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S.C.S Chapter 287: Reaching the Top

Anyway, Ian decided to go on this adventure since he has nothing to do now, he took baby-5 and got ready to take off!

They were afraid that there’s no way to let more people join this trip, so Ian planned to go with just Baby-5 to see the situation is on this Sky Island.

Ian and baby-5 stood close to each other, waiting for Fujitora to give them a starting push. Baby-5 was only a fragile poor woman, so she suddenly got a little nervous when the operation was about to start. Her voice trembled while asking Ian: “Can we cancel this trip? I heard there were a lot of monsters on Sky Islands!”

“Don’t worry, what monsters are you afraid of while you are with me?” Ian smiled and told her: “Ready!!”

Ian stretched out his hands and hugged baby-5’s waist. Fujitora’s ability was activated, and the two floated lightly, and slowly rose into the air.

Generally speaking, there is usually an updraft near the ground, which is the result of the heat generated by the ground, so it’s not surprising that they rose slowly under such weightlessness…

However, as mentioned before, after reaching a certain height, the updraft would disappear, and they would only float in place. Fujitora’s ability just makes objects lose their gravity, but it can’t flip it to negative gravity. (T/N: Debatable!)

At the moment of floating up, Ian saw that baby-5 was still very nervous. She couldn’t help but open her eyes widely when he squeeze her butt. “Oh, I didn’t expect you to have a great bum!”

When baby-5 felt Ian’s hands around her thighs, she stopped being nervous, looked up at Ian with a blushed face, and said in shame: “You Perv… How dare you…”

However, before she finished her sentence, Yardi below them suddenly yelled, and punched Ian’s feet with a great force. Ian bent his knees and held Baby-5 tightly, and with the huge strength of Yardi’s Fist, they went flying…!

Yardi’s punch had an amazing force, conservatively estimated to be about the same as Raideen’s. Although this young man has no Devil Fruit Ability, he has an extraordinary amount of strength. With the force of his strike, Ian and baby-5 were immediately launched to the sky.

The whistling wind pulled the skin of their faces down, while baby-5 held her breath, and couldn’t make any noise anymore.

When ascending, baby-5 hugged Ian hard, fearing that one of them would accidentally fall down. In fact, she didn’t know that it was absolutely unnecessary. Fujitora used his Observation Haki to perceive their movement. Before removing the effect of his ability, even if they were at high altitude, they won’t fall.

In the process of rising, Ian felt that the temperature was rapidly decreasing, and he didn’t know how high they flew. The acceleration effect given by Yardi’s fist was gradually disappearing. Looking up at the clouds above, he felt that he was a little closer, but the distance was still far away.

When their speed decreased to the minimum, Ian could feel the cold air blowing in the sky. In order to prevent himself and baby-5 from being blown away by the wind, he shook baby-5 twice to make her open her eyes.

Fortunately, after baby-5 got through the initial tension, she gradually calmed down, looked at her feet, and looked at the clouds above, and said to Ian: “Hold on to me! I’m going to transform!”

Needless to say, Ian was about to do so anyway, so his hand immediately embraced the waist of baby-5.

“Weapon Metamorphose: Missile Girl!”

It was the first time for baby-5 to be so close to a man other than buffalo and been held so tight. She blushed a little, but in order to cover up, she quickly transformed into a strange missile.

The top of the missile had a pair of eyes wearing goggles, and the most wonderful thing is that the missile was still holding a cigarette! Ian was surprised to see such a thing, but he hugged the middle of the missile tightly with his hands and feet.

In the past, after baby-5 became a missile girl, it was Buffalo who threw her at the target. But this time, she had no choice but to fly with her own strength. The bottom of the missile ignited and emitted a long tail flame, which led them to fly quickly towards the clouds above.

Ian didn’t know from where the flame of the missile came. He just thought that this Devil Fruit Ability was very weird, so if he’s trying to get to the bottom of it, a lot of his brain cells would die.

As baby-5 said before, this kind of flying ability consumes her Stamina, so her flying duration won’t be that long.

But at that time, they would get closer to the clouds.

The tail flame of the missile was like a bonfire. After a few blows, it stopped, baby-5 suddenly became unable to maintain her transformation state, and had to change back.

As a result, Ian was originally holding the missile like a koala, so when she changed back. Ian found that his hands were holding her breasts. However, he wasn’t ashamed, on the contrary, he seized the opportunity and squeezed them twice!

Baby-5 let out a scream, gathered the last bit of her strength, and pushed Ian away.

Ian didn’t mind because they had to be separated for a moment. After being pushed away, he immediately untied the bandage on his right hand, and the Black Dragon wave rushed out and then came back to his direction, and got swallowed!

The scorching Black Dragon disappeared into Ian’s body, and then Ian jerked out both of his hands, with that done, a pair of huge black Flame wings immediately appeared on his back!

He flew over and carried baby-5 like a princess in his arms, then launched himself toward the clouds.

Ian’s body temperature was very high at the moment, and baby-5 would get burned if she hugged him, but it was just at such a high altitude, the temperature was too low, she felt warm in Ian’s arms.

She was looking for warmth instinctively, and the feeling Ian gave her in his arms was very comfortable and made her feel at ease.

“Maybe… it’s not that bad to join the Dragon Hunter Pirates…” Baby-5 suddenly had such an idea in her mind. She didn’t know why, but she was no longer missing her master Doflamingo…

The appearance of the clouds has become clearer and clearer. Ian’s flying speed was incredible. Although the consumption was high, his recovery is also very fast. With the two offsets, he maintained a stable flying state, even the duration was more than previously expected!

After about a minute and a half, Ian had already reached the bottom of the cloud. Until this time, both Ian and baby-5 had clearly seen the situation at the bottom of the cloud. They were surprised to find that there were countless colorful and dense balloons floating under the cloud!

That’s right, balloons! It’s the kind of hydrogen balloons. The tops of these balloons were touching the bottom of the cloud, and it looks like the cloud was completely held up by them.

This Sky Island was very different from what he had imagined. He originally thought that the bottom of the cloud would be a pile of volcanic ashes!

“Have you recovered some Stamina?” Ian lowered his head and asked Baby-5 in his arms.

“Just a little bit!” Baby-5 nodded.

“Great! Try shooting towards the clouds!” Ian said: “let’s see if we can make an entrance!”

Baby-5 didn’t say much, and turned into a bazooka in Ian’s arms. Ian carried her and fired a shot at the clouds from below.

After the shell flew out, it first hit some balloons at the bottom of the cloud, but strangely, these balloons did not explode as expected. Instead, the rocket projectile squeezed and pushed away the balloons, and it went all the way into the clouds, but the balloons retreated and reformed the densely stacked balloon layer.

“It seems that there isn’t much resistance!” After witnessing what just happened, Ian stopped thinking about the balloons. He held baby-5, which had changed back to her human form, and rushed up. His right hand stretched upward, like Superman, and pierced into the clouds!

When passing through the clouds, Ian felt the soft and thick texture all around. These clouds were indeed condensed, not just water vapor.

Just before his Nen was about to run out, Ian suddenly noticed a shining light in front of him, he finally broke through the clouds and saw the sun again.

Floating in midair, Ian, holding baby-5, suddenly felt that he started fell from the air… He then knew that it was Fujitora’s deeds, who sensed that they had arrived, so he lifted the effect of his ability.

Ian was worried about whether he would fall down all the way back, but when his toes stepped on the clouds, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief… they were able to stand on these clouds.

After putting down Baby-5, Ian stood at the edge of the cloud, overlooking the bottom. Everything below him was so tiny, “The Ocean was still blue”, but the island where they came from become a small black spot. [@-@]

“Wooo——Hooo———!!!” Ian couldn’t help but yell out of excitement! His voice echoed high in the sky.

This is amazing! This feeling was wonderful! No wonder why many people have dreamed of going to Sky Islands and standing on top of such clouds, it is really like heaven!

What excites Ian the most was that he was capable of reaching such a place, he flew up directly in such an incredible style!

“Captain, look!” The voice of baby-5 suddenly came from behind. Regarding Ian’s title, she has been with the members of the Dragon Hunter for a while, and she got used to it.

Ian turned his head, looked in the direction of baby-5’s finger, only to see far away, there was a huge building complex!

There is a civilization above these clouds!? It really is a Sky Island!

Ian hurriedly took out a Visual Den Den Mushi from his hat. Before he came up, Nana gave it to him. Although only Ian and baby-5 were allowed on this trip, they could still transmit a live exploration stream through this little guy, and the people below would watch everything on a wide screen.

When Ian held the Cameko in his hand, and the Proko Den Den Mushi uses its two big eyes to transmit the picture of the building above Sky Island, the members of the Dragon Hunter pirates let out a loud exclamation noise.

“let’s go and take a look!” Ian said to baby-5: “Let’s see if we will meet Sky people!”

Baby-5 nodded happily, and it was really exciting to take such risks.

However, before they reached the building complex ahead, they saw a dilapidated wooden sign.

The wooden sign was badly damaged, but the writings on it was still faintly visible. Ian carefully identified the words and read the name: “Balloon Terminal!”

Bang! A thunderbolt flashed through Ian’s mind, and he was immediately stunned!

Balloon Terminal!? Isn’t this the Sky Island where the beast Kaido jumped off when he tried committing suicide at a high altitude!?

A cold sweat immediately appeared on Ian’s forehead. could it be possible to meet Kaido here!?

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