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S.C.S Chapter 288: Ghost Town

In fact, Ian should have thought about it a long time ago. Travolta is the island adjacent to Thor’s Island or Raijin Island. In other words, this is almost the route that the Mad Monk, Urouge, took in the new world. So, the Ballon Terminal Island is naturally within this range.

And this place happens to be the place where the beast Kaido jumped to the island to commit suicide. That’s why Ian was scared to death!

Who knows if that madman, Kaido, was around trying to jump again from such high-altitude? With that said, Ian also understands that such a chance was not high, it’s not likely that Kaido would jump from this Sky Island, but what if he does encounter him?

Ian doesn’t want to deal with this lunatic, so he kept looking around for a while. However, he was relieved to find that there was no one in the area.

“Let’s go!” Ian called baby-5.

As they walked along, gradually, the buildings in front became clearly, but what Ian thought is strange was that although the buildings looked like a cool city, it was very dilapidated. The various buildings he saw seemed to be incomplete, and the strangest thing was that there was no sound in the whole city, and no one was seen around. It was dead silence.

It is more appropriate to call it remains than a city…

“It’s all relics here…” Ian looked at a windmill-like building in front. One side of the cross-shaped windmill blades was missing, and its walls were full of holes. There was also a dome-roofed building, which has a large gap in its round roof, and there are many buildings like this. It looks like an abandoned city.

Ian and baby-5 were walking on the mossy streets of this city. When passing through some houses, both of them opened a couple of doors and wanted to see the situation inside.

However, what they found was only rooms full of dust and cobwebs, and the things inside were either weathered or eroded, and it seemed that it has already been looted.

Baby-5 dangled a cigarette in her mouth, clapped her hands to flick the dust, and said. “I am afraid this city has been ransacked by pirates!”

Ian nodded, and thought of the pirate ship that had fallen down earlier. It seemed that the ship was left there a long time ago, and there was no one on it, which indicated that even the pirate ship was abandoned. Also, if a ship reaches such a place, it would be a huge problem to get down?

“Huh… strange, why isn’t there any corpses?” Ian asked in confusion.

On the walls everywhere, there are indeed various knife and sword marks, and there are also some demolished places, which seem to be caused by bombardment. Although these walls are covered with plies of moss and parasitic plants, if they look closely, they can still distinguish the uncompleted buildings from the destroyed ones.

If this city has ever been robbed by pirates, then this place should have witnessed a battle, and the results of such fights should always leave bodies behind. Even if it was ages ago, there will be traces and weathered bones left, right? However, they have never seen anyone’s bones along the way. (T/N: blown away by the strong wind maybe!)

Could it be that after the battle was over, someone searched all the corpses and burned them all? But which side was the victorious? It doesn’t seem to be the pirates, because this city was so big that it could at least accommodate more than 100,000 people. It is impossible for all city residents to be slaughtered and got rid of their corpses. But if the city residents were victorious, where did they go?

Such ruins left too many questions, but the fun of adventure lies here, Ian took baby-5 in the city to inspect the city carefully, trying to unveil the secrets of this place.

However, after looking around for a while, Ian found a new problem. They didn’t seem to be the first to visit this empty Island. Ian could see some relatively new traces.

He picked up a rusty knife. Although it was severely rusted, it was not completely weathered like other objects. Ian estimated that the rust duration of the knife was not more than 20 years. In other words, at least 20 years ago, a group of people landed on this Sky Island. (T/N: Ian has now become an Archaeologist!!! The new tomb raider xD)

Ian doesn’t know how these people came up. Similarly, whether these people are still on the island or not is also unknown… He can only explore the city with baby-5.

As the signal of the visual Den Den Mushi was passed down, Fujitora and the others on the island of Travolta were also guessing what happened there, and even some people ran to the city to ask some elderly miners if they know anything about this Ballon Terminal city.

It took a long time for Ian and Baby-5 to explore almost half of the city, but they didn’t find anything useful. Even if there was a battle in the city, all the bones were cleaned up. There is no clue at all.

In the end, Ian and baby-5 came to the largest building in the city center.

It was a very strange building. From the outside, it is surrounded by walls, however, after entering the building, Ian found that it turned out to be a huge, empty hall like a football field!

There is nothing in this giant hall, no pillars, only smooth ground. However, on the floor, there were many tortuous golden lines, which form a very regular geometry form. Ian stared at it for a long time, but he didn’t discover any helpful clue, these lines don’t seem to have any special meaning, not the kind of narrative pattern.

“Heh!? There seems to be something here!” Baby-5 suddenly called Ian, he turned back and found her standing in front of a wall.

This wall was also covered with moss, but judging from the thickness of the moss, it seems that in the middle of the wall, the moss there was not as thick as the surrounding, which attracted the attention of baby-5.

Ian got excited and reached out to remove the moss from the middle, revealing a square brick behind.

“Hum.. this brick is movable!?” Ian was surprised when he looked at the obviously larger gap around the brick. After thinking about it, he stretched out his hand and pressed it on the brick, and then pushed it hard.

His guess was right. As Ian pressed hard, the brick was slowly pushed backward and turned into a pit in the wall!

Then, when the brick got stuck and couldn’t be pushed anymore, the ground suddenly trembled slightly, and the rumbling sound reverberated in the whole hall, then countless stone debris on the top of the hall began to fall.

“Huuuh!? Is this Giant Hall going to collapse?” Baby-5 got startled, pulled Ian’s clothes, and said: “Let’s get out of here!”

“Wait a minute!” Ian stopped her, turned, and looked towards the middle of the huge Hall.

He saw that the ground was slowly opening, and then something rose from below.

Ian was sure now that before they came, some people have come to this giant field. The mechanism on the wall was discovered by the previous group. They also wiped out the moss and found this brick then pushed it… Right!?

With a loud click, something rose from the ground and appeared in front of Ian… it was a strange device, the base part had many indicator lights, but the upper part was a hollow transparent ball. Ian walked over and came to this thing. He originally thought that the hollow ball was made of glass, but after knocking on it, he discovered that it didn’t seem to be…

The most surprising thing is that the device looks old and dusty, but its appearance is still intact.

“What is this?” Ian observed the thing and said, “This should be something made by the original people of this city.”

He tried tapping, pushing, pulling, twisting the indicator lights on the base part, but there was no reaction at all. However, there were no switches or buttons on the device. Since this thing was raised up, nothing else has happened.

This made Ian scratch his head involuntarily, and try to think harder, then finally he noticed something… but how can this be related to the device?

He found that the bottom part of the device was just above the intersection of all the golden lines on the ground!

After seeing this, Ian suddenly had a flash of inspiration: “This thing, isn’t it like an energy hub? These lines look like the ones of an integrated circuit!”

Raising his head, looks at this machine, Ian suddenly realized that this device might be some kind of device that needs a power source, and now that there is no response, then it should be because it’s out of energy! If they could recharge it again, they might be able to see deeper secrets of this city! (T/N: this device needs Berries’ power xD)

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