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S.C.S Chapter 290: Recharging Them

Although the murals on the wall were well painted, most of it wasn’t fully clear. Because Ian found some symbols with unknown meanings in these patterns, he could only guess while observing them.

From these patterns, he saw some clouds-like pictures. After the moon people abandoned their hometown “Birka”, they came to the blue planet and stayed on top of these clouds. Under the clouds pattern, there were some water wave-like patterns. The design may refer to the ocean below, because Ian sees some of the Sea King-like animal motifs on the water wave pattern.

In other words, after the moon people came to this planet, the first choice was to live on Sky Islands. Ian saw from the mural that they built various buildings on this Sky Island, the Ballon terminal, and propagated a civilization.

However, the size of this Sky Island was relatively small, so the moon people began to divert, they took a flying boat and started traveling, looking for other Sky Islands.

There is no doubt that the sky islanders are the descendants of the Moon people, but Ian can see that the originally lunar people are actually divided into three races. They all have wings behind their backs, but one of them has smaller wings, and two antennae or horns on their heads, which made Ian remember the person on Skypiea where Enel is currently located.

The other race, which seems to have bigger wings, should be of the race of the Mad Monk, Urouge.

As for the last one, it was also a race with smaller wings, but it had animal headwear, which reminded Ian of the City of Gold, Shandora. This race is probably the Shandorian because Ian has seen in the murals that they seem to be leaving, not to go to other Sky Island, but to the blue ocean below!

Yes, this tribe of Sky people did not go to another Sky Island, but went to the ground. Ian could see that they descended with a balloon in their hands!

Those Shandorian are unexpectedly the descendants of the moon people!? Ian was amazed by this, but what happened to them and the islanders on Angel Island who had the same wings as them after their island was blasted up to Upper Yard by the Knock Up Stream?

Ian pondered for a while, it is estimated that the fight between them may be caused by the long time that passed. He didn’t know when the diversion time on this mural actually happened. It’s possible to be a thousand years ago. In this case, if the Shandorian who have fallen to the ground and prospered civilization may have been impacted the Void Century. They should’ve been invaded by the Twenty Kingdoms, which led to a disturbance of their civilization inheritance, so they don’t know anything about their ancestors.

it’s no wonder that Ian was puzzled before about why those Shandorian of the City of Gold, who obviously live on the ground, also have wings on their backs. The real reason lies here!

Ian then looked down at the murals and found that after the diversion, the murals that followed recorded only the affairs of this Sky Island. From the frescoes, Ian can see that the Sky people, who lived here, were suddenly disturbed after staying for a while.

It was the blue ocean people who intruded into their land, and what’s interesting is that these people recorded in the mural were actually pirates! Because Ian saw the design of the skull flag on the ship.

Although they were pirates, the Sky islanders didn’t care much. They were very friendly to them, hosted them well, and then sent them back to the blue sea.

From the murals, it can be seen that the Sky people have a high level of technology. Ian saw a picture of the hollow ball device he encountered above. Such technology was installed everywhere on the Sky Island. Electricity was used to power windmills and drive the sky island at will. In this way, they sailed over the ocean of the world, looking around for islands on the sea and having friendly communications with the Blue Sea people.

However, when Ian was enjoying their history, the murals came to an abrupt end!

Damn it!? That’s it!?

Ian looked around, hoping to see what happened next. but unfortunately, he didn’t find anything. The Great Hall clearly had enough space to depict the murals, but the rest was smooth and blank!

Not to mention Ian, even baby-5 was stunned, and she was looking at it with great interest.

“Why didn’t anyone paint the rest of their history?” Baby-5 asked Ian.

“Maybe something major has happened!” Ian can only guess at this moment: “In general, this kind of sudden interruption of historical records can only be due to a serious disaster, so these people don’t have the mind to continue their drawings.”

“Is this the reason why people on this Sky Island suddenly disappeared?” Baby-5 said: “There are traces of battle on this island, indicating that they may have encountered a powerful enemy!”

Ian nodded and agreed with her statement, he thought it should be the case, otherwise, he could not explain the sudden interruption.

In other words, after coming to this planet, the Moon people have gone through three stages, one is the stage where all races live on this island, and the other is the stage of diversion. After that, it was the stage of encountering great changes. At present, there are many signs of a serious war. Not only that, but also traces of looting. This shows that they may have failed the resistance in the end, so they had to escape this piece of land.

Ian thought of the balloons at the bottom of the clouds. Perhaps the original islanders used those balloons to leave…

It’s hard to guess who were their enemies, but it is clear that they were not interested in the city of Sky islanders. After they occupied this place, they took away all the things they could carry, leaving behind an empty ruined city. After a long time, all the energy cores of this island were drained, and finally, it evolved into a floating island that could only drift with high-altitude currents.

So, when did the disaster happen? If the Sky islanders fled, wouldn’t they come back to take a look after the departure of the enemy?

This happened a long-long time ago, so long that many things can’t be verified, and too many mysteries were left.

Ian turned his attention to the dwarf mechanical soldiers who stood in rows. Obviously, these mechanical soldiers could no longer move because they lost energy. However, since Ian can manupilate electricity, he was thinking, if it is possible for these mechanical soldiers to move again if they were supplied with energy, and perhaps he can learn something from them, but he didn’t know if they can talk…

Ian looked around in the basement and finally found a similar hollow ball device in the distance, and saw some transparent pipes connected from its base, which ran across the position above all the dwarf soldiers.

“I don’t know if it will work, but I want to try it anyway!” So once again, he mobilized his Nen and released a lightning strike at the hollow ball.

When the plasma ball appeared again in the hollow sphere, the device was finally activated, and a large amount of blue currents began to spread through those transparent pipes.

The humming sound echoed in the basement, and the dwarf soldiers had a lightning rod-like thing charging them, which received the currents from the pipe. With the activation of the system, these electric currents were instantly injected into the bodies of these soldiers.

Ian and baby-5 were looking forward to the process of charging these soldiers. Ian was even thinking about charging these soldiers in this way to make them able to move again. Can he even make use of them!? There were at least 500 such mechanical soldiers in this basement. If their combat effectiveness is decent, then…

However, before he could finish daydreaming, the dwarf soldiers who were reactivated turned around and looked at Ian and baby-5.

Baby-5 hid behind Ian, pulling his arm and whispering: “Captain, am I hallucinating? Why do I see these little dwarfs have red eyes?”

“You are not mistaken, it is indeed red!” Ian’s heart started beating hard, this is not a good sign.

Sure enough, the next second, these dwarf soldiers raised their spears all at once and aimed them at Ian.

“Intruders! Eliminate the blue sea people! Guard the ruins!”

An electronic voice filled the place, and these mechanical soldiers moved to attack Ian!

“F*CK! We have a problem here!” Ian screamed and said, “Baby-5, don’t stay idle!”

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