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S.C.S Chapter 289: Destination and Terminal

Energy! Power! Ian felt excited when he thought that he had cracked the key to this device.

But on second thought, he suddenly frowned again.

Since the group of people who reached this point before him also found this device, it seems that they were unable to guess the function of this machine, because judging from its appearance, it seems that there was no trace of a previous activation!

In other words, either the previous group of people did not guess the role of this device, or they discovered it, but could not supply it with the corresponding energy!

Ian estimated that it was most likely to be the latter, so he frowned and started pondering. What exactly does this device use as an energy source?

Wind power? Steam? It doesn’t look like it. This hollow ball looks like a container. Maybe it’s used to hold water, but can such a little amount of water be used as a power source?

Ian once again looked at the golden lines on the ground. He noticed that these lines covered the entire hall, which is definitely not unintentional. If this whole thing was regarded as an integrated circuit, then the energy that this device uses should be electricity!

Think of it this way, Ian suddenly realized something. Those who boarded this land before, even if they know that this machine uses electric energy, they couldn’t do anything about it!

But… things are different in Ian’s case…

From his pocket, he pulled out a fist-sized thunderstone!

Since he took control of the thunderstone trade in Travolta, Ian kept some of it in his hands. Arian and the others were also using some thunderstones to build an electric city, while Ian took a small amount to use as a substitute for his Nen!

Now he basically carries a thunderstone with him everywhere, which can replace his Nen while using Misaka’s abilities.

So now, the thunderstone that he brought up by accident can actually be used!

In the curious eyes of baby-5, Ian held the while crystal and slowly approached it to the hollow ball.

As mentioned earlier, when a thunderstone gets close to a metal conductor, it will discharge its energy. But in fact, this is just the transfer of electric energy in the ore. The discharge phenomenon itself is not dangerous. Otherwise, the ones used by Varua in the thunder cannon as an energy source will electrify the people inside the tank before the attack.

Ian can’t explain this peculiar physical phenomenon, but he only needs to know how to use it. When the thunderstone slowly approached the device, a strange scene happened, some electric currents began to shine from the crystal, and moved towards the hollow ball.

At that moment, the indicator lights on the base finally started glowing!

The sizzling sound was incessant, while Ian was holding the thunderstone, many electric currents were constantly striking the ball! Then its energy was getting absorbed by the device!

Baby-5 was surprised by this scene, she did not expect that the thunderstone Ian’s carrying actually came in handy. After a moment, she pointed to the hollow ball and said to Ian: “Look!”

Ian raised his head to find that in the hollow sphere, while the power of the thunderstone was getting drained, inside the hollow ball, there was a bright spot flashing with glittering electric light!

That is the gathered electric energy. Ian immediately understood that this hollow ball is probably based on the same principle as Varua’s Thunder Cannon, which can collect the electric energy and condense the existence of a plasma ball!

With the appearance of this plasma ball, Ian saw that the golden lines on the ground began to faintly glow.

“Sure enough! This device is powered by electricity!” Ian couldn’t stop the excitement. Now that he is 100% sure of the power type, then the people who boarded this Sky Island before them probably didn’t activate this system, because they don’t have the needed energy like Ian! In other words, the secrets of this city still exist hidden somewhere and have not been discovered by others.

So now, Ian has a feeling of being the chosen one. The treasures and secrets that no one has discovered before have now been unveiled by him. This feeling is quite refreshing.

“After this device is recharged, it is estimated that some secret room will appear, and it is very likely to be under this Hall!” Ian thought.

However, to his surprise, after the discharging period, the thunderstone in his hands suddenly turned into flying ashes!

At the end of the discharge, the electric energy contained in the Thunderstone was consumed in such a short period!?

Ian looked at the remaining dust in his hand with some consternation, and then looked at the device. The plasma ball was only about the size of a tennis ball, and the golden lines on the ground were still dim.

“This… is this an insufficient amount of energy?” baby-5asked.

“Well, maybe!” Ian nodded, he also thought of it, so he said to baby-5: “Move away a bit!”

After baby-5 retreated, Ian’s whole body began to shine, then he placed his right hand on his forehead, and with a violently pull, a large amount of electricity was immediately condensed in his palm!

“Lightning Strike!”

Ian threw an electric strike toward the device. A bolt of dazzling blue lightning hit the plasma ball instantly.

A humming sound filled the place, and the electric currents thrown by Ian were quickly absorbed by the device. The volume of the plasma ball suddenly increased.

“How much power is needed to activate this system?” Ian was a little surprised.

If it were anyone else except Enel, I’m afraid there’s no way to fully recharge this device. Let’s not mention whether there are thunderstones or not. Even if there were, the electricity collected by this device so far was quite large. According to Ian’s estimation, it would take a couple of hundreds of thunderstones to possibly fill this hollow sphere.

And how to bring so such a large amount of thunderstones is still a problem…

Fortunately, Ian has a character card with Lightning Ability. It’s one of his strong points to convert the Nen into electricity and many other forms. Since this device can absorb tons of electric energy, then Ian only needs to keep using Misaka’s skills and fully recharge the plasma ball!

“Second Lightning Strike!”

“Third Lightning Strike!”

Ian kept throwing electric currents at the device. Once his Nen was drained, he rested for a while, waiting for the Recovery of his Nen. As he continued to use lightning Strikes to charge the device, the currents in the plasma sphere started growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

When Ian launched the 34th lightning strike, the plasma ball that condensed inside was finally filling the hollow sphere! It was also at this time that the floor once again had a huge shock, and the ground of the Hall all around began to shrink block by block to the center!

Seeing this scene, Ian and baby-5 quickly stood together and tried to get close to the location of the device, and then watched the changes in the surroundings.

The underground of the Hall was all flat boulder with a thickness of one or two meters. However, these boulders, like some kind of mechanism, keep piling up from beneath. Finally, they all gathered at a position near Ian, becoming a huge stone pillar… then the stone pillar began to sink slowly, carrying Ian and baby-5, like an elevator, descending to the exposed dark hole.

“This doesn’t feel right!” Ian thought with some surprise: “This is a Sky Island, its foundation shouldn’t be too deep, are we about to fall from the sky?”

With this kind of doubt, the two were gradually descending on the ground by the giant stone elevator, along with the device. Fortunately, the situation Ian was worried about didn’t occur! They just dropped about 20 meters. In this way, they reached the bottom…

What appeared in front of them was a basement with an area larger than the hall above. However, when they saw the scene in the basement, they went silent!

And far below on the island of Travolta, the members of the Dragon Hunters who watched the screen through the visual Den Den Mushi got anxious at this time, because just after they descended, the signal was cut, as if it had been blocked by something, so they couldn’t see what was beneath the hall.

Mural! This basement was full of murals! What’s more, all the figures depicted on the frescoes were characters that Ian and Baby-5 have not seen before!

In addition to the murals, the entire basement was filled with densely packed dwarfs with the same appearance. These dwarfs had a spear in their hands and the same mustache, but these little guys were not living creatures. They stood stagnant in the same place motionless.

“What is this!? Are they the residents of this Sky Island?” Baby-5 looked at the little dwarfs with surprise.

“No, these are the real Sky people!” Ian pointed to the murals. Many of the characters depicted in these patterns are all people with small wings behind them. Therefore, Ian understood that these were the real islanders!

As for the dwarf soldiers, Ian finally remembered who they are…

Rubbing the murals on the wall, Ian carefully looked at the pattern and guessed what was described above, and the facts were as he thought, these murals depicting the Sky people… No, to be precise, the ancestors of Birka an ancient city on the moon who left their land headed to the main blue planet due to lack of resources on their homeland!

Ian remembered Enel, who knew that he was afraid to see exactly the same thing that Enel saw after he landed on the moon.

In a mural, Ian saw a scene in which three wings-winged people, with tears in their eyes, holding a balloon-like thing in their hands, were saying goodbye to the people on a ship, and the people on the ship were just the dwarfs in front of them!

These wings, it must be the people of Sky Islands, and these dwarfs are the robots they made. As for the balloons that these three Sky Island people were holding, he didn’t have any explanation, it just reminded Ian of the colorful balloons under the clouds of this sky island!

So Ian immediately understood that the so-called Ballon Terminal was the first stop when the Moon people landed on this planet!

The so-called terminal station refers to the destination of the Moon people’s journey away from home…

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