cloud was slowly passing over the island of Travolta. This cloud seemed so far, but no one knew how far it was.

“Captain Ian!” Zick and the others ran in breathlessly. “We just checked the wreckage and found that it was a pirate ship, but there were no people or bodies on it, but strangely, it looked like an old ship.”

Ian nodded, did not speak, looked around, found the waiter in the pub, so he called him over.

Ian’s pub has hired some residents as the waiters, and they have usually been used to this pirate group, so he was not afraid by the sudden summoning, after running over, he slightly bowed and whispered to Ian: “Sir, you called for me?”

Pointing to the huge cloud above, Ian asked him: “Is that a Sky Island? This ship, it fell from this direction?”

“It could be!” The waiter scratched his head and said with some uncertainty: “In fact, this isn’t the first time that such a thing happened on our island, often some falling objects descend from high altitudes, and there have also been some cases of fallings corpses. My grandfather once told me that all of this was coming from a Sky Island, but after all, no one has been on that Island, so it’s not a confirmed case…”

“Hum… I’ll ask you in another way, does this always happened while a huge cloud is above the island?” Ian asked him.

The waiter touched his chin and thought about it for a moment. “It seems that’s the case.”

So Ian became more sure that the cloud in the sky might be a Sky Island, the wreckage of this pirate group fell from above.

In the first half of the Grand Line, few people seem to know about the Sky Islands… but in the New World, the Sky Islands are not a secret or an undetermined matter. Many people have not seen them with their own eyes, but they have heard about them, so uttering its name will not cause mockery.

This also led to the fact that the legend of Sky Islands in the new world is still spreading widely.

In fact, there are more than one or two Sky Islands in this World. The specific reasons for his formation are also varied. It’s just that Ian didn’t expect that there is one above this island.

Moreover, listening to what the waiter said, this Sky Island seems to be floating around this area, and it is not the type of Sky Island that drifts away with the wind. It has a fixed track.

Ian suddenly became interested. In fact, from the time he set foot on the Grand Line, he thought that maybe he should go to the Sky Island to have a look. It should be a very unique scenery, right?

However, the route he took was not the one Luffy would take in the future. He couldn’t get to the island of Jaya, and he didn’t encounter the Knock Up Stream… Well, even if he got the chance, it still won’t be an easy thing for him to rush to.

The Knock Up Stream is like throwing himself from a Waterfall. If he wants to explore such an island this way, he needs not only a superb navigator, but also needs a strong protagonist’s Aura in his side. Therefore, Ian was hesitant about this…

However, Ian also knows that there were other paths to reach the sky islands, a more secure way.

Fujitora may have heard the term “Sky Island”, so after hearing Ian’s question, he was a little surprised and said: “You said it might be a Sky Island?”

“Just 90% sure!” Ian again raised his head and looked at the huge clouds above. The movement of this cloud was very slow, maybe because it was huge…

“Could it be that the ship that just fell down was attacked by the people of this island?” Nana asked with some curiosity.

“I don’t know, that ship looks very old. Maybe it was lost on the Sky Island many years ago. And it’s just happened to fall down now!” Ian said.

Walnut clapped her hands and jumped repeatedly: “How can we get to that island? I want to see it! “

“Ah…” Ian didn’t know how to answer her. He knew that there must be a path to reach this sky island, but the question was where is the path, and that would be hard to determine.

“Perhaps, I can send some people up with my ability, but I don’t know how high it can be!” Fujitora said.

When they heard the first half of the sentence, everyone suddenly remembered Fujitora’s weightlessness ability, and they got excited. But when he uttered the latter part, including Ian, they entered a state of denial.

Yes, Fujitora’s Ability can make people and objects float by controlling the direction of his gravity. But when they get to the high altitude, there will be the interference of airflow and so on. Whether he could send people safely to the clouds is still unknown.

“Maybe you can launch us with a great initial speed?” Yardi said: “I am quite confident that I have the strength to resist.”

“Don’t be funny! It’s not that easy to resist such strong wind!” Nana said.

Now at least one thing is certain… There seems to be no way to reach the sky island above Travolta. If there is one, then this waiter should have heard about it. However, the possibility of reaching the sky island has aroused people’s imagination, and they started melting their brains to find a way to get there…

However, at this time, baby-5 holding a cigarette suddenly started to talk: “Maybe, I can get up there!”

Everyone was taken aback, looked at her, and then Ian suddenly slammed his fist on the palm of his hand and said, “Yes, baby-5, your weapon fruit can turn you into a missile, right?”

“I can, but the flight time is relatively short!” Baby-5 said: “That kind of flight is physically exhausting!”

It doesn’t matter if it’s short, the key is that it’s fast enough, Ian pondered for a while and said: “Baby-5, why don’t you go up with me and have a look?”

“With you!??” Baby-5.

“Of course, don’t forget, I can fly too!” Ian smiled.

What he meant was the Flying Ability he gains after swallowing the power of the Black Dragon wave. With the black flame wings, Ian’s Nen recovery can also support their flight for a while. From the first try, the five seconds, now he can fly for more than a minute. (astonishing! -_- a whole fking minute!! jk)

If he and baby-5 had a relaying attempt, maybe they could actually reach the Sky Island.

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